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Bren School of ICS Success Strategies Diana Tien Undergraduate Counselor

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Bren School of ICS. Success Strategies. Diana Tien Undergraduate Counselor. Commitment Why are you here today and where do you want to go? What does commitment mean to you?. Critical Thinking and Logic. Computing requires much critical thinking and analyses. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bren School of ICS

Success Strategies

Diana TienUndergraduate Counselor

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Commitment• Why are you here today and where do you want

to go?• What does commitment mean to you?

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Critical Thinking and Logic

• Computing requires much critical thinking and analyses. • Creating solutions by yourself and within teams• Addressing real world problems in a fast paced

and ever-changing industry.• Think outside of the box!

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• Learn how to communicate your thoughts and ideas to people within and outside of the industry.

• Learn how to become an effective speaker and leader within a team.

• Always seek out opportunities to improve your written and oral communication skills.

• Market yourself!

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Time Management• Procrastination does not work in computing.• Programming takes time and requires constanttesting and analyses of your work. • If working in a team, success is dependent upon

each member managing their time well to meet project deadlines.

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Collaboration - Project-Based Learning

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Research Opportunities

• Student-initiated research

• Bren:ICS Honors Program

• UCI Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) — Provides guidance, funding and faculty mentor

• Campus programs that provide a stipend and summer housing Examples: — Summer Undergraduate Research Program — Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Information Technology (SURF-IT)

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Corporate Connections

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Faculty Excellence & Accessibility

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Committed to Student Success• Engaged and accessible faculty

— Weekly office hours by faculty and course TAs— Associate Dean hosts weekly drop-in hours

• Academic counseling staff— Help students find most efficient way to meet all

their academic goals— Inform students about programs/opportunities that

enhance learning and build their resume— Guide students to appropriate campus resources

• Learning & Academic Resource Center (LARC)— FREE workshops/tutoring & fee-based tutoring

• Math, Physics, and Chemistry Departments— FREE drop-in tutoring

• ICS Tutoring— Peer to peer (fee based)

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Student Life

ICS Student Council members at ICS/Boeing Alumni Night

Bren Brawl: Friendly competition among student gamers

ICS/Blizzard Alumni Night

Student Showcase 2011 participants

Bren:ICS students at UCILeadership Conference

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Get prompt responses and different perspectives:

Academic counselors/peer advisors:[email protected]

949-824-5156 (M-F 8-5)

Faculty:Tony Givargis

Associate Dean for Student [email protected]


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