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  • 1. Curating SceniusBrad Bernthal (@bradbernthal) Associate Professor, Colorado Law SchoolDirector, Entrepreneurship Initiative, SiliconFlatirons Center Triple Helix Research Group ConferenceStanford UniversityNovember 12, 2012

2. Building the Entrepreneurial University 3. Scenius ArchitecturalChallenges at CU-Efforts to DateBoulder 4. Creative ClassMost educated city in America (Forbes 2008) Boulder, Colorado Highest concentration of software engineers:Boulder/Longmont, Colorado Twenty-Five Square Miles Surroundedby Reality (New York Times, March 2008):Boulder, Colorado 5. Resources CU- BoulderChallengesSilosIncentives 6. Convener Entrep.Univ.FeederInspire 7. Convener Entrep.Univ.FeederInspire 8. they simply turned things inside out 9. 48+ events(most) free6,600 attendees Convener Entrep.Univ.FeederInspire 10. @bradbernthal Silicon Flatirons Center(