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    Wednesday 19th May 2010


    Wednesday 19th May 2010

  • Absentee BidsIf you cannot attend the auction, we will execute absentee bids (also known ascommission bids) on your behalf.Absentee bidsmust be received inwriting nolater than the day before the auction. All absentee bids will be subject to theconditions of Sale andBusiness, whichwe encourage you to read carefully.Wewill attempt to execute your bid, for the lowest possible amount, mindful of thereserve and other bids on the lot.We offer this free service as a courtesy, andwedonot accept liability for errors or failures in the execution of absentee bids.

    Telephone BidsIf you make arrangements with us at least one day in advance, we will makereasonable efforts to contact you to allow you to bid by phone during theauction. All phone bids are subject to the conditions of Sale and Business,which we encourage you to read carefully. We offer this free service as acourtesy, and do not accept liability for failure to reach you, or for errors orfailures in the execution of telephone bids.

    Internet BidsYou may choose to bid in the auction online through either or All online bids are subject both tothe conditions of Sale and Business and to the Bidder users terms andconditions available onourWebsite.Weencourage you to readbothcarefully.Weoffer this free service as a courtesy, and do not accept liability for any errors orfailures in the execution of any online bids, nor for any failures of technology oneither your part, the internet or our part.

    EstimatesEstimates are provided as a guide only and are expressed in bold in thecurrency of the sale Session below each lot in the catalogue. For additionalconvenience, and only as a rough guide, we also show indicative currencyequivalents of the estimate in light type under each lot. These currencyequivalents are rounded and based on the following approximate exchangerates at the time of the catalogue going to print ($1.5450 = 1 = 1.1350).

    Saleroom Notices andAnnouncementsCatalogue descriptions may be amended by notices and announcementsissued prior to or during the auction.These announcements may affect yourlegal rights. We will make reasonable efforts to make those notices andannouncements available to you, but it is your responsibility to be sure thatyou are aware of any such notices or announcements that relate to the lotsthat you will be bidding on, whether you are bidding live at the auction, byabsentee or phone bid or over the internet.

    EuropeanArtists Resale RightsFor the LondonSession I andRomeSession II sales lots denotedwith the deltasymbol [] may be subject toArtists Resale Right royalties as explainedmorefully in the following Conditions of Sale and Business.


    Unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing, payment is due for the threesale Sessions as follows:

    (A)London Session I: Lots 1 to 199 in British Pounds(B)Rome Session II : Lots 200 to 399 in Euros(C) NewYork Session III: Lots 400 onwards inUnitedStatesDollars

    In all cases, payment is due immediately after the auction and no propertywill be released unless and until we have received payment in full in clearedfunds.The purchase price will consist of the sum of the hammer price plus thebuyers premium plus any applicable sales or VAT taxes or other fees androyalties (such taxes and feesmay vary between the three Sessions subject tothe buyers location and the legislation in each of the three Session locations).You are requested to pay either a bank debit card, in cash (up to the limitallowed for by reference to the regulations in the three Session locations), bywire transfer, or by a check drawn on a bank account, and to have establisheda bank reference with us before the sale. Please note that buyers areresponsible for all bank fees. In the case of LondonSession I andRomeSessionII only you may also pay by European issued credit card (Visa and Mastercardonly) subject to an additional surcharge of 3%. Unless we have agreed inadvance inwriting, wewill not accept payment for any lot from any party otherthan the buyer of record for the lot.

    ShippingAs a courtesy to our clients, we are happy to provide shipping quotes fromour adjunct shipper for books and photographs. For any lots requiringextensive packing or special export permission, we are happy to suggestoutside shipping companies.

    SalesTax &VAT

    (A)London Session I: VAT at the rate of 17.5% will be applied to the buyerspremium. Lots which are daggered () in the catalogue are subject toVATon the hammer price as well as the buyers premium. Lots marked with anasterisk (*) have been imported from outside the EU to be sold at auction,and therefore the buyer must also payVAT at the reduced rate of 5% onthe hammer price.

    (B)RomeSession II: VATat the rateof 20%will beapplied to thebuyerspremiumon all lots.

    (C)NewYork Session III: Purchases that are collected in NewYork or deliveredto an address in NewYork state may be subject to NewYork state salestax, which we will collect and remit. Property shipped outside NewYork

    state may be subject to compensating use tax, and it is the buyersresponsibility to ascertain and pay all such taxes as may be due. Buyersclaiming exemption from NewYork state sales tax must supply us withthe appropriate supporting documentation prior to the release of anypurchased property.

    Storage Charges

    Please be advised that a storage charge of 30/35/$50 per lot permonthmaybe levied on all purchases that you do not pay for, pick up or have shippedwithin 7 working days of the auction. In addition, after 7 working days, weaccept no responsibility for loss of or damage to any purchased property.


    The following glossary describes the terminology used in the cataloguedescription for each lot. Every reasonable effort is made in ensuring that thestatements and terms in the catalogue are correct, but buyers are directed toour Conditions of Sales &Business and the provisions therein, specifically withregard to the LimitedWarranty. NoConsignor or Gallerymake anywarrantiesor representations with respect to any lot. Buyers are advised to contact thephotographs department for any additional information they may require.

    Name ofArtistBloomsbury Auctions warrants the authorship described in the Bold Typeheadings of each lot description. Where an artists name and dates are sodescribed then that lot, in our best judgement, is by the artist. Every attemptis made to ensure the accuracy of the subsequent catalogue description, butthe descriptive information is not encompassed within in our LimitedWarranty. Where a lot is attributed to an artist then it is our opinion that thework may be by that artist but cannot be definitively determined to be so.

    TitleWhere the title is known or inscribed on the print it is described in ItalicType,otherwise it representsacommondescriptionof the imageor simplyadescriptivetitle given by BloomsburyAuctions to describe thework.

    DatesWhen only one date is given it indicates that the print is vintage.A vintage printis onemade at around the same time as the negative either by the artist or canbeconsideredas the artists earliest representationof thenegative.Non-vintageprints are denoted by two dates (if known); the first representing the date of thenegative and the second the approximatedate of printing.Where aprintingdatecannot be estimated thedenotation printed later is used.BloomsburyAuctionsdoes not guarantee the dates within the general description.

    MeasurementMeasurements refer to the image only and are described in centimetres(rounded to 1 decimal point) and inches (rounded to the nearest 1/8 inch)showing the height of the image followed by the width.

    MediumWhere indicated, this refers to Bloomsbury Auctions opinion on thephotographic technique thatmost closely describeshow theprintwasproduced.

    FramingOnly photographs that are described in the catalogue as framed will be soldtogether with their frames though Bloomsbury Auctions takes noresponsibility for the condition or suitability of the frame. All otherphotographs are sold unframed.

    Additional Information and ReferencesWhere the description lists signatures, other insignia or stamps these willusually be accompanied with information describing their location. On therecto refers to the front of the print within the image, in themargin refers tothe front of the print outside the image, on the verso refers to the back of theprint and on the mount or on the reverse of the mount refers to the front orback of the board or othermaterial ontowhich the photograph is permanentlymounted. Known provenance of a photographs history may also be includedtogether with references directing the interested buyer to further informationon the photograph, the artist or the subject, though these additionalinformations are not exhaustive and cannot relied upon to be complete.

    ConditionBloomsbury Auctions makes no guarantee regarding the condition of anyprint. Please refer to the photographs department directly for a writtencondition report though as all lots are offered for sale as is, interestedbuyers are strongly urged to examine lots in person.

    EstimatesThe estimates in bold refer to the pre-sale estimate of the lot in the currencyof the Session of the sale and subsequent estimates in light type are providedas a currency conversion guide only. In all cases, estimates cannot beinterpreted as prices.

    CopyrightBuyers are advised that all lots are sold without copyright. Images may not,under any circumstance, be reproduced without the permission of thecopyright holder.