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By Laura Barnes Blogging Tips and Tricks
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Blogging Tips and Tricks. By Laura Barnes. What are blogs?. Publishing tools that allow you to write and distribute anything you want Blogs also allow you to interact with your readers via comments A blog can be a News feed Marketing tool Online journal The Julie/Julia Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Laura BarnesBlogging Tips and TricksPublishing tools that allow you to write and distribute anything you wantBlogs also allow you to interact with your readers via commentsA blog can be a News feedMarketing toolOnline journalThe Julie/Julia ProjectPolitical rantWhatever you want it to be

What are blogs?Write what you know and what you care aboutHighlight useful resourcesSummarize a current projectShare your take on a current issue or problemKISS (Keep it short and straightforward)Informal tone is OK (even preferable)Short, punchy paragraphs are easy to scanTell a story to pull your reader into the postEnd with an open-ended question to invite comment and discussion

I dont know what to write aboutFrequent posts = more traffic to your siteAssign someone to write posts and solicit content from guest bloggersLocating and writing good content takes timeAn editorial calendar gives directionAssign topics if your writers have trouble thinking of ideasHave fun with itNot all posts have to deal with serious topicsEnvironmental humorInspiration from popular cultureEnvironmentalism in The SimpsonsOff-beat stories or topicsGreen fashion

Fresh content is importantDrowning in information?


Surrender isnt the only option66SearchWhen: Youre doing research or trying to answer a questionWhere: Google, Bing, Yahoo, your favorite search engine, the colleague down the hall ScanWhen: Youre trying to keep up with a topicWhere: Trusted news sourcesBuilding community with social media enables you to earn credibility and become a trusted news source

Ways We Look for Information

do it effectively!When you88Do a preliminary web searchIf you havent found it in 10-15 minutes, ask a librarian or an expertGLRPPR Help Desk Librarian local technical assistance programP2Rx Rapid ResponseYour local public, school, community college, or university librarianUse browser add-ons to help you sort through resultsSearch CloudletDeeper Web

Use Your Time WiselySearch Cloudlet Sample Search Pollution Prevention

Deeper Web Sample Search Green SchoolsChoose your sources carefullyUse local resources firstLibrary resources are evaluated before purchaseDont assume that the web has the most recent or the best informationTrust but verifyAlways check to see how current a page isAlways look for information about the author of the page

Dont Believe Everything You ReadUse Google, Bing when youre looking for something specific, an unusual term, or an exact phraseUse advanced search features to refine your searchUse a directory when youre looking for lots of information on a particular topicGLRPPR Sector ResourcesDont forget the database resources at your local library

Use the Appropriate ToolBecause search engines arentGoogle is a noun, not a verbTry different search enginesBlind SearchBing vs. GoogleTry variations on your search termsPollution preventionSource reductionGreen purchasingEnvironmentally preferable purchasingBuying greenProduct stewardshipExtended producer responsibility

Be FlexibleBlind Search Green Schools

Blind Search Green Schools

Bing vs. Google Environmental Education


It isnt always on the Internet!1818

If my inbox werent electronic, it would look like thisonly much, much messier.1919RSS is your friend

2020Google Reader

2121Google Reader Add a Subscription

2222Google Reader Feed Page



Whats that web site I wanted to show you?Bookmark Fail25



YES!!! I found it! And it didnt take three hours! Social media tools are useful for delivering/sharing information and building communityUse social networking tools to bring together the people you know and the resources you haveBy using social marketing principles, your organization can build credibility and to become a trusted information sourceProgram Takeaways