Birth of Mars


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Extracts from Shiva Mahapurana as taught by Pt. Sanjay Rath; Shivaratri 2010

Transcript of Birth of Mars

  • 1. The Birth of the Graha gives us considerable knowledge aboutBirth of Marstheir nature, strengths andiva PuraassociationsRudra Sahit In jyotia, we know that Mars isPrvat KhaaChapter 10 the first outer planet having birds eye view or special di like Jupiter and Saturn These three graha are birth of gua avatra which is different from the gua they control Viu (first born) = Saturn (light blue colour) Brahma (from Viu) = Jupiter (tawny complexion) Rudra = Mars (red complexion)

2. Brahma teaches Nrada iva is auspicious and always increasesdevotion [in every form or deity] 10.6 He displayed sadness at the loss of hisbeloved Sati, constantly remembered herand felt pain. He recounted her virtues tohis gaa thereby displaying the worldlyform. 10.7-8 iva renounced everything even hisclothes, and wandered in the universe andfinally returned to the Himalaya 10.9-10 3. iva Tapasy Lord iva brought the manas intocomplete control - samdhi makingenormous effort deep meditative sleep (samdhi) whichdestroys all miseries thereby displaying hisimperishable nature. 10.11 For a long time, the Lord of My (iva)was in samdhi beyond the control of thegua as He, the lord of My, is theformless Parambrahma. 10.12 4. iva Sweat Drop After hundreds of years insamadhi, a drop of sweat emergedfrom the forehead of iva [tripura]and fell on earth - A baby boy wasborn The baby started crying like anynormal child Mother Goddess Earth, afraid thatthe cry may disturb the penance ofiva, took the form of a woman andappeared 5. Bhauma Dhyna caturbhujo arukro ramayktirmune aloukikadyuti rmnstejasvparadusaha With four arms and lustrous bodythe child had divine beauty with abrilliant reddish complexion. Hewas full of tejas, rmanta andunbearable for enemy 6. Mother Earth and Baby She picked the child and placed it on herlap and started feeding it with her own aswell as cows milk. She kissed his face overcome by motherlyaffection and fondled him as if he was herson. In reality, Mother earth wassupporting (doing good) for iva. Lord iva, the very cause of protection, theenjoyment and joyous play, witnessed heractivities. 7. iva Spoke Fortunate are you O! Dharai (Earth Mother).You shall bring up this son of mine who wasborn from you and conceived from a drop ofmy sweat Of all the illustrious (tejas) ones, I bless thathe shall have the highest energy and power(Mah tejasvi) O! Dharai although this child shall always bedear to me, he shall always bear your nameand shall be completely immune from thethree types of distresses 8. Power of Mars O! Dharai, this child shall be Bhauma isthe bestower of lands and derived fromshall have all the highestbhmi-ja i.e.qualities that shall always born frommake you happy. Earth MotherTherefore, please accept him mantra, ifwith joy. names related Brahma continued - Kitiwith Earthreturned home with her baby.mother areThat child grew up to beused = respectknown as Bhauma iva upadea 9. Bhauma Tapasy When he came of age Mlatrikoa ri ofBhauma went to KiBhauma is Mea andand performed severe the dharma bhva =tapasy for many years tapasy bhva ispropitiating Lord iva Dhanus ri = Ki By the grace of Lord iva Pura teachesVivevara of Ki graha lordship of the(Vivanth) Bhauma lokawas elevated to the high 7 loka lorded by 7level of the navagraha graha from Srya to Goes to lord a divineaniloka beyond ukra 10. Strong MantraGood PrayersDhynaBja etc.PRABALA MANTRA 11. Vedavysa Mars Prayerdharagarbhasabhta vidyutkntisamaprabham | kumra aktihasta ca magala praammyaham || 3|| We bow to auspicious [protector], born ofEarth mother, of brilliant lightning likelustre, ever youthful and spear bearer. 12. ditya - Sunom hsau r grahdhirjyadityya svh 13. Chandra - Moonom r kr hrca candryanama 14. Bhauma - Marsai hsau rdr ka grahdhipatayebhaumya svh 15. Budha - Mercuryom hr kr a grahanthyabudhya svh 16. Bhaspati - Jupiterom hr r khr ai glau grahdhipataye bhaspataye br ha ai ha r ha svh 17. ukra - Venusom ai ja gagrahevarya ukrya nama 18. ani - Saturnom hr rgrahacakravartineanaicarya klai sa svh 19. Rhu Head Nodeom kr kr h ha akadhrie rhave ra hr rbhai svh 20. Ketu Tail Nodeom hr krkrrarpieketave ai sau svh