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  • Cloud based accounting for SMEs Features & Benefits

  • Quick Facts !

  • Core Modules

    Vendor Management Customer Management

    PO, Receipts, Invoices Quotes, Deliveries, Invoices

    Vendor Payments Billing Notes, Payments

    Parallel unit keeping (AP) Parallel unit keeping (AR)

  • Inventory

    Manage Parallel Units & Packing Material Manage all inventories from Pieces to Boxes to Cartons !

    Customer / Vendor SKU Manage units as per the customer / vendor in question.

    Customer / Vendor Pricing Manage cost price & selling prices as per business partner

    Customer / Vendor based Item Code Manage item Codes as per business partner

  • Inventory Locations

    Multiple Inventory locations Manage your inventory movement within sales & purchase processes

    Drop Shipment locations Assign locations as Drop Shipment locations

    Location based Inventory Tracking Track & Manage your inventory between multiple locations

  • General Document Handling

    Multi-Currency Handle multiple currencies

    Customer / Vendor based documents Raise all documents in the format requested by your business partner

    Customizable VAT Fixed VAT, VAT Free, VAT EXEMPT manage all VAT types right from your document

    Withholding TAX Customizable withholding tax manage your deductions within your document.

  • Business Documents Handling

    Split & Merge Documents Handle your documents the way your business demands.


    Sales Order Delivery


    Invoice Split



  • Payment Handling

    Payments & Bank Accounts Handle payments and bank accounts in sync with each other. BillingLite helps you manage multiple bank accounts in your transactions








  • Reporting

    Reporting BillingLite provides a list of standard reports. In addition, customised reports can be added into the system as well.

    Sales report Purchase report Sales vs Purchase report Delivery Order report Document Amount report Invoice Register report Delivery Order with price Pending DO Cancelled Invoice Payment report

  • Technology

    Cloud based ! BillingLite is completely cloud based and requires no local deployment. All you need is a browser !

    Automated Backup BillingLite servers are configured to automatically backup your data. On demand encryption of backups can be provided as well (private key)

    Access Control Levels Access control levels can be defined across User groups. Give access to what your users really need !

    Multiple Export Formats Export your data / documents / reports to multiple data formats CSV, PDF, EXCEL, WORD

  • Who is using Billing Lite ?

    Automotive Automotive manufacturers, keeping track of orders, deliveries and open quantities.

    Oil & Lubes Oil & Lube manufacture, keeping track of product mix and delivery schedules

    Traders Small medium sized traders. Keeping track of business documents and daily sales & purchase processes.

    Service Providers Freelancers, Consultants, General Service providers. Small business require effective document control. BillingLite can process your documents so they are ready for use by your accountant.

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