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Isaac&Ishmael(the book of Genesis Chapter22)Bible stories projectPresented byVictor&Quinteria Brief introductionof the backgroundAbraham

Father of multitudesthe history of the establishment of the covenant between Abraham and GodSarah2 sons

IshmaelAlready been given up(14)Hagar, the handmaids sonIsaac

One of the threepatriarchsof theIsraelitesAbraham100 & Sarah 90With longevity

One day there was an Abraham whos chosen by the godHe had an only son whos called IsaacHe lived with him and loved him like the usually he didBut everything had changed because hes tested by the godThe god said:You should give me your son as a burnt, Ill show you the direction how that worksOh Abraham he didnt know the truthWithout defiance, He turned:

As the god has given the order, then I will follow him.Ive bound my son on the altarAnd laid the wood under himAnd took the knife I bring!!

All I need is to kill!!

No Abraham you cant do thatWho is sayin

Im Angel of the Lord whos from the heavenI now know your fear to the GodSo bring your son back from heavenOh godThen Abraham saw a ram outsideAnd killed it as the burntThen saw the angel coming back to give him the awards

Thank you for your obedience and Ill give you my blessYour offspring would be as numerous as the stars on the sky

Once there was a manWhos name was AbrahamHes gonna have a son a son a son a son and a son

Im not sure this happiness would last foreverBut he and his Isaac at that time were living happily togetherQuestions?Significance according to different peopleNon-religiousreligiousStrong belief to othersBlind belief is dangerousScapegoatAbraham as a symbol of confidence and a model of believersReligious view of lifeImage of GodThanks for your listening