Beginner Corporate Blogging Tips

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Blogging: Getting Started & Best Practices Joe Pulizzi Co-Author, Get Content Get Customers Founder, Junta42
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An overview for business marketing professionals looking to get started in blogging. This short presentation includes blogging tips and best practices specifically for businesses targeting customers and prospects.

Transcript of Beginner Corporate Blogging Tips

  • 1.Blogging: Getting Started & Best Practices Joe Pulizzi Co-Author,Get Content Get Customers Founder, Junta42

2. Hi! Im Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe)

  • Evangelist, speaker, author for content marketing why marketers need to be publishers.
  • Founder and Chief Content Officer for Junta42 The leading content-vendor matching service for custom content
  • Co-author ofGet ContentGet Customers (McGraw-Hill)

3. Blogging is a Publishing Tool 4.

  • Your customers are seeking relevant and timely information.

5. Forrester Research 6. Information Evolution/Rise of Good Content CBS Fast Draw 7. What this is all about

  • To Attract and Retain Customers: Deliver valuable, relevant and compelling content to your customers on a consistent basis.


  • A Blog is just a tool


  • A Powerful tool to attract/retain customers have conversations with customers position you as a true expert resource

10. My Blog since April, 2007 11. The Problem:

  • Marketers are Horrible Publishers

12. No Content, No Social Media Image from Story Worldwide 13. Your Knowledge Their Needs 14. Blogging Platforms 15. Listen First!


16. 17. Twitter Search ( 18. Twitter/Tweetdeck 19. Blogging Tips 20. Tip #1 - Listen/Commenting

  • Where are your customers hanging out?

21. Tip #2 Blog RSS to Twitterfeed 22. Tip #3 Be Consistent 23. Tip #4 Track Performance 24. Tip #5 Length and Style

  • Shorter is often better (250 words)
  • Bullets/Lists do better
  • Titles are like magazine covers
  • Shake it up (video/audio)
  • Link to other bloggers
  • Link to other articles
  • Proofread

25. Tip #6 Niche is Better 26. Social Media does not work without having something valuable to say! 27. Additional Resources


28. @juntajoe Questions? Joe Pulizzi [email_address] (216) 941-5842 Blog: Book Site: Ways to Connect: LinkedIn: Joe Pulizzi Facebook: Joe.Pulizzi Free white paper on developing your own content strategy: