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5 Steps to creating remarkable content for your audience.

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  • 1.How to be a Content Super Hero!

2. Focus on me, not Google 3. We want people doing white hat search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization at all) to be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling web sites @MattCutts 4. 1. Know Your PersonaKnow your Persona! 5. JetBlues buyer persona is the low budget traveler that wants a comfortable yet affordable flying option. #likeaboss 6. Cathy Compliance BACKGROUND: Manager in Compliance and Records Management. Worked at the same company for 3-10 years; employed specifically. Involved in job specific training. Married with 2 children (3 and 5).DEMOGRAPHICS: Skews female Age 30-55 SuburbanIDENTIFIERS: Organized Eye for detail Articulate requirements well 7. Cathy Compliance GOALS: Ensure information is accurate. Keep process organized & minimize error Paperless POD environment CHALLENGES: General cost reductions Streamlining POD process Accurate data collection HOW WE HELP: Reliable consistent service Accurate Information Reduce costs 8. Cathy Compliance REAL QUOTES: I appreciate the accuracy of information and the speed at which it is provided. I appreciate the consistent communication until the service is delivered.INFORMATION SOURCES: Google, Internal ReferencesCOMMON OBJECTIONS: I dont want to have to train the entire company on how to use a new system. I dont want to have a complex system that is difficult to use or has features we dont need. 9. Cathy Compliance MARKETING MESSAGING: Information at your fingertips.ELEVATOR PITCH: We give you a hybrid document management solution that supports your proof of delivery process, integrates into your existing software and platforms and is simple to use. 10. 2. Create Content they Love 11. Short Paragraphs Headers and Subheaders Images Internal Links Bullets Numbered Lists 12. Short paragraphs and internal links Use relevant images 13. 3. Attract Buzz 14. Hook your content events like Valentine's day and create buzz through social media. Call-to-Action 15. 4. Stay Fresh and Relevant 16. 5. Editorial Calendar 17. Your Editorial Calendar