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1. Michael "Flea" Balzary (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 2. Jimmy Blanton (The Duke Ellington Orchestra) 3. James Jamerson (all Tamla Motown hits) 4. Jaco Pastorius 5. Paul McCartney (The Beatles)His status as one of the greatest songwriters of all time sometimes overshadows his other musical abilities, but there's no denying that McCartney was a master of the bass guitar. His crisp bass lines have become legendary and his mastery of the intricate arrangements of the later Beatles is astounding.

15. Willie DixonBlues Stand-up Bass player one of the founders of Chicago Blues he wrote "Little Red Rooster", "Hoochie Coochie Man", "Evil", "Spoonful", "Back Door Man", "I Just Want to Make Love to You", "I Ain't Superstitious", "My Babe", "Wang Dang Doodle", and "Bring It On Home".

16. Rocco Prestia (Tower Of Power) 17. Les Claypool (Primus) 18. Bootsy Collins (Funkadelic) 19. John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)The most underappreciated member of Led Zeppelin, Jones made all of Zeppelin's complex and difficult arrangements seem simple and was able to maintain order while following Bonham's anarchic and improvisational drumming.

6. Charles Mingushe was one of the first to bring the bass to a new level never seen before

7. Victor Wooten 8. John Entwistle (The Who)He was the glue that kept one of the greatest rock bands of all time together. While Keith, Pete and Roger were off improvising and doing their own thing it was John who functioned as the backbone, keeping the band on track,

20. Louis Johnsonbrothers johnson , quincy jones , michael jackson ( billy jean )

21. Phil Lesh 22. Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) 23. Ray Brown (Dizzy Gillespie, the Ray Brown Trio, and others) 24. Jack Bruce (Cream)The main vocalist of the band as well as the bassist, Bruce's talent is legendary, His ability to blend blues and jazz riffs while anchoring a band built on razor sharp precision makes him one of the best ever.

9. Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone) 10. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) 11. Cliff Lee Burton (Metallica) 12. Marcus Miller 13. Stanley Clarke 14. Geddy Lee (Rush) Clean and crisp, Lee's bass lines allowed Rush tobe a three man band that sounded like a full orchestra. he had a unique ability to create a wall of sound with the bass perfect for Rush's grandiose style

25. Aston Barrett (Bob Marley & the Wailers) 26. Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister (Motorhead, Hawkwind)

27. Justin Chancellor (Tool)This guy pushes the bass to new limits. Listen to some of his stuff and you will see.


Trevor Bolder (Uriah Heep, David Bowie, Wishbone Ash, The Rats, et al)

28. Noel Redding (The Jimi Hendrix Experience) 29. Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones) 30. Tony Levin (King Crimson, session man) 31. Billy Sheehan (Niacin, Mr. Big, Steve Vai) 32. Christopher Wolstenholme (Muse)cause he is the man !

41. Adam Clayton - U2 42. Gordon Sumner aka "Sting" (The Police, solo artist) 43. Stephen Stills (CSNY, et al)Particularly, his work with Crosby, Stills, Nash (and sometimes Young).

44. David EleffsonMEGADETH

45. Bernard Edwards (chic)Chic is the only disco act that anyone should take seriously. Bernard is one of the main reasons.

33. Stuart HammIf you havent heard of Stuart Hamm you really dont know bass players.

34. Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna) 35. Mick Karn 36. Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) 37. Mark King (Level 42)C mon, how old are the kids posting here, Is this a joke? Mark King is phenominal! this white boy plays with some serious funk! and hes so ****ing fast on this instrument. He's from the U.K. still plays with Level 42 (a totally underated band from the 80's) unlike almost all controlled record company "music whores" that are pimped out like prostitues, but instead have chosen not to sell their souls and are appreciated for REAL music and the Mark's bass

46. Herbert "Lum" York (Hank Williams Drifting Cowboys) 47. Jean Jacques Burnel - stranglersunique sound 0f low action precision bass coupled with feedback and blown speakers - Listen to Peaches, Nice n sleasy, no more heroes etc

48. Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) 49. Dave Hope - Kansasthis list contains many other late 70's prog rock bassist - Hope stacks up against any of them. check him out on Wayward Son next time your Classic Rock station spins it. Rock solid and facile, baby.


38. Donald "Duck" DunnWicked bassist. Listen to "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay".

51. Will LeeCheck out how many records David Lettermans bass player has played on and then go see him play live with Oz Noy or his Beatles tribute band the Fab Faux.

39. Pino Palodino

52. Chris Squire (Yes) 53. Tom HamiltonHave you heard SWEET EMOTION!!!!?!!!! Definetly one of Aerosmith's greatest songs and it was written around one of Tom's greatest basslines!!!!!

60. Paul Raven - Killing Joke, Prong, Ministry and otherRIP Paul Raven had an unique feel of contributing very live and vivid bass which made the songs a lot more enjoyable. Nobody gives him much credit but just listen to Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck or "Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell" , or for that matter any other project of his, and you'll recognize his input right away. Underrated genius will be greatly missed!!!

54. Paul Simonon (The Clash)Probably one of the most influential and talented bassists in the punk rock genre. Definitely deserves some props.

61. Rob Trujilo 62. Jason Newsted 63. Simon Gallup (The Cure) 64. John MyungAMAZING

55. Gene Simmons (Kiss)Definantely the greatest, he makes even the simplest notes sound superb.

56. peter hook (joy division, new order)Don't know why he isn't higher. Listen to 'disorder' and you'll know what I mean.

65. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)because he is fucking the best

57. Frank Bello (Anthrax) 58. Kelly Groucutt (Electric Light Orchestra) 59. Derek ForbesDerek Forbes (born 22 June 1956, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish bassist and sometime guitarist, best known for his work with Simple Minds (with whom he played from their 1979 debut album, Life in a Day until shortly after their 1985 hit, "Don't You (Forget About Me)"). His departure from the band was due to stylistic musical differences with the rest of the band during the recording of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" and prior to the release of Once Upon a Time. Forbes reunited with the band briefly during the recording of Napolis, but he only recorded bass lines for the song "War Baby". Forbes quit the band once more after touring for Napolis, again citing his differences with the band and their musical direction. Forbes started his musical career in the U.K. Subs. He contributed to their singles, "Gimme Your Heart" and "Party in Paris". After Simple Minds, Forbes went on to play in number of other bands, including Propaganda and Oblivion Dust. He currently he plays in Fourgoodmen, a Scottish new wave covers band. In 2009, Derek Forbes was voted Scotland's Greatest Ever Bassist by the readers of Dear Scotland

66. Steve Priest (Sweet)Flame haired, camped up, gorgeous glamrock geezer! Bass players are usually (but not always) known as the 'quiet one' - but not our Steve. Responsible for many many sexual inuendos on many top hits, delivered with a pout and a grind ('we just haven't got a clue WHAT to do!') . . The sexiest bass player I've ever seen (yeah . . I'm a 'Sheila' LOL)! Clear, clean fretting, fast fingered and loud! Made his first bass guitar himself, but is famed for using a Danelecto for most of his career, succumbing to a Rickenbacker in the end. Has some damn good bass riffs under his belt and the deepest talking voice ever - but also 25% of the harmonious Sweet - forerunners to Queen, Motley Crue, Kiss - with their songs covered by many. Forget Wig wam bam and Little Willy from 1971/2 - try some of their heavier songs, and you'll see what I mean! EXCELLENT. And he's still gigging at the age of 63.

67. Michael "Micki" Steele (The Bangles, The Runaways) 68. Verdine White (Earth, Wind, and Fire)This guy is awesome. Some of the funkiest stuff ever.

69. Abe Laboriel Sr.Undoubtedly one of the best jazz bass players you will ever come across.

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74.Andy Rourke (The Smiths)Andy Rourke's melodically constructed the basslines are around Johnny Marr's guitar playing gave The Smiths a unique sound. His twangy walking bassline for hits like, 'This Charming Man' are immediately recognizable.137 points - added 1 year ago by guest - 1 comment [show][hide][add comment][show map]

70. Carol Kaye (session player)Carol is a monster! Check her stats. She played most of beach boys-pet sounds.. also worked with Doors, joe cocker, zappa, ect, ect. Very under rated.

71.John Deacon144 points - added 1 year ago by guest - 5 comments [show][hide][add comment][show map]

75.Youth (Martin Glover) (Killing Joke, others)Youth, also known for his fabulous production, as well as his remixes (bringing the bass out as a prominent instrument), has a style that is both unique and influential. He demonstrates that the bass guitar is the driving force in rock, punk and alternative rock genres.136 points - added 9 months ago by guest - [add comment][show map]

72.Dave Allen (Gang of Four, Shriekback)Bassist and producer Dave Allen has been an influential part of the rock scene since the '80s. Although calling his label World Domination might be overstating the case, he certainly developed a solid fan base through his playing with the popular Gang of Four, and went on to be an important part of the somewhat more groovy Shriekback.140 points - added 3 months ago by guest - [add comment][show map]

76.Stu Cook (CCR)135 points - added 8 months ago by guest - 2 comments [show][hide][add comment][show map]