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Transcript of Babylon Community Band Offers Concert Fridayn Babylon Community Band Offers Concert Friday The...

  • Babylon Community BandOffers Concert Friday

    The Babylon Community Band will present itsfirst concert of the Summer this Friday evening,June 28, beginning at 8:30 p.m. The series of out-door "Pops" concerts will be conducted by FredGrossman, Director of Music in the BabylonSchools-

    Babylon Village sponsors thisSummer entertainment with fi-nancial support, maintenance ofArgyle Park and bandstand, andtransportation of the band'sequipment. The Board of Educa-tion, District No. 1, assists theproject by permitting the groupto use the school music equip-ment and allowing weekly rehear-sals in the high school.

    Members of the band rangefrom adult musicians throughcollege players to high schoolinstrumentalists. The group re-hearses two hours each Thursday

    evening in preparation for theweek's concert.

    Scheduled for the program thisweek is "Bathscheba" by Singer,"The Blue Tail Fly" by Grund-man, **Tangof or Band*' by Osser,The Syncopated Clock" byAnderson, "Danse Arabe" byGrieg, and selections from"South Pacific" arranged byLang.

    - Marches to be heard are "TheGolden Eagle" by Walters,"Charter Oak" by sterling,"The Liberty Bell" by Sousa,and "SXB.A." by Hall.

    Fete Babylon StudentsAt Awards Dinner

    The Babylon Teachers' As-sociation held an awards dinnerto honor the outstanding studentsof Babylon High School lastThursday. William McCaslin,English teacher of the High Schoolwas the master of ceremonies.Dr. Norman Schaumberger, aprofessor at Bronx CommunityCollege and Columbia Universitywas the speaker for the evening.

    Fifty eight students and theirparents attended the dinner atLaGrange and received awards.

    Silver pins were presented tothe students in eachgrade earningthe highest average for the year,both in the talented class andthe academic class. The studentsearning this honor were; Ar-thur Wardell and Helen Triculns,senior, class; David Crawfordand Debbie Stanz, junior class;LuSby St. John and Nancy Stack,sophomore class, Matilda Goll-hoffer and Robert Like, fresh-man class; Kristin Maher andJo Ann Titze, eighth grade; and

    Ann Ewald and Judy Pile, sev-enth grade.

    Certificates were presented tothe winners of New York StateRegents scholarships, the com-munity scholarships, and the Ro-tary Club scholarships.

    Eleven departmental awardswere presented to the leadingstudents in each department.

    Joseph Van Bourgondien andChristine Parkinson received a-wards for general all aroundservice and citizenship to theJunior High School. Peter Pasch,Marie Myslivechek, and FrankMaya received the same awardfor the senior High School. Thevaledictorian, Arthur Wardellreceived a $50 bond, and thesahitatorian, Helena Canning re-ceived a $25 bond.

    Invited guests at the dinnerincluded supervising principalDr. Gerald -Anderson and mem-bers of the board of educationand their spouses.

    Village Board Holds LastMeeting, Weed is Honored

    The Babylon Village Board meton Tuesday night in the last reg-ular session until the secondTuesday in September when itwill again convene.

    Mayor Syd Askoff requestedtwo resolutions, one calling forbids on the purchase of two newleaf collectors, the other callingfor acceptance of bids for thepurchase of maple and pine treesfor next season planting. Bothresolutions were adopted by theBoard.

    Village Clerk Schuyler Weedwas presented with a plaque fromthe Association of New York stateofficials commemorating 25years of municipal service withthe Village of Babylon.

    Trustee Peter Rasmussen an-nounced that pool membershipsare at an all-time high. Applica-tions for swimming instructionare now being accepted. Eveninguse of the pool by civic groupshas increased this year, with somedates still available.

    Trustee John T. Morris re-ported that repair to the board-walk on the main public dock iscompleted. These are the firstmajor repairs since the boardTwalk was installed 200 years ago.

    Trustee Lane Foreman pre-sented the schedule for the villagesponsored concerts at the pooland the band shell, and these wereapproved by the Board.

    Trustee Robert Wilbur report-ed that all village buildings are ingood condition.

    Graduation CeremoniesLast Sunday afternoon at 5

    p.m. thegraduation exercise for166 senior studentsof BabylonHigh School were held at theCoach Walter Williams field.Following the benediction, theValedictorian y Arthur Wardelland theSalutatorianHelena Cann-ing addressed the assembly. Dr.Gerald Anderson then presentedthe prize awards which wereawarded to the following studentsthe Art Award, to Eileen Ward;Foreign Language award to JeanMahlmanh, the Lisk Prizes inEnglish to Brad Cooke and LprenSiegel; the Mathematics'Awardto Arj8nir-Wata*e!i,~ the MusicAwards to Loren Siegel andStuart Lipkind ; the Industrial

    Arts Awards to James Jack; theOffice Practice Course HonorAward to Kathy Hanse; the HonorAward in Secretarial course toLorraine Ciccone; also, theScience Medal to Arthur Wardell;the Athletic Awards to ElsaHirvela and William Godfrey;the American History IncentiveAward to Dianne Hebrank andPatty Hulse; the Bernard DepaceScholarship award for Outstand-ing Baseball Ability of $100 toThomas Yaimucci; Good Citizen-ship Medals presented by the

    D.AoR. to Janet Holsclaw andArthur Wardell & James R.Grover CongressionalCitizenshipAward to Marie Myslivescek.Mr.Cyrus Oyer presented a specialaward donated by the BabylonLions Club. The award was madeto. Barry Carl Robinson who,although 100 percent blind, hassuccessfully adjusted to BabylonHigh School, not only academic-ally, but personally in being ableto go through the school day un-escorted; motivated'by a strongwiH to ' succeed and a cheerfulpecsonalitythat will help him meetthe challenges of life as they areencountered. The award was acheck in the amount of $250.

    Following the awards, Mr.Charles Scharfe, President of theBoard of Education, presented thediplomas to the graduates. Mrs.Elizabeth Van Bourgondien,Mr.Louis Wenger, and Mr. HenryMahlmann, who is retiring thisyear all members of the Boardof Education, and former pupilsof Mr. Oyer then presentedhim with a plaque honoring himfor his 32 years of service tothe Babylon School System.Thegraduates, led by MarieMyslive-

    , seek, sang the Babylon High AlmaMater.

    Youth CouncilPlans Party

    The Babylon Youth Council, incooperation with the Town ofBabylon, will present the firstin a series of pool party rock androll dances Friday at the NorthLindenhurst pool on StraightPath.' The fun gets underway at 7p.m. and everyone is WelcomeThere will be live music suppliedby a "The Sfourning "Shadows".Donation is 25.

    Village OffersTickets ForSooth Pacific

    The Village of Babylon is coop-erating with the LonglslandStatePark Commission in making itconvenient for local residentsto purchase tickets for GuyLombardo's presentation of theOTusical, "SOUTH PACIFIC",opening June 27 at the JonesBeach Theatre.

    Mayor Syd Askoff announcedthat tickets are now- on" salein Village w Clerk " Schuyfer L.Weed's

    office in the Municipal

    Building, corner of Main Streetand Carll Avenue; Reservationsmay be made for any given eve-ning's performance of Rogersand Hammerstein's PulitzerPrize winning musical.

    Performances of the showwhich stars Jerome Hines andKathleen Nolan will begin at 8:30pjn. each evening* June 27through September 2.

    , FOND CHAIRMAN-Walter L.Olsenof Babylon has been nam 3dGeneral Chairman for the NewYork Telephone Company's union-management Combined Fund Ap-peal conducted among employeesworking in New York City.The company's goal is $1 mil-lion. Recipient agencies are theGreater New York Fund and theRed Cross. Last year telephoneemployees contributed $850,000.Mr. Olsen is Customer RelationsManager in the company's PublicRelations Department.

    Early Copy-Please!

    Due to the July 4thholiday, THE BEACONwill print ONE DAYEARLIER. This meansthat the copy deadlinewill be moved back oneday.

    We will greatly ap-preciate the coopera-tion of advertisers andcorrespondents.

    WINNING CAUSE: Al Brown of the Babylon Lions Club presents a check for$1,000 to Mrs. Edward M. Schmidt of Ralph Ave., Babylon, the winner in therecently concluded Lions Club benefit for Its Sight Conservation Fund.She had the winning ticket and chose cash instead of a vacation trip.

    Jack Ritter Photo

    Babylon Vamps MakeAnnual Fund Appeal

    The Babylon Fire Department is now conduct-ing its Annual Fund Drive, according to ChiefRobert J. Slack. In his appeal the chief said:

    "Your Fire Department needs your financial as-sistance to help meet expenses for the VOLUN-TEERS. Thes expenses include Firematic Ac-tivities, Annual Conferences, Welfare Benefits,and individual company expenses not cov-ered by your tax dollar.

    "All donations received from our Fund Driveare allocated throughout the entire organizationunder departmental regulations. Make your dona-tion payable to the Babylon Fire Department.