B E A LIVE. M ULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES There are eight multiple intelligences that we will investigate...

download B E A LIVE. M ULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES There are eight multiple intelligences that we will investigate in class. The eight intelligences are: linguistic,

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Transcript of B E A LIVE. M ULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES There are eight multiple intelligences that we will investigate...

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B E A LIVE Slide 2 M ULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES There are eight multiple intelligences that we will investigate in class. The eight intelligences are: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, inter-personal, intra- personal, naturalist Questions to ponder with a classmate or teacher What are some of the ways that you learn best? What are some ways that you could use these within your academic, extra-curricular and community? What have you learned about yourself by going through this process thus far? Slide 3 L INGUISTIC I NTELLIGENCE -Relates to ones ability to read, write, and speak. This type of person might excel in English or Social Studies. They learn by reading, writing, debating, and discussing. Slide 4 L OGICAL -M ATHEMATICAL Logical-Mathematical Intelligence- relates to ones ability to work with numbers and ordered sequence, as well as step-by-step reasoning. This type of person would be good at mathematical equations and scientific problems and might learn easily through the use of charts, graphs, statistics and scientific date. Slide 5 S PATIAL I NTELLIGENCE - Relates to ones ability to predict how objects move in relationship to each other. They are essentially visual learners, and learn by seeing and using diagrams, pictures, models, and symbols. Additionally, they are able to navigate in unfamiliar areas. PuzzleCorn Maze Plant Cell Model Slide 6 B ODILY -K INESTHETIC I NTELLIGENCE - Relates to the physical-self. They use their body to imitate and actually perform the task they are learning. This type of person is usually coordinated, may not be able to sit still, and is usually active. For example: Physical Education. Praying with our bodies. Fact- Ms. MacNeils Uncle- Father Dunphy Slide 7 M USICAL I NTELLIGENCE Relates to rhythm and sound. They learn by listening, hearing and interpreting sounds. This is usually good at reading music or plays a musical instrument. Slide 8 I NTERPERSONAL (P EOPLE S MART ) I NTELLIGENCE - relates to ones interaction with others. They often make good leaders and they learn by communicating, giving advice, and engaging in social activities. Giving Good Advice Slide 9 I NTRAPERSONAL (S ELF S MART ) I NTELLIGENCE - Relates to awareness of internal thoughts. They tend to be shy or quiet, and learn best by making connections between what they learn and who they are. Slide 10 N ATURALIST I NTELLIGENCE Relates to nature. They may have a heightened ecological awareness, and feel responsible for taking care of the earth. They learn by taking part in nature and being aware of their surroundings. Slide 11 T HE H UMAN L IFE Slide 12 C AN WE PUT A PRICE ON THE VALUE OF A HUMAN LIFE ? Though we all have different experiences, no individual is more or less important than another. Thus, can we put a price on human life? Even though it is wrong, can you think of some instances where a price tag is attached to human life? List some of your ideas: Slide 13 W E ARE ALL WORTHY OF RESPECT AND DIGNITY BECAUSE WE ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, AND THEREFORE, ALL HUMAN LIFE IS VALUABLE Through the 5 th Commandment-Thou shall not Kill- God underlines the sacredness of life. Did you know that the 5 th commandment does not only refer to killing in the physical sense, but it also refers to killing of the spirit emotionally? There are many ways that you can kill someones spirit without actually physically harming them. List three ways that you believe you might kill someones spirit: 1. 2. 3. Slide 14 H UMAN LIFE IS SACRED FROM THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION TO THE VERY MOMENT OF DEATH. Therefore, we do not have the authority to deliberately cause or aid someone in causing death. In particular, violence undermines human dignity and goes against the fifth commandment. Some sins that are committed against life are things such as: Genocide- Abortion- Euthanasia- Murder- Terrorism- Suicide- Why do you believe that the Church would not support the sins against life listed above??? Slide 15 I NCARNATION . Respect for and appreciation of life, are two important virtues. In fact, God values the human body so much that the Son of God (Jesus) became fully human. This is known as INCARNATION, which means the son of God coming in flesh. Jesus was human, yet, is truly God. Thus, Jesus was both human and truly divine. Slide 16 I NCLUSIVE .. The Christian concept of society is inclusive. This means that through our faith and its teaching, Jesus invites EVERYONE to belong. Can you think of things that might exist within society that are not considered inclusive? What about right here in our school? List your ideas below: Slide 17 C HANGING AND M ODELING . What behaviors do you think that you might change so that everyone is included like Jesus model? or What behaviors do you model for others so they can follow your example to Jesus way? List ideas where we can include others here at school that may feel left out or alone.. Slide 18 X-Factor Audition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W86jlvrG54o