The Eight Intelligences

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multiple intelligence

Transcript of The Eight Intelligences

  • 1. The Eight Intelligences Gardner's theory of multiple intelligencesPRESENTEDBYJEAN NOEL MACAQUE 24 MAY 2009


  • Verbal / linguistic intelligence
  • involves all forms of working with language.

3. Logical/mathematical intelligence We start doing math very early in our human development.

  • The first stageof the development is our manipulation to play with a variety of concrete objects in the real physical world around us.

4. Intrapersonal Intelligence

  • Have a deep awareness of inner feelings.
  • Have a deep sense of self-confidence
  • Self-motivated to do well.
  • Intuitive ability

5. Visual/Spatial Intelligence is the first language of the human brain.

  • The brain naturally thinks in images and pictures before it even has words to attach to them.
  • Visual/spatial intelligence deals with everything we see: shapes, patterns and designs, concrete and abstract images, color and texture.
  • The spatial intelligence deals with the relationships and placement of objects in the space/time continuum.

6. Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence is sensitive to a variety of sounds in the environment

  • Play a musical instrument or enjoy music or enjoy singing
  • Remember melodies of songs
  • Prefer to have music on when studying or working
  • Collect recordings

7. Kinesthetic Intelligence is probably the most taken-for-granted part of our lives.

  • This intelligence deals with the full range of movement that is possible in and through the body.

8. Interpersonal Intelligence is the "stuff" of human relationships

  • Interpersonal intelligence involved collaboration with others, and learning from and about other people.
  • Interpersonal intelligenceinvolved cooperation, to h ave empathy for the feelings of others

9. Naturalist Intelligence is our knowledge of and communion with the natural world.

  • Is the ability to recognize and classify various flora and fauna.
  • You find yourselffascinated by animals and their behavior.
  • You notice the effect on your mood of well-being when someone brings plants or flowers .
  • when we want to relax