Assignment guide for unit 1 akitt irene

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Unit 1: Activity 4 Presentation of Research results

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  • 1. Unit 1: Activity 4 Presentation of Research results

2. Intro This presentation will present the results from my research and explain how this information will help me develop my concept art sketches and final product by showing you the three types of research I done, my mindmap and moodboard, game research and finally the questionnaire I did by doing all these it helped me to finishing off my final product of my game. 3. Mindmap & Moodboard On the next two slides shows my mindmap and my moodboard by doing secondary research for my images and information I have collected to help me design my game. 4. Mindmap: 5. Moodboard: 6. With this mind map and mood board I have done primary and secondary research to find and help me to get a theme, story board, characters and ideas to create a video game. Primary research I went out to look for weapons, characters and the Victorian era and I have found steam punk, fashion, factories, poverty people lived in and terraced houses. Secondary research I have found similar game genres and how well they have done with the game and what the audience range is and made it not to be exactly like mine but all the successful parts of the game I have done to mine to be just as better then all the other games. All this researching help me to develop my game to be the best and accurate it could be as it was set in Victorian time helping me designing my environment, character and weapon. 7. Game Research Your game research slides should go on this section with a slide where you explain how this research has helped to inform your game idea and the choice of items/ characters and environments you will sketch. 8. All the data collected was to help me find information and how games are designed. This helped me develop my ideas by showing me all the different type of games and all the graphical and technical things that a game needs this also helped me by developing my designs by helping me to make my game as professional looking and best it could be. 9. Questionnaire These are my results from my questionnaire. 10. What art style do you think would tell in an action adventure game? This question helped me to show what type of graphical art style most action/adventure game uses and shows other people opinions and for when I come to design my game I asked this question so I know what type of graphical art style I should use in my game. 11. which area of a game should have the most focus when it comes to concept art? This question shows me which part of my designs I should concentrate on more for when I design my game here shows from the questionnaire I should mostly focus on environment and all the rest out of 20 people. 12. what type of weapon do you think will be good in a Victorian action/adventure game? In this question I wanted to find out what weapon would be good to be part of my design and would be good in a Victorian action adventure game. Here in my questionnaire it shows I should design a pistol so thats what I have used a flintlock pistol. 13. where should the environment be for a victorian action/adventure? Here Ive asked what environment would be best suited for my game as it has an specific era the Victorians and here shows the city but the city of London and it will help me to choose for my environment for when I design my game. 14. do you think a victorian action/adventure game will be interesting? Here I asked a question not about my game but other peoples opinions if my game will be interesting as this will help me to see if Im doing enough to make a good game that a consumer will buy. 15. Do you think it will be better if the character is a boy or girl? This question was about my character and this was for to see if my character should be a boy or girl or both for when I design my game I would like to make a game that would appeal to my audiences. 16. what graphical style do you think a Victorian action/adventure game should be like? My first question I asked was what graphical style I should focus more on a action/adventure game but I wanted to be more specific to my design of game so I asked what graphical style would suit best for my Victorian action/adventure game and this will help me give me some extra opinions what would best suit it. 17. This helped my initial ideas for my sketches by looking at other peoples opinions for my design of my game and how my audiences will perceive and expect my game to be like as its a Victorian era action/adventure game and this helped me to design my game that would be more appealing and more successful to consumers. 18. Conclusion All of these research and planning help me to sketch my drawings to be professional and appealing to my audiences and help me what will my consumers want from my game by doing all this helped me to sketch my environment, character and weapon that will be best suited for my game that I have designed.