Assignment 31: Photography Research & practice: draft 1

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Transcript of Assignment 31: Photography Research & practice: draft 1

  • Assignment 31: Photography Research & PracticePerson 1: Person 2:Person 3:Person 4:Jodie Foster-PiliaAbigail Menzies Pamela YounesLaura Cuk

  • Section A

  • Lighting under exposurebeforeafter

    What is itFound examplesMy example before and afterThere is not enough light in the photograph.

    As a result photo appears quite dark and gloomy

    Under exposure makes it difficult to see the subject matter

    A photograph may be described as underexposed when it has a loss of shadow detail

  • Lighting Over exposureToo much light

    A photograph may be described as overexposed when it has a loss of highlight detail, that is, when important bright parts of an image are washed out or effectively all white


  • Good exposure BeforeAfter

    What is itA found exampleMy example before and afterThe lights are darks are balanced, creating very good lighting

    Image is clear and good quality

  • Deep focusDeep focus is when everything in the photo graph is in focus, not just specific parts

    What is itfound examplesMy example before and after

    in deep focus the foreground, middle-ground and background are all in focus.

  • Composition - leading lines

    What is it found examplesMy example before and afterLeading lines are lines within an image that leads the eye to another point in the image, or occasionally, out of the image.

    Anything with a definite line can be a leading line. Fences, bridges, even a shoreline can lead the eye

  • Lighting High KeySource: key lighting eliminates all shadowsBefore After

    DescriptionA found exampleMy exampleWhen artificial bright lighting is used to blow out most or all harsh shadows in an image

  • Lighting Low KeySource: with dark colour creates suspense and mysteryBeforeAfter

    DescriptionA found exampleMy exampleThere is reduced intensity of lighting as a result there are strong contrasts in the photograph

  • Shallow FocusSource: background suggests its unimportant and puts greater emphasis on the woman

    DescriptionA found exampleMy examplePart of the photograph is in focus while the rest of it is focused

  • Composition Rule of thirds/PowerpointsSource: placed in the centre is the most important

    DescriptionA found exampleMy exampleAn image should be divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines and the important element of the image should be situated at the intersection of these lines

  • Lighting - FillBrings more brightness to their face making it look naturalWhere theres a balance between over and underexposure Fill lighting removes the shadows from the image and replace them with light This makes the person look more healthier and presentable

    this is an image i took of my glass shoe i used my normal room light to take the first picturei then added an extra light to balance the light and remove any shadows to make the picture look better and better quality

    DescriptionA found ExampleYour Examplesame amount of detail typically seen by an eye in average lighting and considered normal. From that baseline of normality using more or less fill will make shadows seem lighter or darker than normal

  • Shutter Speed Fast A fast shutter would let less light enter the film or the sensor This enables the camera to take quick pictures where you can see even the small detail such as the examples aboveCan see the drops of the water and it would intend to be crisp However if it was slow you would see the water running instead of drops

    DescriptionA found ExampleYour ExampleThe camera's shutter speed, the lens's brightness and the scenes Luminance together determine the amount of light that reaches the film or sensorUnfortunately I dont have a professional camera in order to take an example of my own for a fast shutter speed example.

  • Shutter Speed SlowA slow shutter would let more light enter the film or the sensor This enables the camera to take the picture more slower, therefore the background would be blurry while the objet is crisp or the oppositefor example if a water tap is running and the shutter is slow you would see the water running instead of drops

    however i dont have a specific camera that has a slow shutter so i tried making the background blurry while the main object is crisp and can see properly compared to the background which is blurry

    DescriptionA found ExampleYour ExampleThe camera's shutter speed, the lens's brightness and the scenes Luminance together determine the amount of light that reaches the film or sensor

  • Transferring photos to computerby using an SD card, you can save the images on that SD card an access it wherever the SD card is connected to view the images takenthe cable connects the phone to the laptop to either to transfer the images or just to view them on the laptop

    i took a picture of my SD cards and memory cards which i am able to store my photos and transfer them or view them when inserted in a phone, camera or laptopi can also view my photos or transfer them to a laptop using a cable that is connected either to a iPad, phone, camera etc to a laptop.

    DescriptionA found ExampleYour ExampleWhen your able to view the same photo on a different device. This can be done by using a cable that connects the camera to the computer, or even use a SD card.

  • Composition Changing angle/perspectivestaking a picture in a weird angle would show the meaning of the picture, for example the Eiffel tower the angle of it shows that it really big it would make the image look more interesting for example the wedding image

    taking the picture of my glass shoe in a low angle makes my shoe seem bigger also by taking picture in a low angle of my sisters ready book gives an illusion of bigger and makes it seem theres a lot of books

    DescriptionA found ExampleYour Exampleshooting from unusual angles, getting higher or lower, this would then make the image more interesting and more meaningful for example a baby would normally be small, taking a picture in a specific angle to make the baby looking small

  • Lighting - reflectingCamera SurfacesObjectWithout reflectorWith reflector

    ExplanationExample images My images Reflecting is another way to diffuse light.

    Light is reflected or bounced off another surface (therefore making it less harsh)

    Different surfaces/textures/colours/ will reflect light differently.

  • Lighting shutter speed motion blur

    ExplanationExample images My images When something blurs because it is in motion.

    This means that it is going too fast for the shutter (object is faster than shutter).

    Type 1 objects are crisp, and background is blurry (moving cameras).

    Type 2 objects blurry (object is moving).Type 1: The person is in motion so they have become so blurred out that they are hardly visible in the shot.

    Type 2: When the camera follows the moving person, the background becomes blurred

  • Transferring photos to computer Facebook, Twitter etc.

    ExplanationExample images

    Using iCloud an online storage service you can send the image electronically.

    SD Card An SD card holding all your photos can be taken and inserted into a SD slot on your computer /laptop

    Social Media If the image is taken from your phone there are different options to send to your computer.

  • Composition - framingThis is bad framing because the head is cut off

    ExplanationExample images My images How you frame objects/subject.

    Frame using unique angles

    Positive space

    Negative space

    Ensure that the space around objects are appropriate and comfortable for audience.Bad examples:

    Good examples:Bad framing:

    Good framing:

  • Section B

  • Using I photoClick exposure at the bottom and then drag bar right for more exposure or drag left for less exposureBeforeAfter

    Description/purpose of toolAnnotated screen grabsBefore and afterChanging exposure

  • Click effect at the bottom and choose desired effect i.e. black and whiteBeforeAfter

    Description/purpose of toolAnnotated screen grabsBefore and afterHow to add effect

  • CropBeforeAfter

    DescriptionMy example (before/after)This is a tool used for cropping photos

  • RotateBeforeAfter

    DescriptionMy example (before/after)This is a tool that is used to turn an image around

  • Change colourBeforeAfter

    DescriptionMy example (before/after)This is an effect used to change the colour of a picture

  • EffectsBeforeAfter

    DescriptionMy example (before/after)These are filters that changes the colour balance of a picture

  • Brushes - Repair

    Description A found ExampleYour ExampleThis would repair anything in a picture, for example it would repair any imperfectionsSuch as spots, wrinkles etc

    In this example the repair tool has blended her imperfections (spots) into her skin and now it looks like she doesnt have any

    I used iPhoto app to repair my image I used this app to all my brushes I repaired the reflection from the sun on the sea, it almost acts like an elimination brush where it erases it.

  • Brushes Red-Eye

    Description A found ExampleYour ExampleThis would turn the red eye into