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  • I N F I N I T Y

  • I N F I N I T Y

    Leeds College of ArtPhotography Yearbook 2012

  • Foreword

    Adrian Davies

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  • Contents

    Leberkas, nisi ribeyeFlank Veniam

    Beef fatback meatball culpa ut

    Pork loin, pastrami Playhouse, Meat & FlowersNorthern SoulBresaola Ad in dolore

    Pork chop SalamiLeberkas, nisi ribeyeFlank Veniam

    Behind The SpectaleProject 01482Signed: The Occupiers, The Camel & The Scorpion


    10 Emily Bailey14 George Beck18 Sofia Coombs22 Rory Doyle26 Charys Elmer30 Daniele Fitzgerald34 Mindy Goose38 Aisha Greenidge-Noorgat42 Katherine Gregory46 Alice Hall50 Aaron Hargreaves54 James Hawley58 Chris Jackson62 Stuart Leckenby66 James Lester70 Michaela Lynskey74 Tim Mellin78 Susan Newton82 Hannah Reynolds86 Scott Salt90 Claire Sawdon94 Benjamin P. Smith98 Catherine Laura102 Jack Turner

    106 Acknowledgements108 Contacts

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  • Emily BaileyUntitled

    [email protected]+44 (0)7738 307813


    Emily Nicolle Bailey is a fashion and beauty photographer whose inspiration often stems from the themes of self-expression and individuality, Bailey has spent the best part of a year undertaking collaborative projects with various makeup artists and models. Exploring how self-decoration, specifically in the form of

    make-up artistry and fashion choices, aid in the construction of an individuals persona, in that they allow the individual to appear to the world in the way that they choose; the images included here are representative of the photographers wider practice, both thematically and visually.

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  • 12

    Emily BaileyTitle Goes Here

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  • George BeckUntitled

    [email protected]+44 (0) 7572 617 556

    George Becks practice lies primarily within the field of conceptual and editorial portraiture. The Youth Support project focuses on the users of youth support services, who are in the transitory stage between childhood and adulthood, a period in life where they are often overlooked or demonised by wider society.

    Here by association, Beck also brings to light the importance of these services (although set up by local authorities, largely run by charities) within our communities; the fact that their work largely goes unnoticed does no justice to their importance in guiding young people towards a successful start in adult life.


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  • 16

    George BeckUntitled

  • 17

  • 18

    [email protected] +44 (0) 7864 660 441

    Sofia CoombsUntitled

    A documentary and editorial photographer, whose work draws inspiration from everyday life, Sofia Coombs uses image making to gain a greater understanding of the unfamiliar and the observed behaviour of others. In this series, she documents her intimate yet strained relationship to her mother, with whom she is naturally

    close, despite past issues causing an extended estrangement. The project is an observation of her mothers life in an attempt to comprehend why she is the way she is. A serious and complex subject, approached with an innate sensitivity and the well considered, thoughtfulness of a person studying a loved one.

  • 19

  • 20

    Sofia CoombsUntitled

  • 21

  • 22

    [email protected]+44 (0) 7889 465 947

    Rory DoyleUntitled

    The focus of Rory Doyle's body of work lies in gender, specifically in the examining and understanding of genders boundaries. In order to do this, Doyle's photographs those who take gender related concepts to what are socially considered to be more extreme conclusions, capturing images of Transvestism in drag acts

    and cross dressers. The images, which often take their aesthetic from traditional fashion and beauty photography, seek to question how notions of femininity and masculinity are visually defined within our society.

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  • 24

    Rory DoyleUntitled

  • 25

  • 26

    [email protected]+44 (0) 7850 692 959

    Charys ElmerUntitled

    Charys Ellmer has taken a set of Thematic Apperception Test cards as the starting point for her series of narrative photography. TAT cards are designed for use in psychological examinations, depicting various provocative yet ambiguous images, which the subject is asked to interpret, allowing the attendant psychologist a

    window into their patients personal history and attitudes. Narrative photography runs corollary to this process, asking viewers to consider and read a scene as a story. No interpretation is wrong, merely a version of the truth presented through a medium that can be said to blend veracity and illusion in equal measure.

  • 27

  • 28

    Charys ElmerUntitled

  • 29

  • 30

    [email protected] (0) 7746 713 715

    Daniele FitzgeraldUntitled

    Daniele Fitzgerald is a beauty and portrait photographer who, drawing on a wide range of influences, from Terry Richardson to Rankin, has developed a personal style

    intended to capture each of her subjects individual qualities. In this book Fitzgerald presents a selection of her work, an overview of her on-going portfolio.

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  • 32

    Daniele FitzgeraldUntitled

  • 33

  • 34

    [email protected]+44(0) 7969 647 027

    Mindy GooseUntitled

    Mindy Goose is a photographer as well as a community workshop leader, whose use of photography extends to self-discovery, social inclusion and education. The Well-being project examines her daily life, capturing the seemingly mundane objects, landscapes, journeys and routines in a manner that seeks

    to present them as beautiful, unusual and unique. Her intent here, is to let her images act as a lens through which the viewer has the opportunity to see the everyday world in a more enriching way and in so doing, to inspire her audience to take notice of the beauty in the familiar themselves.

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  • 36

  • 37

  • 38

    Aisha Greenidge-Noorgats Playhouse acts a photographic exploration of a traumatic space, in which she suffered sexual-abuse as a child. The family sitting room becomes a place shrouded in darkness, the images aesthetic reflects this turmoil and with their soft focus, references the process of memory. The fabric of the space has

    become forever intertwined with a painful past; though, this cathartic work, sets the door ajar, airing the room, absorbing a part of Greenidge-Noorgats anguish. Also included are images from the Meat & Flowers series, an attempt to capture the essence of what appears repulsive and beautiful, in immediate juxtaposition.

    [email protected]+44 (0) 7572 617 556

    Aisha Greenidge-NoorgatPlayhouse

  • 39

  • 40

    Aisha Greenidge-NoorgatMeat & Flowers

  • 41

  • 42

    Northern Soul, with its rich, Rhythm and Soul influenced, musical and danc