Assignment 14 photography research and practice.

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  • 1.Assignment 14 Photography research and practice.(camera and photo editting) Luara Pires Debbie Marques Kauana LabaldiMaria Younes

2. Lighting over exposureExplanation Example image My image Before and after. This is when thepicture has anexcess amount oflight. when there is thistype o lighting youcant see details certain areas cango excessivelywhite. With this you cantsee face shapesusually. 3. Lighting underexposureExplanationExample image My image Before and after. Under exposure iswhen an image istoo dark that youcant see details sometimes, therecan be light on oneside but not on theother This can be usedpurposely as wellso it can createmystery , just likein film noir movies. 4. Lighting good exposureExplanation Example image My image Before and after. This type oflighting allows theview to see al thedetails of animage. It lookscomfortable tolook at. This type oflighting usuallydoesnt have a lotof shades on it. 5. Deep focusExplanationExample image My image Before and after. Deep focus iswhen the wholeimage is in focus. The front, themiddle and theback is sharp andclear. 6. Composition- leading lines.Explanation Example image My image Before and after.Leading lines are lineswithin an image thatleads the eye toanother point in theimage, or out of theimage.Anything with acertain line can be aleading line. 7. Lighting Key high/low Key Lighting: The key light is the first and usually most important light thata photographer, lighting cameraman, or other scene composer will use ina lighting setup. The purpose of the key light is to highlight the form anddimension of the subject. 8. Low key lighting 9. High key lighting 10. Shutter speedShutter speed: In photography, shutter speed or exposure timeis the effective length of time a cameras shutter is open. Thetotal exposure is proportional to this exposure time, or durationof light reaching the film or image sensor. 11. Shutter Speed 12. Shallow FocusShallow Focus: Shallow focus is a photographic andcinematographic technique incorporating a small depth of field.In shallow focus one plane of the image is in focus while the restis out of focus. 13. Shallow FocusExplanation Online photo My photoShallow Focus: Shallowfocus is a photographic andcinematographic techniqueincorporating a small depthof field. In shallow focusone plane of the image isin focus while the rest isout of focus. 14. Rule of thirdExplanation Online photoMy photoThe rule of thirds is a "ruleof thumb" or guidelinewhich applies to theprocess of composing visualimages such as paintings,photographs and designs.The guideline proposes thatan image should beimagined as divided intonine equal parts by twoequally-spaced horizontallines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, andthat importantcompositional elementsshould be placed alongthese lines or theirintersections. 15. Opening& undo photoremoving effect/revertFirst you choose the picture,Start editing the picture.when you open the app it alreadytakes you to the pictures. 16. Changing exposureIn here you can change the brightness,make something darker or lighter. 17. Auto enhanceClick on this button, and it will automatically enhance thepicture. 18. CROP - iPhotoOriginal iPhotoEdited version Crop 19. Rotate - iPhotoOriginaliPhotoEdited version Rotate 20. Change ColourOriginaliPhoto Edited version Change colour 21. EffectsOriginal iPhotoEdited versionEffects