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The Armageddon Resume and The Bio-Flyer Donald Burns Resume Writer and Executive Career Coach Thursday, 17 October, 2013 Fly higher!

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Long gap on your resume? Multiple careers on a single resume? The Armageddon Resume and The Bio Flyer are specifically designed to handle those situations...

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The Armageddon Resumeand The Bio-Flyer

Donald BurnsResume Writer and Executive Career Coach

Thursday, 17 October, 2013

Fly higher!

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DISCLAIMER: Some of the tactics and styles presented here are not acceptable for “normal” careers. These examples apply to people who are so far “off the charts” they’ve got nothing to lose by creatively breaking the rules

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The Armageddon Resume and theBio-Flyer – Signs of the Times!

People who retired before the 2008 crash – now they’re running out $ and want their old jobs back

People who succeeded so well in boom years that a resume can’t capture their busy careers

People who dropped out of workforce for personal health or family problems

People with marketable skills – pushed into early retirement – looking for consulting gigs

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Part 1: The Armageddon Resume

Ar·ma·ged·don [ahr-muh-ged-n] noun:

1.The place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil (probably so called in reference to the battlefield of Megiddo. Rev. 16:16).

2.The end of the world

For some people, the post-2008 economy feels likeArmageddon – the end of the world for their careers

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Client Story: A Near Death Experience

Story: An extremely successful financier. Whiz-kid investment banker & bond trader. Working around the clock. Apparently in great physical shape; but starts losing energy and, one day, just collapses …

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• No bites and nothing seems to be working.

Resume overview – an extreme situation:

• Out of work 6 years

• Nothing to lose by trying a bold approach

Page 7: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Headline – attacks the problem head-on:

Page 8: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Personal Story: Direct, Slightly Humorous, and Upbeat

Prerequisite for an Armageddon Story: It must Have a Happy Ending!

Page 9: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Sample resume, second page: Business as usual

Page 10: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

We’ll revisit Armageddon Resume In a few minutes– we’ll do one together, starting from scratch

Page 11: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Part 2: The Bio-Flyer

Last example was an extreme case.It starts off dark, but has a happy ending

Bio-flyer also addresses unusual cases – similar idea as Armageddon – but

without the drama and the dire circumstances.

Page 12: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer


Headline & Subheads Compelling Story Bio / Resume Style Photo or graphic Uses: Severe hiring

issues – returning to work after a long gap

Headline & Subheads Compelling Story Bio / Resume Style Photo or graphic Uses: Board appts.,

multiple career paths, corporate jobs, consulting gigs,marketable skills, 60+


Page 13: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Bio-Flyer, Sample #1,– Several Careers:

• Navy fighter pilot• Options trader• CNBC commentator• Mgmt Consultant• Author• “Informal” layout• Use it for intros like

a big business card

Page 14: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Bio-Flyer, Sample #1 – Great Personal Story

Page 15: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Bio-Flyer, Sample #2,– Sales & Marketing

• Expert on car washes and auto appearance

• 23 years with one firm

• Loves the business – he’s pitching consulting gigs while pursuing fulltime corporate job

• Created his own info product (consulting package) to sell on calls – well received – a galvanizing effect on his job search)

Page 16: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Bio-Flyer Converts Easily to a Resume

Page 17: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

First page is the standalone, networking Bio-Flyer page

Second and third pages are the usual “professional experience” section of a standard resume

Bio-Flyer, Sample #3,Convert BF to Resume

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Group Activity!

Back to the Armageddon Resume.Let’s design one, starting from scratch

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Graduated from prestigious schools: Duke B.A. and Georgetown Law

Lifelong involvement: minority-focused non-profits. Honorary leadership role in NAACP. Very politically connected – close connections with Congressional Black Caucus..

Corporate attorney, 20+ years for Nynex/Verizon – managed employee, labor, and, civil rights, and EEO cases. After Verizon, worked for a big D.C. lobbying firm for 10 years.

Signed a 5-year non-compete agreement as part of her separation package from lobbying firm. Now that agreement has expired, she can return to a highly paid lobbyist job. Running out of $$ and needs a job!

PROBLEM: She’s nearly 60 and has not officially “worked” in six years. ACTIVITY: Suggest the “top half” of an Armageddon resume: Give a

possible graphic and a headline for “return to work” after 6-year absence

Client Story – Elinor Lee Jones – Key points

Page 20: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

Headline & Graphic

Page 21: Armageddon Resume & Bio-Flyer

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