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  • 1. Analysis of 3 music magazine contents pages you must analyse the Nme contents and then choose any other 2 contents you like )

2. Analysis of magazine Contents pages Contents 1.NME Sept 2009Dizzee Rascal Edition 3. Contents page NME (SEPT 2009) ANALYSIS BANNER AT TOP follows the colour scheme of the magazine and gives the name of the page contents. DATE tells us the date of publication SUB HEADING BLOCKED OUT INTO BLACK SUB SECTIONS to fade into the backgroundBRIEF HEADING +SUMMARY OF CONTENT WITH PAGE NUMBER IN RED gives the reader a quick reference to the page number and who/what is on that page. NME MASTHEAD SAME COLOUR CODE AS FRONTThis makes the magazine flow better and gives it an overall theme Main image isof a woman in front of a tour bus as she is part of a band and the magazine features a touring special. Bands are listed in red with page number in black this gives the page a good contrast and makes it easy to see the text. Image is edited so it looks like a photograph. This is appropriate because It fits in with the nature of the page, it makes it seem like a scrapbook or diary where photos are kept. Editors introduction to contents of magazine tells us what is going to be on each page in detail, it lets us know who is going to be featured and on what page. PREVIOUS/FUTURE EDITIONS OF NME ARE SHOWN WITH DETAILS OF WEBSITE/PHONE NUMBER ETC so the reader knows what will be in the next issue and offers them a subscription to the magazine, this is an advert. 4. ANALYSIS OF LAYOUT/DESIGN FEATURES OF CONTENTS PAGEMASTHEAD AND WORD CONTENTS BOLD AT TOP WITH DATE/ISSUE NUMBER Contents subheadings in capitals at side 5. ANALYSIS OF CONTENTS PAGE 2(Oct 2008) Main image is of the main band featured in the magazine, this is there to let the reader know who it is about and what page they are on. This is a mini-contents for the review section of the magazine which has reviews of different DVDs, albums, books etc. so we know what page the reviews are on and what they are about. The subheadings of the contents are in white on a red background. This follows the colour scheme of the magazine and is the same colours as the logo. This section of the contents page is formatted differently to the rest of it, this is because it is to show the Oasis special part of the magazine. This makes it stand out more and seem like the reader is getting something extra for free. The top banner has the issue number, date, title and websites for the magazine. This is so the reader knows when the magazine was published and how to find more about them online.An extra bit about the band a quote from the singers mom to make the reader feel closer to the band. This is over the picture in large font to make it stand out. 6. ANALYSIS OF LAYOUT CONTENTS PAGE 2 7. ANALYSIS OF CONTENTS PAGE 3(November 2008) This lets us know that this is the contents page. It also tells us the issue number and the date of publication. The reader may want to know these details for future reference. This picture is bigger than the rest as it is the main band featured in the magazine. This makes them stand out more to the reader. This is an advert for a subscription to Kerrang! magazine. This lets Kerrang promote their magazine without having to pay costs. The different bands/artists featured are shown in pictures with a caption letting us know what page they are on and a short summary of what is included. The subheadings are in bold capital letters and follow the colour scheme of the magazine to make it easier to read the text. Here is a small message from the magazine editor which makes the reader feel more personal to them as though they are part of the crew. 8. Analysis of layout contents page 3