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The American Indian paintings are available in different styles. You can use it to décor your rooms and make it look more stylish. These paintings are completely money’s worth.

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  • 1. Ritch Gaiti specializes in horse paintings, Native American paintings, buffalo paintings and cowboy paintings. His horse paintings are known for their uniqueness in unveiling the horse's heart, soul and energy. His ethereal Native American paintings tell of a proud people who are one with the land. The paintings tell of change, evolution and extinction; something emerges, something disappears - capturing the spirit of a time long, Email ,ph- 609 466-5888

2. fine art galleries and museums, including:- The Int'l Museum of the Horse - The Gilcrease Museum - The American Quarter Horse Museum - The Great Plains Art Museum - The Ellen Noel Museum - Ellarslie - Trenton City Museum - Int'l Museum of Art, El Paso, Email ,ph- 609 466-5888 3. Ritch Gaiti The paintings are primarily oils, occasionally enhanced with variety of mixed media including sand, to resonate with the ancient traditions. The paintings evolve: often starting with an idea, a photo or observing and interpreting. Each painting is a journey; I have a general direction but allow the project meander naturally, rarely feeling bound to my original plan. This yields the most pleasurable and interesting work. 4. The Ellen Noel Museum He is an emerging self taught artist who has been painting for over twenty years and only recently began to exhibit publicly. He has been awarded the Plainsman, the People's Choice Award at the American Plains Artists show in 2009. He has exhibited in most states in galleries and museums including the: International Museum of the Horse, INternational Museum of Art, El Paso The Gilcrease Museum, The American Quarter Horse Association Museum, The Great Plains Art Museum, The Trenton City Museum, and Known for his evocative expression and emotion of the subject as well as his textured application of paint, Ritch is rapidly building a strong following with collectors and galleries throughout the world. His work has appeared in many magazines including Gallery and Studio, Southwest Art, The Best Artists of America, and Art of the West. Recently his work was featured in Horses in Art magazine; his painting, Night Moves, is on the cover. The Ellen Noel Museum 5. He has studied with Micheal Madigan and developed his own style of expression. He won the Judges Award of Merit in the Trail of Painted Ponies National Art Competition, 2006 and a member of the Oil Painters of America and American Plains Artists. He has also appeared on national television and radio several times and has been featured in several art magazines. (see reviews) Ritch is also an author, his latest book, The Big Empty, is an ethereal mystery about a Native American lawyer who discovers a secret that could change history. His prior book, Dutching the Book, is a drama about Horse racing, based in 1960's Brooklyn.Tweet, is a comedy about one guy who took on big business and won. 6. Ritch'sbooksTo see Ritch's books: (all books are available on ebook and paperback) Prior to painting, Ritch was a technology executive on Wall Street. He also enjoys tennis, films, skiing and is a private pilot. 7. Ph-609 466-5888 E-mail : Web site :