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  1. 1. Relive Indian Artists Paintings with
  2. 2. Today, the world is well aware about the mystical nature of India. Just when one thinks that this country is all about magical ropes and fancy turbans, they catch the glimpse of the rich art work and ancient heritage sites which till date shimmers like a piece of diamond in a candle light.
  3. 3. One of the most famous things about India is Indian Artist Paintings. Some of the most renowned painters of the world have come from India and have unleashed a realm of fresh thoughts and unheard enigma on a price of canvas. Names such as Bikash Bhattacharya, Sandhya Misra Pramanik, Samar Basak, etc., have emerged from India and their artwork has been praised worldwide. Their contributions include artwork on daily life, abstract thoughts, nature, society and drama.
  4. 4. Some of the most appreciated paintings by Indian artists
  5. 5. Artwork by Bikash Bhattacharjee
  6. 6. Artwork by Sandhya Misra Pramanik
  7. 7. Artwork by Samar Basak
  8. 8. Artwork by Jogen Chowdhury
  9. 9. Artwork by Kartick Chandra Pyne
  10. 10. For more information visit our website: With such versatile contributions, it has become obvious that Indian painters are perhaps one of the most talented artists on this planet.