Aligning the HCT Foundations Program with the CFR: Processes

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Transcript of Aligning the HCT Foundations Program with the CFR: Processes

  • Aligning the HCT Foundations Program with the CFR: Processes & Benefits

    Dr. Christina Gitsaki

    Higher Colleges of Technology

  • Overview

    HCT Foundations English Program:

    Structure of the Program

    Mapping the Curriculum to the CFR


  • HCT Foundations Program

    17 Colleges

    Approx. 6,000 students Pre-Foundations:

    Level I & II (CFR A1)

    Foundations: Level 1 (CFR A2-)

    Level 2 (CFR A2+)

    Level 3 (CFR B1-)

    Level 4 (CFR B1+/B2-)

    Each Level: 16 weeks

  • HCT Foundations Program

    Before the CFR alignment:

    17 Colleges: Different textbooks and resources

    Curriculum = Textbook Syllabus

    No FND Entry requirement

    Large range of proficiency levels

    Common Final Exam: less reliable

  • HCT Curriculum

    CFR Alignment Process: HCT Foundations Core

    Language Inventory based on the British Council EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English.

    HCT Foundations Learning Outcomes based on the CEFR Scales.

    Final draft curriculum was first used in AY 2012-2013.

    Team Leaders meet at the end of each Semester to review the curriculum documents.

    Draft Curriculum Document

    Meeting with Team


    Feedback from


    Final document circulated to Colleges

  • HCT Vocabulary List

    Oxford 3,000 wordlist

    Mapping against the English Profile

    Words are assigned to each Level of Foundations based not only on their general frequency of occurrence but also on their suitability for each stage of language development.

  • Collated by Bjorn Candel, Fujairah Men's College

  • HCT Final Exam

    Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading (VGR) & Writing

    VGR: Item bank with questions appropriate for each level of Foundations based on CFR and Curriculum Documents.

    Mapping of students academic performance with their Level on the CFR and making well-informed decisions for progression.

  • Local Validation of CFR classifications

    Exam data confirms the validity of CFR vocab levels in our context.

    All B1 types were found more difficult than A2, all A2 types more difficult than A1.

  • CFR Alignment: Benefits

    Clear articulation of a Common Curriculum across 17 Colleges.

    Textbooks are chosen to align to each Level. Teachers are fully aware of what needs to be covered

    in each Level of Foundations. Independence & autonomy in syllabi selection

    without negatively impacting on the curriculum delivery and learning outcomes.

    Final exam that can measure students proficiency more accurately ensuring reliable progression and more homogenous classes in terms of language proficiency.

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