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  • 1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Information Technology Reuse of Software by Programs and Projectspresented atNASA PM Challenge ConferenceFebruary 9 - 1 0 , 2 0 0 9 Alfred T. Mecum Technology Manager, Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) Office NASAs Goddard Space Flight CenterNASAs Goddard Space Flight CenterUsed with Permission

2. National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASAs Innovative Partnerships ProgramMatching Technology Needswith Technology Capabilities2NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 3. National Aeronautics and Space Administration The IPP Role Office at all 10 NASA Centers Facilitator Bring parties together (inside and outside) Bridge communication gaps Catalyst Implement new things = Change agent Create new partnerships Demonstrate new approaches and methods The IPP Approach Identify ways to add value to Agency priorities and objectives Win-Win-WinNASAOur partnersTaxpayer (i.e., public good) 3NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Dynamic Innovation Process 4NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 5. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationIPP Program Elements Technology Innovation PartnershipInfusion Incubator Development SBIR/STTR Centennial Intellectual Seed Fund Challenges Property FAST Management Innovation Technology TransfusionTransfer New Business New Innovative Models Partnerships5NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 6. National Aeronautics and Space Administration What is Software?Software as defined in NPD 2820.1C, NASA SoftwarePolicy, means computer programs, procedures, rulesand associated documentation and data pertaining tothe development and operation of a computer system.Software also includes COTS, GOTS, MOTS,embedded software, reuse, heritage, legacy, autogenerated code, firmware, and open source softwarecomponents. Executables, source code, and objectcode.NPR 2210.1, External Release of NASA Software,excludes computer databases and softwaredocumentation as software. 6NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 7. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Why Is Software So Valuable? Core for one system, yet applicable to othersApplicable across missions with minimaladditional development or modifications sharing prevents reinventing the wheel Flexible Applicable in other areas: medical,transportation, electronics, robotics,manufacturing, etc. Royalty revenue7NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 8. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Examples of Where Software is Being Used within NASA Flight projects Satellite command and control systems Science instruments Ground operations support Health and safety monitoring Science Data management Infrastructure Support (timecards, record keeping, etc.) Educational Outreach8NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 9. National Aeronautics and Space Administration How much software is developed at NASA? 9NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 10. National Aeronautics and Space Administration FY09 Agency Reported Software 346 350 300257 250Software NTRs 200NTRs158160 142143 150 130127 97 10069 6950 35 30 35211422 6 13 9010NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 11. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationGSFC Reported Software300257 Software NTRs250 220 NTRs200 182150 9710069 48 50 0 FY07 FY08 FY0911NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 12. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationAs a SoftwareInventor/Author You should document new technology developed Keep notebooks to prove inventorship Remember that software is intellectual property (IP) Report via eNTRe ( You are responsible for protecting software IP from improper use Always ensure that the appropriate agreement is inplace before disseminating and sharing it. When in doubt, contact the SRAYou should fully understand the implicationsof releasing your software12NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 13. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Why File a Software NTR Its required (prior to publishing or presenting) IPP must determine whether to pursue active tech transfer Patent counsel must determine ownership and file patent application Filing a patent application protects NASAs rights tothe invention Failure to file before disclosing(publishing/presenting) Prevents the ability to secure foreign patents Starts 1-year clock (stat bar) for filing for U.S. patent NTR needed for award eligibility13NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 14. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Applicable NASA Requirements for SoftwareInventions Made By Government Employees, NPD 2091.1BNASA Software Policy, NPD 2820.1CExternal Software Release, NPR 2210.1ANASA Software Engineering Requirements, NPR 7150.2A14NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 15. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Report Software Invention New Technology Report (NTR) NF1679 Reporting the development of new technologies or innovations (includingsoftware) to NASA Required of NASA civil servants Required in most NASA contracts since 1966 305 of 42 USC 2457 (Space Act) Large- business contractors For- profit organizations FAR clause 52.227-11 as modified by NASA FAR Supplement clause 1852.227-11 Small business contractors Non- profit Colleges and universities NASA Policy Directive 2091.B [Each employee who makes an invention [whether ornot the invention was made during working hours, was made with a contribution ofGovernment resources (facilities, equipment, materials, funds, or information, or of the timeor services of other Government employees on official duty), or bears a direct relationship to,or is made as a consequence of, the official duties of the employee] is required to submit tothe Office of the General Counsel, or to the delegated Center Patent or Intellectual PropertyCounsel, a disclosure of such invention. Such disclosure should be made through the NASAelectronic New TECHNOLOGY REPORTING (eNTRe) system available at 15NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 16. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Tools: How Do I File an NTR?Online eNTRe system ( First-time users must create an account16NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 17. National Aeronautics and Space Administration eNTRe: Software-Specific Info 17NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 18. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Software Release Process- NPR 2210.1A A process employed at NASA CentersCollectingAssessing Determining properinformation onsoftware for intra- release categorynewly developed agency andsoftwarecommercialinnovations potential18NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 19. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationRelease CategoriesU.S. government purpose release Project release - companys under government contract NASA release Interagency release Airforce, NRO, NOAA, etc.General U.S. release only Release of software for U.S. use onlyU.S. and foreign release Software that has special benefits (health, safety, economics) Usual level sought for licensing purposesOpen source release Newest release category public release Broadest range of release 19NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 20. National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationRelease Category Determined Various reviews/assessments Technology Transfer (IPP Office) Patent Counsel Export Control IT Security Directorate Representative Approval rests with Software Release Authority (SRA)20NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 21. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Software Release Process: IPP Office Evaluates current and potential use of theRecommends categorysoftware users, licensees,of releaseor other partners within and outside NASA If software has external potential Determinesappropriate Develops and Assists invehicles for implements establishing IP collaborative/ dissemination/ protection licensingmarketing planagreements 21NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 22. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Software Usage Agreement (SUA) SRA processes SUA for signature Once SUA signed, inventor shares softwareMechanism to disseminate software Protects user and access for strategic purposes andreuse Ownership recognition Avoid infringement on authoring contractors Release category determines SUA terms, conditions SUAs protect NASAs interests22NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 23. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Agency Hot Software: Most Frequently Requested (Fall 2009)Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center Suite (GMSEC) (GSFC)Spacewire (GSFC)ITOS (Integrated Test and Operations System) (GSFC)CFDP (CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Software Library) (GSFC)Copernicus (JSC)Earth Global Reference Atmospheric Model 2007 (MSFC)Mac/Linux TetrUSS CFD Software (LaRC)F-16XL Aircraft Simulation (DFRC)Windows Based 3D Scene Analysis Software (KSC)Man-machine Integration Design and Analysis System (MIDAS) Version 5.0 (ARC)Chimera Grid Tools (CGT) (ARC)Spatial Resolution Validation Tool (SSC) 23NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center 24. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Software Reuse Examples Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) benefits fromsoftware reuse:Flexplan Mission Planning System The use of Soft Algorithms, Flexplan provides a great deal of flexibility to support changes in the mission quickly and easily, which will lower