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  1. 1. Air Pollution From Cars
  2. 2. What is it? Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen and mold spores may be suspended as particles. Ozone, a gas, is a major part of air pollution in cities. When ozone forms air pollution, it's also called smog.
  3. 3. What is it? The emissions that cars release (NOx, CO, SO2, HC) are what eats away at the ozone layer, creates a ground level ozone layer, causes climate change and causes health problems in all life.
  4. 4. Where is it? Pollution is in every corner of the globe. Emissions from cars play a major role in air pollution because of how much cars there are. In 2010, it was estimated that over one billion cars are operated daily.
  5. 5. Where is it? LONDON
  6. 6. Where Is It?
  7. 7. The Effects on Life Car pollutants can cause a number of problems to people. Our respiratory system is what takes all the damage when breathing in.
  8. 8. The Effects on Life Plant and trees are killed by acid rain which is created when car pollution chemicals SO2 and NOx dissolve into the rainwater.
  9. 9. The Effects on Life Animals and fish are equally affected by car pollution because of how acid rain kills fish and alters the food chain causing secondary consumers to find alternate choices in which causes some to die off because of not finding a new food source.
  10. 10. Solutions Look into getting a hybrid or electric car.
  11. 11. Solutions Carpool as much as possible
  12. 12. Solutions Support EPA efforts. Remember, they are experts on this stuff.