Agile Application Lifecycle Management 6.2.2014

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Juha Aaltonen, Ambientia

Transcript of Agile Application Lifecycle Management 6.2.2014

2. agilealm - Concept | Solutions | Offer [email protected] 3. agilealm - Concept | Solutions | OfferOur agileALM Concept, Solutions and Offer tries to understand and solve how to manage, do and maintain Software Products and support end users as agile as possible and as transparent as possible and as traceable as possible and as possible.effectiveG s oalPer spect i vesA oaches pprTar get cust om s er Agi l i t y Tr anspar ency Tr aceabi l i t y Ef f i ci encySal es/M ket i ng ar D evel opm ent M nt enance ai Suppor t M anagem ent ITO gani zat i on r W of w k ay or Tool conf i gur at i ons Tool s Pl at f or m25+ SW Pr oduct or g I T / R or g &DPeople | References | Tools | ALM env aaSas 4. agilealm- Concept #1TuoteTuoteTuote Tuote 5. agilealm- Concept #2 Riskien hallintaMyyntiCRM Information SharingSopimusten hallintaetcVaatimusten hallintaKetter tuotekehitys/YllpitoJulkaisuHelpdeskTrack | Collaborate | Code 6. agilealm - Multivendor / Multisite environment CorporationSite 1Site 2Site 3Product 1Product 2 Development Maintenance Development MaintenanceProduct 5 Development MaintenanceProduct 4 Development MaintenanceVendor XVendor Y Product 3 Development MaintenanceBack to main page 7. agilealm- SolutionsSal es C ase M anagem ent Test C over age Pr oduct D evel opm ent onsul t at i on W k M or anagem ent Q i t y M t or i ng ual oni Pr oduct M nt enance C ai l R easi ng el Team C endar s Know edge base al Test M anagem ent D S VC R equi r em ent M anagem ent C i nuous R easi ng ont el Pr oduct R oadm aps Pr oj ect D ocum at i on Techni cal D ent ID E ocum at i on ent ust er ocum at i on ent R sk (and act i ons) M i anagemTeam I nf or m i on Shar i ngC om D ent at Agi l e M ket i ng M ar anagem ent D evel opm ent G des ui Account M anagem ent C ode R ew evi s H pdesk el Bui l di ng Adm ni st r at i ve Tasks Test Aut om i on i at Ser vi cedesk C ng Pr act i ces odi Bug R epor t i ng G t st yl e Pr oj ect s ant C i nuous I nt egr at i on ont C om Por t al ust er U ser M anagem ent IT R equest M anagem ent I nt r a 8. agilealm- Concept > SolutionsagileALMApproachesUser ManagementIDE / SW EngineeringHW / NetworkQuality Assurance / Test ManagementToolsSoftware Configuration ManagementTool ConfigurationsSolutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Helpdesk DVCS Management of Manual Team Information Sharing other Connecting calendars Conpiling Servicedesk Team Building / services to/IDE Test Cases Releasing Reviews Agile Knowledge base Coding practices Development Code Continuous Integration and Maintenance Documentation Technical Test etc Tasks Coverage releasing Requirement Portal Customer Quality Monitoring Management Risk Management Product Reporting bugs Roadmaps Common Management Tasks Development Guides tests Automate SalesIntra cases Marketing plans etc Consultation Work IT projects Gantt charts Delivery Project Management Account Management IT Request Management etc Information Sharing / Knowledge ManagementMethods and Processes -> Way of workProject / Task ManagementOrganizationDisciplines > SolutionsBack to main page 9. agilealm - Offer | path Kick-off meetingThis is how it should be doneagileALM offer Configuration audit workshopTool training Tool workshopImplementation project Solution workshop Continuous Services agileALM coachingContinuous coaching serviceMethod and tool expertMain User SupportContinuous support serviceTool expertTool administratorContinuous admin serviceTool expertSaaSAtlassian tools as a Service from Ambientia premisesTool & platform expertLicensesAtlassian license resellerHelpdeskTool expertBack to main page 10. Kickoff meeting Aloituspalaveri, jossa kydn lpi mill osa-alueilla ja miten Ambientian agileALM tarjooma voi auttaa ja millainen on asiakkaan nykyinen tapa toimia ja mihin Atlassian tykaluja tll hetkell kytetn.Agenda Ambientia15minagileALM offer in general30minagileALMdemo walkthrough60minCurrent usage models and usage areas60minFindings and follow-up actions30minPalaverin lopputuloksena asiakas saa kokonaisnkemyksen siit miten Ambientian agileALM tarjooma voi auttaa asiakasta. Palaverin perusteella molemmat osapuolet saavat mys nkemyksen mahdollisista jatkotoimenpiteist. 11. This is how it should be done workshop/demo Demo luonteinen palaveri, jossa Ambientian asiantuntijat nyttjt agileALM demo ympristss miten Atlassianin tykaluja voi ja kannattaa kytt ja hydynt Ohjelmistotuotteiden hallinnoinnissa, kehityksess ja yllpidossa, sek kyttjtuessa.AgendaagileALM offer in general45minagileALMdemo walkthrough45minUse cases4hFindings, comments and follow-up actions45minPalaverin lopputuloksena asiakas saa kokonaisnkemyksen siit miten Atlassian tuotteita voi ja kannattaa hydynt... 12. agilealm- ToolsThis is not about toolsthis is about way of work and methods and how you implement those methods to your tools But... 13. agilealm- Tools - Atlassian An Australian enterprise software company Best known for its issue tracking application, JIRA, and its team collaboration product, Confluence Serves over 25,000 customers globally As of May 2013, the company has over 600 employees Headquartered in Sydney, Australia Offices in Amsterdam and San Francisco Was founded in 2002 by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar Does not have a traditional sales team. Instead, it lists all prices, information about products, documentation, support requests, and training materials on its website. The company does not offer discounts, with the exception of academic and charity organizations. All products are available as hosted or installed versions, starting at $10 for 10 licenses. In 2011, Atlassian announced bookings of $102 million, up 35% from the year before. 14. almagile- Tools - Atlassian - for Application Lifecycle Management 15. agilealm- Tools Atlassian toolset Jira Plan, track, service Confluence Create & collaberate HipChat Group Chat and IM Built for Teams Stash Git Repository Management for Enterprise Teams Bamboo Continuous integration, deployment, and release management Fisheye Search, monitor, and track your Subversion repositories Crucible Find bugs and improve code quality through peer code review Clover Java and Groovy code coverage SourceTree Free Git and Mercurial desktop client for Mac or Windows 16. agilealm - Tools add-ons and Atlassian marketplaceFind, try, and buy add-ons for Atlassian products The Atlassian Marketplace is a platform for Atlassian customers to discover, try, buy, and manage addons for their applications. Additionally, it offers third-party vendors the ability to market, distribute, and license their add-ons to Atlassian's customer base. Jira-Agile Service Desk Tempo Zefyr Capture Refinedwiki Team Calendars Gliffy Image Slider etc 17. agilealm - Tools Demo environmentBack to main page 18. agilealm - ReferencesALM casesCase esimerkkej tulossa, ei viel julkaisulupaa...Serverlist ~47 Jira servers ~91 Confluence serversLicenses ~119 Jira licenses ~138 confluence ~72 Jira agile ~23 crowd ~14 stash ~14 bambooBack to main page 19. agilealm - People - competencesJuhaTomiALM expert / consultant and concept ownerALM expert / consultantAmbientia 2011 -> Atlassian tools and solutions Tieto 2001 2011 Several simultaneous customers Customer Supplier models Multisite teams Smaller products and shorter lifecycles 3rd party tools (like IBM tools), Agile models, Open source Engineering Toolbox Nokia (networks) 1994 2001 Project lifecycles several years Project members 1000-> Codelines over 50M Software build compiling times over 24 hours Self made, Inhouse toolsAmbientia Accenture Nokia 2013 -> Atlassian tools and solutions 2011 2013 Project Manager, Buid Framework 2005 2011 Project Manager, Build Framework Senior Manager, Build Framework Manager, Build Environment Project Manager Design Engineer / Build EngineerBack to main page 20. agilealm - ALM environment as a Service Product Type Scrum Kanban Helpdesk etcALM (R&D) Environment as a ServiceServicesNew ProductProj Management Knowledge Management Test Management VCS CIProduct Owner ManagersTeamService Owner Operational Work ManagerDevelopment Work ManagerDevelopersR&D Env Order R&D Env for ProductIT? Kick Start Project WorkServers Network Applications EndUser support Trainings (tools)R&D? Usage Model Processes Methods Appl Configurations Consulting / Mentoring Training (methods)FeedbackBack to main page 21. Kiitos