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Transcript of AfriKids Social Investment Club 2009 The - Star malaria, typhoid and other treatable diseases are...

  • The AfriKids Social Investment Club Do you like the thought of an investment where your returns are not in money but in the joy you will get, year after year, in helping some of the world’s most vulnerable children?

    Are you keen to give back to the community but not sure where to trust your funds?

    Then join our syndicate of like minded people and become part of the AfriKids Social Investment Club

    AfriKids Social Investment Club 2009 Listen, Empower, Sustain

  • International Recognition

    The International Service Human Rights Awards  Winners of the Defence of the Rights of

    Children, 2007  Finalists for the Defence of the Rights

    of Women, 2008

    The Ghana Professional Achievers Awards  Winners of the Most Outstanding

    Contribution to Ghana, 2004

    The Charity Times Awards  Winners of Outstanding Individual

    Achievement, 2008  Finalists for Charity of the Year, 2008

    The Third Sector Excellence Awards  Winners of Accountability and

    Transparency, 2007

    Britain's Most Admired Charity Awards  Third place Most Innovative Charity of

    the Year, 2008

    AfriKids is a Child Rights organisation working to improve life for Ghana’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children

    Listen to what the community knows it needs Empower them to make the necessary changes themselves Ensure absolute sustainability

    Our work ranges from the more traditional children’s projects including foster homes, schools and street child centres to more groundbreaking initiatives which tackle complex cultural issues including child trafficking, child labour and the spirit child phenomenon.

    Rather than spreading our work across a continent or focusing on a single ‘headline’ issue, AfriKids has invested time and resources in making real and fundamental change to the society and economy of one region. By doing this AfriKids has uncovered the extraordinary passion and ability of the local people there and is achieving something unique; genuine sustainability.

    “AfriKids is genuinely transformational for Ghana; a model for perhaps how all aid will one day be conducted: locally lead, effective, and sustainable.”

    Dan Salmons, Director of Innovations, Barclaycard UK Registered Charity Number 1093624

    Ghana Registered Charity Number SWD/3024

    “I believe history will judge AfriKids as one of the few charities who manage to answer the million dollar question; how can we make aid work for Africa? The way they give in Ghana seems to me as the ultimate upgrade of aid in Africa”

    Sorious Samura, BAFTA and Emmy award-winning journalist

    As well as financing and delivering sustainable child rights projects, AfriKids Ghana owns and runs a number of businesses including a medical centre, an eco-lodge and several ethical trade programmes.

    The profit from these feed back into the organisation and within the next decade AfriKids Ghana will raise all of its funds this way. As well as driving jobs and money into the economy this income generation will give it complete independence from charitable handouts and western aid. When this happens AfriKids’ fundraising services in the UK will become redundant and the UK fundraising office will close down. 2

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    Change must not breed reliance; if the solution is not sustainable then it’s not development.

    AfriKids Social Investment Club Introduction to AfriKids

  • AfriKids Social Investment Club How it Works

    The first membership cycle will run December 2009-December 2010 and the project in question is a new ward at the AfriKids Medical Centre

    Committed individuals and organisations to become part of the club by ‘buying’ one or more ‘shares’ of £1,000 in a sustainability project

    The shares will be given direct to the chosen project and used for a direct and tangible purpose.

    Members follow the use of your money and measure the return on your investment in both social and financial terms over the course of the 12 months.

    At the end of the 12 months members have have input to how the financial return on investment is used to benefit children from among a range of choices presented by AfriKids Ghana.

    Services provided to the Bolgatanga community by AfriKids’ sustainability project

    Profit generated by AfriKids’ sustainability project

    Vulnerable children’s lives are improved through use of financial return

    “The idea is simple: a group of people comes together as a syndicate, and together invests as if they were one large-scale donor. The syndicate gets to know the charity, gets involved in directing how funds are used, and gets first hand information on how their investment is performing. The result? For the first time, there is an easy way to direct part of your investment portfolio into philanthropy.” Dan Salmons, Director of Innovations at Barclaycard, founding member of ASIC

    “For many years I have been giving to charity but have become frustrated. I am not convinced most charities spend the money wisely and I have no way of really knowing, or of influencing how the money is spent. And my money, even what I consider a large amount, is a drop in the ocean in many charities.

    I think I have a neat solution. The first step was to find a charity I really like working with, AfriKids, which is a small but very effective child rights organisation funding projects in Ghana. Giving money to AfriKids I see as an investment. I won't get financial returns; the returns are in knowing that a part of the world is more healthy and wealthy and less reliant on Western handouts.” Patrick Andrews, founding member of ASIC

  • AfriKids Social Investment Club The Project

    Background The AfriKids Medical Centre is AfriKids’ first and fastest growing organisational sustainability Project. The Centre was purchased by AfriKids in late 2007 from a retiring doctor who had built it up as a high quality private practice. At that the time the Ghanaian Government had just launched its National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which enables families to access healthcare free at the point of delivery from registered centres for a small or in some cases a free subscription. The AfriKids Medical Centre registered to become a provider and through this and some targeted investment in equipment, the patient numbers increased dramatically. 95% of the centre's patients now come through NHIS and many of these would not have had access to healthcare otherwise and none would have received the quality of care which the centre can offer.

    “This morning I had to sit a little child down on

    the floor in the middle of the ward next to a drip stand just to get

    enough fluid into him so he could be moved in the hope of finding a

    bed elsewhere. These cases break my heart;

    we could easily have treated him if only we

    had the space.” Amanda Evans, Volunteer

    Doctor at the AfriKids Medical Centre October 2009

    The Current Situation Since 2007 patient numbers have increased at the centre by 600%. August this year saw 7,428 patients walk through the doors as compared to 350 in the first month of operation (February 2007). As a business the Centre has also performed outstandingly. AfriKids has spent £204,100 to date on purchase and development of the Centre. It now generates £50,000 in operating profit per year covering the salaries of the key head office staff in AfriKids Ghana. That’s an annual return on investment of 24.5% or 57.3% over three years. This should reach 100% by mid 2011.

    AfriKids' investments in the Centre to date have focused on outpatient services including a complete re-equipping of the laboratory, a new outpatients waiting area and records room and a specialist antenatal wing. However, with only 12 inpatient beds and a surgical service just one day a week, the Centre is crying out for an expansion of its wards. Currently the two small wards fill up every day before 9am and tens of patients are referred on to the regional hospital which rarely has enough bed space to offer and is often too far for the patients to walk. Unnecessary deaths from malaria, typhoid and other treatable diseases are still occurring because of our lack of bed space.

    The AfriKids Social Investment Club (ASIC) Ward We are asking the founding members of the AfriKids Social Investment Club to put their money into the construction of a new ward at the AfriKids Medical Centre. This will instantly double inpatient capacity, it will enable up to 3,500 patients per year to be treated at the Centre (based on maximum capacity being used and an average patient stay of 2.5 days), each of whom will bring in an average of £44 in revenue (based on July- August 2009 figures) to help increase the Centre’s profitability which will provide funds for use in our child rights work in 2011.

  • AfriKids Social Investment Club Club Calendar

    “When I saw the request for a fridge for Mama Laadi’s Foster Home in your newsletter the thought of sending a cheque appealed to me; easy to do and in my head I could picture the fridge i.e. have some “ownership” of it . The investment club is a bigger version of the fridge; the money hasn’t gone into an amorphous mass like it feels with some other charities.” David White, CEO of the Children’s Mutual

    November- December 2009 Investments made into ASIC

    January- March 2010 Construction of the ASIC Ward