Aerodrome Certification Workshop The Federal Aviation Administration Ben Castellano, Manager,...

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Aerodrome Certification Workshop The Federal Aviation Administration Ben Castellano, Manager, Airport Safety and Operations Division Slide 2 Overview of the US Airport System Airports in the US are generally owned and operated by: Local governments (city or counties) State governments Port Authorities Airport Authorities Slide 3 Overview (contd) Total Civil Landing Areas19,796 Private-use14,555 (4983 heliports) Open-to-Public 5,241 (77 heliports) Airports - scheduled service789 international 87 Slide 4 Overview (contd ) The System Serves : 217,533 General Aviation Aircraft 4,801 Commercial Jets 2,427 Commuter aircraft 649,957 Licensed Airmen 710 million enplaned passengers 91% domestic 9% international Slide 5 Overview (contd ) Activity at Busiest US Airports Total Passengers CY 2000 Atlanta-Hartsfield 78.6 million Chicago OHare 67.7.million Los Angeles Intl 64.3 million Total Operations FY 2001 Chicago OHare 927,896 Atlanta Hartsfield 898,899 Dallas/Ft. Worth 835,748 Slide 6 Federal Framework Dept. of Transportation reports to President of United States Federal Aviation Administration under the Dept. of Transportation Primary concerns are: Aviation safety Air traffic control Slide 7 Federal Framework Associate Administrator for Airports reports to the FAA Administrator Airport Certification Airport Capacity Administration of Grant Programs Airport Standards and Design Slide 8 Airport Certification 1972 Congress authorized the FAA to certificate airports that received both scheduled and unscheduled air carrier service with more than 30 passenger seats. Slide 9 Airport Certification Airports served by passenger aircraft with more than 30 seats require a special AIRPORT OPERATING CERTIFICATE Federal Aviation Regs Part 139 570 civil airports & 100 military airfields Slide 10 Airport Certification Airports must develop an AIRPORT CERTIFICATION MANUAL explaining how they will comply with Part 139 The MANUAL must be approved by the FAA Periodic Inspections by FAA Slide 11 Airport Certification FACILITIES AND PROCEDURES INSPECTED Pavement Conditions Safety Areas Lighting, Marking, Signs Fueling Facilities Traffic & Wind Indicators Ground Vehicles/Driver Training Slide 12 Airport Certification Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Bird & Wildlife Hazards Self-inspection Procedures Airport Condition Assessment/Reporting Control of Hazards from Construction Emergency Plan Snow Removal Plan Slide 13 Self-inspection Procedures Section 139.327 requires the certificate holder to inspect the airport At least once Daily During construction activities After severe storms After an accident Part 8, Airport Operational Services, ICAO Airport Services Manual recommends 4 inspections daily for runways. Slide 14 Self-inspection Procedures Airport Operations personnel: on the airfield every day Need to know the requirements Usually first to notice a problem Airport Inspectors: On the airport only 1 time during the year Should not find problems if the airport ops people do their job. Slide 15 The Airport Certification Safety Inspector Approximately 35 inspectors located throughout USA in regional offices Rotate the airports assigned every 3 years All inspectors receive basic training and annual recurrent training Slide 16 The Airport Certification Safety Inspector Basic Training 3 weeks Part 139 Regulation Signing, Marking, Lighting Fueling inspections Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Pavement Maintenance Obstruction Evaluation Accident Investigation Slide 17 The Airport Certification Safety Inspector Additional Training 40 hours aircraft rescue and fire fighting training including hot fire drill Enforcement actions On the Job training Approximately 1 year to get ACSI credential Slide 18 The Inspection Types of inspections Initial Annual Surveillance Slide 19 The Annual Inspection Airports with scheduled air carrier service annually Airports with only unscheduled air carrier service 18 months Airports certificated but no air carrier service 24 months Slide 20 The Annual Inspection Inspector reviews Airport certification manual Emergency plan Training records Physically inspects runways and taxiways Does night time inspection Test ARFF response Slide 21 The Surveillance Inspection Unannounced inspection Usually involves specific purpose, for example to test aircraft rescue and fire fighting response Slide 22 Enforcement Actions Administrative penalty Letter of Correction Letter of Warning Civil penalty Fine of $1,000 USD per day Suspension Revocation Slide 23 Airport Certification