Adventure Gorilla Safaris In Uganda & Rwanda


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Adventure Trails, one of the largest adventure companies in East Africa. We provide many types of safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda. you connect through online with the following link Plot 1383 Milk Valley Building, 1st Floor, Bwebajja, Entebbe Highway Tel +256 312 261 930 / +256 704 333 358


  • 1.Uganda, the richest country for birds is the highesttrekking area in Africa that provides breath-takingtrekking experience to all. In Uganda trekking allare can visit Murchison Falls, Bwindi NationalPark, and the surrounding areas. In this trekkingpeople have a chance to face the Africas most noblebeast, the MOUNTAIN GORILLAS. This would be amost memorable experience for all that never felt inany of the wildlife tours.

2. In Rwandasafaripeople can visittheGorillas, Chimpanzees and also the Virunga Volcanoesof Rwanda and the River Congo. Mountain Gorillatrekking in Rwanda Africa is an unforgettable, life-changing experience a unique adventure in theheart of Africas most stunning rainforests of Bwindi(Uganda), Virunga (DR Congo) and Volcanoes NationalPark in Rwanda. African Gorilla safaris trek deepinto the rainforest in search of the wonderfulmountain gorillas. 3. A 3-Day Gorilla Tracking Itinerary To Bwindi National Park3 Days tour to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for Gorilla tracking4-Day Safari From Lake Mburo, Kibale, To Virunga Volcanoes for GorillaTracking5-Day Private Gorilla Safari Itinerary In Uganda And Rwanda5 Days combined Gorilla safari to Uganda and Rwanda5 Days Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth Np, Bwindi Gorilla Forest andL.Mburo7 Days with Gorillas in Bwindi and Wild game in Queen Elizabeth NP8 Days Gorilla and Chimps TourA 12-Day Private Chimpanzee And Gorilla Trekking SafariMore 4. A 12-Day Private Chimpanzee And Gorilla Trekking Safari3 Days to Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzee trek5 Days Wildlife and Chimpanzee tour to Queen Elizabeth &Murchison FallsShort Excursions to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary3 days safari to Queen Elizabeth NP4 Days to Kibale Forest NP and Lake .Mburo NP6 days Queen Elizabeth NP, Bwindi More 5. Gemlike Valley National Park 3 days holiday6 days Queen Elizabeth NP, Bwindi and Lake Mburo7 Days to Bwindi, QENP and Kibale Forest.10 Days covering Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth andBwindi Impenetrable Forest.12 Days Uganda Primates Adventure Vacation25 Days Uganda Grand SafariRuwenzori Mountain climbing adventureMore 6. 3 Day Safari to Rwanda5-Day Private Gorilla Safari Itinerary In Uganda And Rwanda8 Days Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and lake Mburo nationalparks Uganda Rwanda Safari5-Day Private Gorilla Safari Itinerary In Uganda And Rwanda5 Days combined Gorilla safari to Uganda and RwandaMore 7. A Day trip to the sanctuary2 Days trip to the3 Days Chimp WalkChimpanzee Facts More 8.