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ansdale LUTHERAN W e a r e c a lle d to e m b ra ce diversity a n d to connect al l g e n e r a ti o n s t o G o d s f a m ily . EASTER 2022 L WORSHIP Wednesday Lent Worship 7:30 pm Holy Week Services See page 3 Tuesday Organ Recitals April - see page 5 CHRISTIAN CARE Blood Drive April 28, 1:30 - 6:30 pm ASP Mission Trip July 9-17 FAITH FORMATION Drive-Thru Good Friday Family Experience April 15, Noon - 1:00 pm Crucifixion Drama April 15, 7:30 pm FELLOWSHIP Easter Egg Hunt April 10, 11:45 am Trinity Seniors Program April 26, 1:00 pm Church Picnic June 12, 11 am - 1 pm

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Transcript of Advent/Christmas 2013 - Trinity Lutheran Church

ansdale L U T H E R A N
We are called to embrace diversity and to connect all generations to God’s family.
Tuesday Organ Recitals April - see page 5
Family Experience April 15, Noon - 1:00 pm
Crucifixion Drama April 15, 7:30 pm
FELLOWSHIP Easter Egg Hunt April 10, 11:45 am
Trinity Seniors Program April 26, 1:00 pm
Church Picnic June 12, 11 am - 1 pm
We are the CHURCH
Bridge of Hope Collection
The CHAOS Youth Group (grades 5th - 6th) had fun with an Olympic themed night! We made medals, played activities themed after Winter Olympic events, and had Olympic ring cupcakes.
Ash Wednesday - Ashes to Go
Trinity’s Fasnacht Drive-Thru was a cool night and fun for all on Fat Tuesday!
The night was not all beads and donuts! We collected items in the drive-thru for Bridge of Hope, BuxMont. This organization is making a difference in ending homelessness for single
mothers and their children.
A very happy and blessed Easter to you all!
As I write this letter to you in mid-March, we are in the midst of our Lenten journey as we discover ways that God is on the move. I hope and pray that as we have
journeyed together this Lent, you’ve been able to discover where God is on the move in your life and through our community at Trinity. This year, I have appreciated the reminder that even amid the most horrifying headlines and news reports, as people of faith, we worship a God who can move mountains, heal incurable diseases, and bring life from death. Nothing is impossible for God. I love Isaiah’s way of putting it in 41:10,
What a powerful word of encouragement as we reflect how God has brought us through the pandemic to this point where we will celebrate Easter for the first time in three years in-person in our sanctuary. It has not been easy. We have all been challenged. If I am honest with myself, there have also been times that I’ve been afraid in these last years. Our lives have changed, and yet God never abandoned us. God gifted our technology to gather for worship and fellowship through radio broadcasts, streaming of worship services, on Zoom, in parking lots, and so many more ways. Thanks be to God for these gifts!
I wonder if we are being invited to hear the Gospel slightly differently, given what we have experienced during the pandemic. In our Gospel for Easter Sunday (Luke 24:1-12), we read that the women who came on Easter morning were intent on performing the rituals of grief but were thwarted by the emptiness of the tomb. Their first response was not joy or celebration but terror and confusion. They were afraid. They were petrified. On that first Easter, there were no flowers, no beautiful music, no shouts of joy. And yet, in the midst of uncertainty and fear, resurrection happens. New life happens. In the quietness of the morning, death is defeated. And together, these women become the first witnesses to the resurrection.
Over the last three years of this pandemic, we have witnessed how God has been on the move, and the good news for us is that no matter what happens in the future, God will continue to be on the move no matter what we experience. We will continue with all the saints to witness God’s love in the world as God brings life out of death and hope out of despair. This year we celebrate that Christ is risen, and all of us are witnesses to the power of God.
Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
Noon l 7:30 pm Noon - Lenten stations 7:30 pm Livestream
April 9/10 In-person
Sat. 5:30 pm Sun. 8:30 l 10:45 am 8:30 am Livestream
Holy Week
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
The comforting truth of Lent is that as we delve deeper into our own self-examination, we find that we are not alone. God is still
on the move in our lives, walking with us every step as we travel the road to Easter!
Sunday, April 17
Bring fresh flowers from your yard or artificial ones to add to our Easter Cross.
Take the annual family photo outside, rejoicing “He is Risen!” near the circle drive.
GOD IS ON THE MOVE: A Lifelong ‘Snapshot’
I believe God is on the move in our lives not only in individual moments we are a part of but also in a series of ways we may influence others.
Let me explain….Many years ago, I was hoping to increase my working hours, perhaps in my nursing
career or in some other way that would not conflict with time spent with elementary age sons. I had a conversation
with Pastor Robert Hyson, Trinity’s pastor at the time. He had just heard about a new ministry
position some congregations were developing to recruit and coordinate volunteers in their various ministries. He asked if I might be interested in filling such a post at Trinity. As I thought about it, the position seemed to match my skill set as well as time I had available. After some thinking I decided to say yes. I thought of this as a resume-building opportunity to possibly move on to other career steps. Twenty-one years later I retired from this “resume-builder.” During those years on Trinity’s staff, I came to understand that God was moving in me as I invited people to participate in ministry opportunities. Then, I realized that God was also “moving” in the folks who accepted invitations from me and others to serve. Their ministries broadened. People who began in one place moved on to serve differently, and they in turn would influence others. God was (and is) always moving in our lives…this moving God didn’t seem to be so named. People heard and saw needs probably more in local circles. They acted accordingly. Today with social media we can often more quickly and easily discern needs and rapidly respond in ways we couldn’t even imagine when I began my Trinity career. In recent years I have sensed God moving in my life as I laugh with a friend, volunteer at vaccine clinics, spent precious last days with my Mom, visit longtime friends, created a “cul de sac” Easter service for neighbors during the early days of Covid-19, savor the ways others engage in helping and watch the ways those in our far-flung family “circle” help others. How is God “on the move” in your life and the lives of those you know and love?
Carole Kriebel
ORGAN RESTORATION COMPLETED! In January 2019, we began the work of restoring Trinity’s Martin Ott Organ. We needed to raise $150,000 to cover the repair costs of the instrument’s compromised pipes and establish a maintenance fund to preserve and maintain the organ in the future. Thanks to the generous donations of many members and friends of the congregation, the organ restoration has finally been completed! We will be recognizing all of those who donated to this project at a worship service in October. We will also be premiering a commissioned piece for organ, adult choir, and children’s choir by Mark Patterson. We look forward to many more years of music ministry with our organ!
The Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble, directed by Lynn Atkins, is a community handbell group that draws handbell ringers from the amazing musicians that live in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Our own Meg Ehm has been a member of this ensemble since August 2021.
The group performs about eight to ten concerts each year, and Trinity is lucky enough to be hosting a concert on Sunday, May 22 at 4:00 pm that will feature the ensemble’s Spring repertoire. Please mark your calendar and help us spread the word!
Musical Offerings
or visit or call 1-800-838-3006
Symphony in C
Saturday March 26, 2022 @ 2pM Trinity Lutheran Church, Lansdale, PA
Sunday March 27, 2022 @ 4pM Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Doylestown, PA
and Premiere Performance of AppeArAnces
a new composition by Thomas Lloyd Featuring the StringS oF SyMphony in c
Eva Martinez soprano
Maeve Höglund soprano
CB West graduate
For your safety, proof of vaccination and masking required
BCCSFaure22_poster.indd 1BCCSFaure22_poster.indd 1 1/10/22 9:24 AM1/10/22 9:24 AM
Wednesday Evening Worship March 30 and April 6
In-person 7:30 pm in Sanctuary & livestreamed
These services will be Holden Evening Prayer with speakers from area service organizations answering the question “How does your faith inform the work that you are called to do?”
March 30 - Mark Lanan - Code Blue/Feast Meal April 6 - Fran Held - Mitzvah Circle Foundation
Out of Ashes Came Hope from the Lansdale Community Ed Guertse (pronounced like “curtsey) vividly recalls first seeing the ugly black smoke through his car windshield while he was out and about doing errands. It was shortly after 1 pm December 21, only a few days before last Christmas. “I just had this feeling that it could be our house,” Ed told Pastor Fritz Fowler and me one February afternoon during a meeting that included his spouse, Cathy, in Trinity’s parlor. He was soon to discover that his worst nightmare had come true.
One of his adult daughters, Kim, jumped to safety from the rapidly spreading blaze. She was injured but is OK now. A firefighter, Jim Gray, according to reports, was overcome by the blaze, but is also OK. Kristin Comitale, one of the family daughters, described the family losses – photo albums, clothing, family keepsakes, birth certificates, social security cards. Their dog, Ziggy, and cat, Minnie, did not survive. The family had lived in their home on the 700-block of Hancock Street near Wade for 20 years. At the time of the conversation at Trinity, the couple was living in a nearby hotel and the cause of the fire had not been determined. It felt like they had lost everything that fateful day. But not quite. A loving recovery network that included the people of Trinity
and community donors quickly surrounded the family and $6,258.67 was raised. The congregation also made a matching gift of $1,000. The recovery network has included Manna on Main Street, and collection points offered by two Lansdale businesses – Round Guys Brewing and Scent and Sip. State Rep. Steve Malagari has helped in the restoration of Social Security cards and birth certificates. “People we knew only to wave to were suddenly coming to our aid,” Kristin has explained. The family has been overwhelmed and grateful for such a loving response from a wide variety of neighbors. Especially powerful during the Trinity conversation were Pastor Fritz’s words of consolation and support. “Know that we are here for you if there is anything that you need. Just call. God is with us all in times like these.” The couple belongs to another faith community in Lansdale, but they wanted to come by the church to personally express their gratitude to Trinity. “We’re determined to rebuild,” Ed Guertse, owner of New Look Pressure Washing Services, LLC, told Pastor Fritz and me. “We could never move from the kind of neighborhood that has responded to us this way.” Sorting out the rebuild will take some time. Ed Guertse also told us he has a successful business to draw upon. It performs power-washing and flooring installations for a variety of clients. Thankfully, the busiest days for the business are just ahead on the calendar, he explained. One of the ways the family has shown gratitude has been to deliver pizzas to the firefighters who tried so hard to respond to the devastating blaze that day. Mark Staples
Thanks to the compasionate Lansdale community and Julie Palermo, owner of Lansdale Tavern, who donated $585 to the Code Blue Men’s Shelter on Trinity’s campus. The Lansdale Tavern offered their used bar stools for sale with the sales benefiting the shelter.
Special Thanks to our Community Partners!
Many local businesses in the North Penn area are an integral part of Trinity’s outreach ministries, such as Code Blue Men’s Shelter and FEAST Community Meal.
During the winter months, community businesses have helped nourish our men’s shelter when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. This year the shelter was open 60 evenings with over 1,540 volunteer hours, providing warm meals, clothing and a place to sleep.
Every Monday you can smell the delicious food simmering in the Trinity kitchen for our FEAST Community Meal. Trinity members along with members of the Lansdale community sit together and eat a warm meal together from 5:00-6:00 pm.
The following businesses have supported Trinity’s outreach programs with food donations to nourish more than just the stomach. Please thank them and support them for all that they do for the Lansdale community.
Wegmans Food Markets-Montgomery Mall • Hundreds of pounds of fresh produce, bake goods,
frozen meats, prepackaged family meals to FEAST
Manhattan Bagels-401 S. Broad Street, Lansdale, PA • Five dozen bagels to FEAST each week and breakfasts
to Code Blue Shelter
Panera Bread-21 Airport Square, North Wales, PA • 15 pounds of bread/dessert products to FEAST each week
AAA Catering (Chef Chipper)-211 W. Main Street, Lansdale • Breakfasts to Code Blue Shelter
Yum-Yum Bake Shops-100 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar • Donuts to FEAST
Lansdale Tavern-839 W. Main St., Lansdale, PA • Dinners to the Code Blue Shelter
Main Freeze-813 W. Main Street, Lansdale, PA • Frozen desserts to FEAST
Olce Pizza Grille, 3401 W. Skippack Pike, Cedars, PA • Meals to the Code Blue Shelter
Giuseppe’s Pizza & Family Restaurant 101 Cowpath Road, Lansdale, PA
• Meals to Code Blue Shelter
Clemens Uniform, 811 W. Fifth Street, Lansdale, PA • Laundered sheets and blankets for the Code Blue Shelter
The FEAST Community Meal, now on Mondays 5-6 pm, has continued during the pandemic, made possible by the dedicated leadership and work of Mark Lanan and the FEAST volunteers. The FEAST team worked closely with the Covid-19 Advisory Task Force to provide meals and pantry items safely. Trinity members and anyone from the Lansdale community are invited and welcome to our weekly meal. After pandemic restrictions were eased, FEAST returned indoors to Hyson Hall in October 2021. Guests with proof of vaccination ate indoors at tables that were spaced apart. Since March 2022, the new Covid policy updates encourage guests to maintain physical distancing without masks. Sourcing a weekly meal takes some dedication, love and prayer. Many local businesses partner with Trinity and provide generous donations that add a lot of joy to each FEAST meal. See the full list to the left. The Trinity FEAST garden, outdoors near Valley Forge Road, keeps the fresh vegetables coming during the harvesting season. Many Trinity gardeners keep these gardens fruitful. If you would like to donate to the FEAST Community Meal, please write “FEAST” in the check memo line or donate online, Since December 2021, 632 FEAST meals have been enjoyed along with take-home items from our community donors. Guests have contributed $1,005 in free-will donations while volunteers have filled 183 shifts preparing, cooking and cleaning up for the weekly meal. Tom Mellon
Local Businesses Support Trinity’s Outreach Ministries
Emergency Pastoral Care Hotline If you are in need of pastoral care or experience the death of a loved one, please let the church office know at 215-368-1710. For emergencies, please press 1, leave a voicemail and a pastor will get back to you! This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Are you Unable to get to Church?
Eucharistic Ministry (EM) connects a caring message from Trinity’s church family to homebound members. Those unable to attend worship services due to illness or physical inability are able to share communion and God’s Word with a Trinity Eucharistic Minister who will visit or reach out to them monthly. EM visitor Jim Evangelisto commented that the care receiver he visits with Donna Watson always thanks them for bringing Communion to him and he misses going to church for it. They talk about what is going on at Trinity and always end up laughing about things that occur in their lives. The past 2 years of the pandemic have resulted in changes for many of us. There may be members of TLC who find they are no longer able to travel to Trinity for worship but want a personal connection to share communion and updates about Trinity. If you or a church member you know would want a Eucharistic Ministry visitor, please contact Vicki Seal or the church office. [email protected] or call the church office at 215-368-1710.
Thank you, Linda! Trinity would like to thank Linda Wiesinger for her two years of dedicated service as the Christian Care Hub leader. We are grateful for Linda’s leadership and her dedication to caring for others and keeping
our Church family connected, over the last two years. Linda’s passion for others was the motivation in creating the “Be Still” program. This program of meditations & reflections is an invitation to take a few moments to pause – something we so desperately needed during the pandemic! As Linda moves on and continues her journey in faith, make sure if you see her to thank her for her dedication to the Christian Care Hub!
Thursday, April 28 1:30 - 6:30 pm
Please register online at
Appalachia Service Project (ASP) Orientation/Fun/Work/Weekend May 20-21-22, 2022 Our trip last year was a fantastic success, so we are returning to the scene of our crimes! We will be going to Bear Creek Camp, Friday night through Sunday morning. We will be cleaning, fixing, and whatever the staff can find for us to do. In between we just have our usual fun such as what adult can make it to the top on a hike, kickball, swimming and boating, high ropes, and a Saturday night campfire. This would be a great time to come and meet our ASP youth and to experience a “mini trip” doing what we do in Appalachia. There is no charge. Ages 13 and over are welcome. For more info or to sign-up, please contact Dave, 215-805-1627 or [email protected]
Want to be part of a Mission Trip? Be a Part of the Appalachia Service Mission Trip July 9-17, 2022 Ages 13 and up and parents are encouraged to join us on this mission trip. No building experience is needed, we will teach you everything you need to know. Final details coming soon. Check the weekly What’s Happening at Trinity or contact Dave Weber at 215-805-1627, or at [email protected]
CHRISTIAN CARE HUB TRANSITION The Christian Care Hub would like to welcome our new hub leader, Linda Scheckenbach. Linda
and her husband Val have been members of Trinity for 30 years. Linda has served as an assisting minister, usher, Congregational Council member, former Stephen Leader, former D2D guide and catechism mentor. She currently is the co-coordinator of the LoveLinks prayer ministry. Caring for others is just in Linda’s DNA. She is a retired school counselor and enjoys time with her family of two children and 5 grandchildren.
A Cold Winter Season with Warm Hearts
Although we did not get pounded with inches or feet of snow this winter season, Code Blue volunteers would tell you that the temperatures were bitter cold more often than not.
In the 2021/2022 season the Code Blue Men’s Shelter on Trinity’s campus was open 60 nights and housed an average of seven guests a night, with 46 unique guests for the winter season. This vital outreach ministry only happens because of the dedicated volunteer base. Volunteers are from the Lansdale community, businesses in the area, and Trinity members. Mark Lanan, the Code Blue coordinator, along with Leslie Johnson, have devoted tireless hours when the temperature was below 30 degrees to keep the shelter open with warm food and a clean place to rest.
With over 1,540 volunteer hours this winter season, the hearts of the volunteers shared more than a warm place to sleep. Many volunteers prepared meals, donated supplies and helped to keep Code Blue’s shelter running smoothly, and we thank you!
We thank the whole community for your support. See the businesses listed on page 7 that truly give with a warm heart.
Seeking More Helpers for Larger FEAST Garden We all have recognized the rapidy increasing costs of fresh produce needed for healthy meals. Trinity’s FEAST Garden currently provides fresh produce for the FEAST Community Meal
on Monday evenings and also to Manna on Main Street. A generous donor gift and a
youth powered work crew from Appalachia Service Project (ASP) added an additional row
of raised garden beds to help meet the still growing hunger needs in the Lansdale area.
Here are ways you can volunteer your green thumb this spring/summer: • HELPERS-weed/refresh the raised beds before new soil and
seeding can commence. (April) • WEEKLY TENDERS-keep the beds watered when there is
insufficient rain, remove weeds and harvest the produce when it matures. (mid May-September)
The Garden has 3 rows of 5 beds each. Tenders sign-up to take care of 1 or more rows for a week. A family or group may sign-up for multiple rows or more than one week. Water and some tools are available at the site. When picking produce bring bags or boxes and take it to the Hyson Hall kitchen. Contact Tom Mellon, [email protected] or 215-990- 8762, to volunteer! Sign-up genius to come! For more information and instructions, contact Susan Delp, head gardener, [email protected]
Tom Mellon
Trinity’s Help Appeal Supports Local Agencies
When you give a donation to the Help Appeal using the special fund envelopes mailed to you each month, you are supporting four local social service agencies that offer a wide variety of services to hundreds of people in need. These four agencies are:
ANCHOR HOUSE Helps troubled and disadvantaged young people in our region
MEALS ON WHEELS Delivers meals to the elderly and infirmed
KEYSTONE OPPORTUNITY CENTER - SOUDERTON Provides community-based and transitional housing for homeless
persons, a food pantry, and English as a Second Language classes
MANNA ON MAIN STREET - LANSDALE Provides meals and offers a food pantry along with many other services.
During the pandemic and continuing today these agencies have seen a large increase in demand for their services as many in our community are in need. Last year Trinity disciples DONATED $7,282 to this appeal. We thank everyone who contributed in the past and we hope everyone will consider making a donation in 2022 to support the important work of these local agencies. Thank you! Trinity‘s Outreach Ministry Team
AFGHAN REFUGEES ARE SETTLED IN THEIR LANSDALE APARTMENT Afghan refugees Rasol and Narges and Karima (not their real names) were welcomed to their shared apartment in Lansdale in mid-February and have settled in nicely. Rasol and Narges met Karima in Indianapolis, where they were being processed into the U.S. Karima’s husband, from whom she is separated, is safely in the U.S. The three new Lansdale residents are deeply appreciative of their apartment home, having lived on army bases and in hotels since their evacuation from Afghanistan five months ago. Efforts of folks from Immanuel Church of the Nazarene and Trinity have been well coordinated and fruitful. The landlord worked closely with us to control the monthly rental costs. Linen and other items were purchased, and the apartment and windows cleaned, rugs shampooed, furniture arranged. All the requested items listed on the Trinity Sign-Up Genius were quickly supplied, resulting in a warm and comfortable home. Pride in their home is apparent, and they keep it spotless! Rasol and Narges’ daughter is due to be born in mid-June. Narges is receiving prenatal care through Einstein Health. They are doing well. Karima, also pregnant, is due to deliver in mid-July, and her care is being coordinated through Abington-Jefferson. We intend to gather baby items in the next few months. Rasol is to start a job in Lansdale within walking distance from his home. Karima is working at Peregrine Surgical in New Britain. Right now we are providing transportation to and from work for her. Although Karima’s English is good and she translates for Rasol and Narges at times, they are all taking classes to improve their conversation skills. Conversation is readily accomplished either in English or using the Google translator app that we are all becoming proficient with, which translates from English to Persian and then back again! We are also providing transportation to the North Penn Mosque in support of their Muslim faith. We are all concerned about the families and friends left behind. Rasol worked security at the Kabul airport and Karima worked for the American agency USAID. Because of their association with the US and Afghan governments their families remain in danger. Ismael’s uncle was taken from his home by the Taliban and is presumed dead and Karima’s cousin was just reported killed. Many conversations with their families end in tears. This has been a great learning experience for all of us. The US and Pennsylvania government bureaucracy at all levels has been a challenge. Benefits change from one county to another and each has its own backlog. Health, food, and housing requirements and allowances are all different. The good people at Bethany Christian Services and Nationalities Service Center, the two agencies charged with their settlement, are tireless in their efforts and are overwhelmed with an unprecedented caseload. Our Trinity team has been outstanding: Karen Wright, chair, Andrea Baxter, Holly Coe, Peggy Fesnak, Ginny Henderson, and Linda Williams. Thank you! It has been a blessing to be able to work with our new friends at Immanuel. They are a dedicated group and enthusiastic about what we are doing. The initial demanding work of getting settled is almost completed and now we move on to the next phase. Consistent employment and continued good health and dental care will be an ongoing effort. In late spring we will focus on the arrival of both babies.
Karen Wright & Linda Williams
DRIVERS • for medical appointments • for Karima to and from work in New Britain
Contact Karen Wright, [email protected]
DONATIONS • Trinity’s Refugee Fund • Visa, MasterCard, Lidl, Aldi and Walgreens
gift cards. • Support Lutheran Immigration and Refugee
Services (they work world-wide and in this country to support refugees)
CONTACT • Local legislators asking them to introduce
and support the Afghan Adjustment Act. Time is running out for them to remain safely in this country,
PRAYERS Please continue to pray for their continued health and safety in this country.
Join us on the Trinity Campus Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 11:45 am (beginning at the circle drive) following the second service for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt for ages 2-11. All are Welcome!
Look for our booth and stop by and say hello!
FELLOWSHIP HOUR is BACK! The hospitality committee is looking for assistance with hosting Fellowship hour in the lobby. No experience necessary, just bring your serving heart and a smile! Please contact Karen Brown at 215-368-1710 or [email protected]
Fasnacht Night It was a night filled with celebration and excitement. The air was crisp and filled with jazz music to delight our guests. As guests arrived, they were greeted by the Fellowship Hub team and continued through to grab a Lenten devotional, then on to the Church patio for an individually bagged Fasnacht for each guest. The final stop was the Bridge of Hope donation center where paper products were collected for this organization. A final goody to our guests of Mardi Gras beads attached to the Easter schedule and a package of hot chocolate with Hershey kisses! It was a great night to see so many members and new faces. We could not have done it without the help of so many volunteers and their enthusiasm. Thanks be to God for this evening of fellowship to happen.
DONATE ITEMS If you would like to donate items for the Easter Egg Hunt, please place donations in the bin marked Egg Hunt in the lobby by Friday, April 1. (Peanut free) Candy and/or treats and small plastic Easter eggs.
WE NEED YOU! Volunteers are needed to help set up the Easter Egg hunt and serve snacks! Please use the link below to sign-up:
Sunday, June 12, 11 am - 1 pm
Bingo/Game Night Spring Fling Sat., May 7, 6:45-8:00 pm Join us for an evening of fun and fellowship in Hyson Hall. Bingo, Uno, Connect 4, Jenga and a puzzle to be assembled will be offered. Snacks will be available. Please consider
bringing a wrapped gift from your home as a Bingo prize to share. There is no need to sign up, all are welcome! Questions, please contact Cindy Ryan at [email protected]
Calling All Volunteers! Fellowship Hub is looking for volunteers for the annual picnic! Are you interested in serving food, setting up games or clean-up crew? We have a place for you! Please use the link to signup, go/10c0c4caea628abf4c52-annual. For more details contact Vicki Seal at 215-368-1710 or [email protected]
TRINITY SENIORS PROGRAM Tuesday, April 26, 1:00 pm, Hyson Hall, $5.00 Michael Jesberger, military historical lecturer, will present The Wreck and Recovery of the Pirate Ship – WHYDAH This is the exciting true story of the saga, the wreck, and eventual discovery of the Whydah – the only pirate ship ever found and the incredible mysteries she shared and continues to reveal. RSVP by April 21, 215-368-1710.
Trinity thanks Beth Boeh and Ashley Han for their years of dedicated faith-filled service on the Faith Formation Hub. Both were founding members, Beth who led the Hub in its formative months, Ashley who participated while teaching Sunday School and Vacation Bible School classes and demonstrating extreme flexibility as we moved through the pandemic’s challenges. Please extend heart-felt thanks to both Beth and Ashley as you connect with them. God’s continued blessings on them and their families as they follow other passions in our church community!
Senior Recognition is Trinity’s way of recognizing and giving thanks for our graduating seniors as they embark on the next part of their life’s journey. A family dinner will be held on Sunday evening followed by a worship service that includes the laying on of hands. Watch for more information on this important event. Graduating seniors: Please complete the form on Trinity’s website with your future plans and submit a photo for the Lansdale Lutheran by May 27.
THE “WHEN” OF FIRST COMMUNION: TRINITY’S PHILOSOPHY At what age can a child receive first communion? This is a question that
has been raised over the last several years in the Lutheran church. Over time,
first communion practices changed – from receiving communion for the first time when
confirmed to receiving it in 5th grade and then 2nd grade. In 2013 the ELCA addressed this question. “Today there is a growing awareness that focus of one particular age group may not be the primary factor to determine when first communion is received.” During the pandemic some of Trinity’s ministries were adapted. First Communion was one of those ministries in which this was the case. Families were invited to indicate when they wanted to have their child receive first communion. Parents and children worked together with the curriculum in the safety of their homes. The idea that parents be the chief teachers of the faith is not new. Martin Luther felt that it was the parents’ responsibility to instruct their children in the faith. Consequently, Luther wrote the Small Catechism for that purpose. At its March meeting, the Faith Formation Hub in consultation with Pastor Fowler decided that the decision for when a child is to receive First Communion is the responsibility of the child’s parents. First communion instruction can be done at any age (or ages if parents desire to have siblings receive first communion together). Communion is one of the two sacraments in the Lutheran tradition. Along with baptism, our participation in communion is one way that we come to know God’s love and forgiveness given to each one of us. Just as God calls us all God’s children, all are welcome to come to God’s table and celebrate the gifts that are given for us. Communion is a beautiful mystery, one we can never fully understand, but one we are given as a way to know God’s love with us here and now. At Trinity, First Communion instruction is done with the family at home because we believe that faith conversations that happen at home with family are essential to the way we grow in our faith and our relationship with God and God’s people. When parents request to have their child(ren) receive communion, they will receive a resource to use together as a family. When they have completed the resource, families will meet with Pastor Fowler to review what was learned, discuss worship procedures, and explore our altar space. Once that has been completed, children can attend any worship service at which communion is celebrated. After that worship, those receiving first communion will receive a certificate and a gift. Are you interested in having your child receive first communion? If so, contact Deacon Karen, [email protected], so you can receive the resource and instructions on how to use it.
WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY Wednesdays, 10:00 am Room 125/127 or Zoom
Pastor Steve Godsall-Myers continues to lead the Wednesday Bible Study. We meet in person (with masks) and via Zoom.
Are you looking for mental health resources for yourself or someone you know? Check out some of these links to provide you with some helpful tools: NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS (NAMI)
“What started as a small group of families gathered around a kitchen table in 1979 has blossomed into the nation’s leading voice on mental health. Today, we are an alliance of more than 600 local affiliates who work in your community to raise aware- ness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need.” MONTGOMERY COUNTY HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES “The Montgomery County Office of Mental Health / Develop- mental Disabilities and Early Intervention is an organization that strives to enrich the lives of people in a positive way, through a unique partnership with the community that ensures quality services.” More information is available on the county website. ST. LUKE’S PENN FOUNDATION “At some point in our lives, we all face situations that overwhelm us. Whether it’s managing an illness, trying to balance work and family, grieving the loss of a loved one, facing the end of a rela- tionship, caring for an elderly parent, or some other challenge, life can sometimes give us more than we can handle on our own. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is here to help.”
MAKE A CHANGE: EARTH DAY As people of faith who want to live into our declared Covenant for the Care of Creation, we need to respond to the shocking scientific data about the dire conditions and predictions on the health of our planet and future of life as we know it. Beginning on Earth Day 2022, weekend of April 23/24, and for the next 30 days we will provide information and actions our community can take. Every little (and big) change can make a difference and TOGETHER the accumulated effect can change our trajectory. Watch for ideas posted in the Weekly and on our hall bulletin board. You can start by exploring these resources: Blessed Tomorrow Ministries: Creation Justice Ministries: JustFaith Ministries: Lutherans Restoring Creation: Living On Earth:
Each of the five days of the program centers on a different petition of the Lord’s Prayer and a related Bible verse. In the Large Catechism, Martin Luther reminds readers that prayer is something “great and precious.” To pray is to give voice to our needs and our trust in God, who meets them. “On Earth as in Heaven” invites children to (re-)experience the Lord’s Prayer and to see the connections between prayer and service in the world. Once again VBS will be held outdoors, providing more relaxed and “camp like” setting. REGISTER TODAY! AGES: 4 years of age by Sept. 2022 - 4th graders 5th graders will have the option of helping with a group or participating in a class. 6th graders and above should register as volunteers and pick an area where they would like to help. Please register as a participant or a volunteer. Descriptions are provided for each volunteer position. Nursery care will be provided for children whose parent or caregiver is volunteering at VBS. Children in the nursery also need to be registered as participants. We need many volunteers to make VBS a success. If you have questions about where you would like to help, please contact Deacon Karen Matthias-Long, [email protected]
Noon Good Friday Tableaus Want to be a part of this experience? Children, youth, and adults can take part in
the actual tableau (freezing in place to enact a scene in Jesus’ passion). Questions? Contact Deacon Karen, [email protected] Sign up here if you are interested in participating in a tableau:
Crucifixion Drama at 7:30 pm Youth in Grades 8-12 are invited to participate in the drama. In addition to the Friday rehearsal (4-7 pm) there will be a brief rehearsal following the Thursday evening worship service. Please contact Cindy Ryan, [email protected], if you are interested in participating in this powerful drama.
May is Mental Health Awareness month. Growing numbers of people are experiencing mental health symptoms. Join us this May on Sunday mornings (9:30-10:45) to learn more about mental health including how to find support and resources for yourself or someone you know. Watch for more details about our Sunday morning sessions on this important and timely topic.

FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: I really like Paul’s pastoral letters to the Philippians and Timothy as well as reading the Psalms. My favorite prophet is Amos. Favorite food: Both my wife Linda and I are “foodies”! We love going to a variety of both American and ethnic restaurants. Overall, I love almost all seafood as well as desserts - especially chocolate!!! Favorite destination: New England and especially Cape Cod or most any beach. FAVORITE MOVIE: The original West Side Story (not the remake!), The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Some Like It Hot. FAVORITE THING TO DO: Travel, go to the beach, go to fine restaurants, read, and garden. FUNNY CHURCH STORY: It wasn’t funny at the time but I can laugh now. In my first church, I was officiating at the funeral of a non-member who I had never met. All through my sermon and trying to personalize it, I kept referring to the deceased by name only to learn afterward that it wasn’t her name - obviously I was mortified and duly embarrassed. Early bird or night owl: Definitely an early bird. Favorite part of your job: Interacting and being with people as well as leading worship. ASK ME ABOUT... Why I’ve had the several careers I’ve had and how they’re actually interrelated as to who I am.
What are you passionate about? I am absolutely passionate about people and the relationships between people and how people interact or don’t. (My Master’s Degree is in Sociology/Psychology!) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Many would probably say leaving literally everything, including some family and close friends, and moving to Lewisburg to open a bed and breakfast! Last book you read: Gray Mountain by John Grisham. (I’m somewhat addicted to Grisham’s books! I’ve read eight and just started The Client.) And Searching for Home by Craig Barnes, President of Princeton Seminary Who would you want to swap places with for a day: Possibly Rick Steves. He produces travel shows from all over Europe and other areas on PBS and is a very strong supporter of the Lutheran Church. I would love to be able to travel as he does. If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why? Probably 40-45 because that’s when I met/married my wife, our daughter was born, I had been ordained. If you could have one superpower what would it be? To be able to time travel! Favorite candy bar : Hands down, Zitner’s butter cream eggs, usually only available around Easter What is your most used emoji? Smiley face Would you rather be the funniest or smartest person in the room? Probably funniest because I often feel very intimidated by really smart people, feeling as though I don’t measure up. Pastor Bill joined Trinity as a Pastoral Associate in 2021. He assists Pastor Fritz in all aspects of ministry but especially in the areas of visitation and sacramental ministry, both of which he loves!
PASTOR BILL PETRY Pastoral Associate
There are so many people behind the scenes on Trinity’s staff that share their talents and are truly dedicated. We’d like you to get to know the staff better, and not just their job responsibilities, but who they really are. Here’s a snapshot of what makes Trinity’s staff tick, smile and sometimes laugh and cry.
TRINITY’S SHARED LEADERSHIP Learning, Growing and Visioning Together
“The gifts he gave were that some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry, and for building up the body of Christ.” Ephesians 4: 11-12
Celebrating our Blessings
During the February 2022 Annual Meeting, we learned about the many creative ways we have worshiped God, served our neighbors, and shared the bounty of our many gifts. Trinity has been blessed by the generous gifts of time, talents, and treasures you freely give to make ministry possible. Thanks also to our newly elected and installed Council, the appointed Hub Leaders and members, and the Rostered Leaders and Directors on Trinity staff. This is Trinity’s Shared Leadership Team. Through collaboration and visioning, the Shared Leadership Team provides strategic direction that inspires, supports, and empowers the congregation to live more fully into Trinity’s mission – “We are called to embrace diversity and connect all generations to God’s family.”
New Things are Happening this Spring
A special Task Force has been working over the past several months to assess and improve the effectiveness of the Shared Leadership system. Members of Shared Leadership Team will be participating in two leadership opportunities this spring that are designed to be educational, inspirational, team building, and spiritually enriching.
2022 TLC Leadership Workshop
Members of the Congregational Council, Ministry Hubs, Rostered Leaders, and Staff Directors will be participating in a day-long workshop on March 26 to review the fundamentals of leadership and sharpen their leadership skills. Topics for the day will include-the Biblical basis of leadership, leading from our Mission and Values, tools for effective leadership, and developing a covenant for how each person and part of the Shared Leadership Team is called to live among and lead Trinity’s community of faith.
2022 Ministry Visioning Retreat
A two-day retreat will be held at Muhlenberg College in Allentown on Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14. This retreat will provide more opportunities for team building, focusing on new ways to fulfill our mission and values through the ministries of our Hubs and nourishing our faith. We look forward to sharing more Shared Leadership News throughout 2022 in the Lansdale Lutheran!
Karen Bergey Cindy Weiss Julie Kinzel President Vice President Secretary
Teri Lanan Jamie Price Pastor Fritz Fowler Treasurer
Marcia Pitzenberger Deb Neves Worship Hub Leader Faith Formation Hub Leader
Cindy Ryan Linda Scheckenbach Fellowship Hub Leader Christian Care Hub Leader
Andrea Baxter Karen Matthias-Long Victoria McKelvie Dir. for Worship Renewal Dir. for Faith Formation Dir. for Communication
Vicki Seal Lisa Corr Dir. for Christian Care Dir. for Administration & Fellowship & Dir. for Early Learning
I have moved to a different location on average about once a decade. Compared to many, that is not unusual. I wouldn’t consider any of my transitions traumatic or difficult. Part of the reason is that I was confident about two things: God is always present, and a church family would be part of my future location. I was fortunate to not move before leaving for college. That gave me a solid foundation with a church home from baptism to Sunday School to potlucks to confirmation and Luther League (youth group). Pastors would come and go, but the church remained and showed me that other leaders are in a church besides the one called to professionally serve. My faith foundation came from my parents and grandparents who had migrated to north central Kansas and staked out homesteads. Sundays remained sacred on the prairie. We usually worshiped at both churches where my parents were raised whenever we visited. In college, I was moved to walk to church most Sundays. I felt that it was my duty to attend worship. No Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) churches were close, so I frequented a Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod congregation. The pastor made me feel welcome. I was hesitant to partake in communion, but he explained to me that despite any denominational differences the eucharist is God’s table and all can join in the feast. Whenever I hear the phrase, “All Are Welcome,” I believe that no one is excluded. My spouse, Meg, and I moved to Houston after attending different colleges. We were fortunate to find a church home that solidified our
faith as a couple and were engaged to marry after an Easter sunrise service. This faith community taught us about stewardship, helping others, working in youth ministry and being a neighborhood church with a world vision. Movement here came in the form of a men’s breakfast group. Small teams would gather on Sunday morning, and would prepare a meal for the early risers of the church. I got my first taste of feeding a group there.
Our next move brought us to the Tarheel state (North Carolina) and Raleigh. We landed at a church home where people brought suggestions from places they had been previously. It was a wonderful place to try new ideas, learn together and dream big. Most recently we headed north to Pennsylvania and landed in Skippack. During the pandemic, we have gotten to know our neighbors better. They became our bubble of safety. Twice a week, I move at a walking pace with my neighbor to discuss all sorts of topics. Faith certainly comes up in a positive manner. Our family was moved to join Trinity in Lansdale. We have met lots of wonderful people and been welcomed at many events. I have discovered several ways to move at Trinity. My son, Grayson, and I play in a brass ensemble moving air through our instruments in the hopes of making joyful noise. I went with one daughter on an Appalachia Service Project (ASP) trip to Kentucky. We traveled
together and witnessed generational poverty. We were emotionally moved by the joy that we saw from the homeowners we were sent to help. We ended up receiving more than we gave. In 2018, I attended the National Lutheran Youth Gathering in Houston. A large group from Trinity and 30,000 of our closest Lutheran friends swayed, sang, prayed, laughed, and cried during evening worship services – a moving experience indeed. My faith and confidence in a positive outcome have made our moves a blessing. Family in the broadest sense has been a key element in making that result a reality. As we move, God moves with us. I keyed on the word movement because it shows that wherever we are, God is with us. That is true if we are in church, at school, at work, in the wilderness or traveling in a car. Keep on moving. Randy Ehm
Janke Scholarship This scholarship shall be awarded annually to a Trinity member who is a graduating high school senior planning on continuing higher education. The recipient shall exemplify truthfulness, fairness, the ability to build good will and friendships and provide mutually beneficial experiences to all concerned. Please submit all applications by Thursday, March 31, 2022, to Dave Crosson, Trinity Endowment Committee, at [email protected] com. Applications are on the website,
Moving with God “God is always present, and a church family would be part of my
future location.”
Honor Dads on Father’s Day - June 19 This year, remember your dad and the men in your life with a gift to help Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR). Your gift to LDR through Liberty Lutheran Services will honor so many people who have devoted their skills and energies to disaster response and relief efforts. Trinity relates to LDR in many ways. Julia Menzo, a member of Trinity, works with Liberty as the regional LDR coordinator. We have sheltered individuals and families displaced by fire or weather-related difficulties, partnered with LDR to help our neighbors, both regionally and nationally, after floods to help rebuild and offer whatever assistance is needed. Locally, LDR is leading responses to two long term recovery efforts. In 2020 Tropical Storm Isaias left hundreds inundated. LDR and partners ensured that all of those families had services restored for this past winter, and reconstruction of walls, windows, doors and floors will continue through the summer of 2022. In 2021 Hurricane Ida impacted hundreds of families across southeastern PA. LDR is helping to lead coordination efforts for outreach and resource coordination. Give what you can to help LDR as you honor the special men in your life. Donations can be done online or by cash/check. Make memo/note: “Father’s Day Appeal”. Deadline is June 6.
Name __________________________________________Phone No.___________________ Envelope No. _________ Last First
In memory of _____________________________________________________________________________________ DEADLINE FOR SPONSORSHIP IS JUNE 6, 2022.
Mother’s Day Blanket Appeal
May 8 Our Trinity family celebrates Mother’s Day weekend by offering gifts in honor or memory of mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other important women by supporting the Church World Service Blanket Program. The CWS has distributed thousands of blankets and kits around the world yearly to help people in need. CWS responds to disasters at home and abroad to assist impoverished communities with basic tools they need to build better lives. Blankets are the beginning of their interaction with hurting areas. When disaster strikes, people need blankets along with shelter, food, and safe water. You can help supply those needed blankets. The cost is $10 for each blanket you wish to donate. Please put your donation in an envelope marked “Mother’s Day Appeal.” Include your name, phone number, and envelope number along with the names of the women whom you wish to honor or memorialize this Mother’s Day. Your envelope can be mailed directly to the church or put in the church mailbox on the back circle at the church. You may also donate online. We need your donation by April 24, 2022. Thank you for offering your gifts of love.
Name __________________________________________Phone No.___________________ Envelope No. _________ Last First
In memory of _____________________________________________________________________________________ DEADLINE FOR SPONSORSHIP IS APRIL 24, 2022.
PASTORAL ACTS Deaths 1/26/2022 Cynthia A. Derr 1/31/2022 Richard W. Donovan (Dick) 2/22/2022 Janelle M. Kleckner
Baptisms 1/9/2022 Michelle Jennifer Geiger 1/9/2022 Liam Thomas Geiger, son of Brett Russell Geiger and Michelle Jennifer (Loftus) Geiger 1/9/2022 Aaron Russell Geiger, son of Brett Russell Geiger and Michelle Jennifer (Loftus) Geiger 2/20/2022 Lydia Jolene Molchanow, daughter of Steven and Amanda Molchanow 2/20/2022 Emerson Grey Alcaro, son of John Joseph Alcaro, Jr. and Lindsey Alarco
APRIL BIRTHDAYS 19 Barbara Schuchart 301 E Church Ave Apt 13 Telford, PA 18969-1701 22 Marge Mamzic Elm Terrace Gardens 602 N. Broad Street, Apt B113 Lansdale, PA 19446-3334 21 Juanita Strohecker Meadowood Community 709 Radcliff Ct Lansdale, PA 19446-5895 MAY BIRTHDAYS 14 Nancy Lease 2602 Maryanne’s Ct North Wales, PA 19454-2020 JUNE BIRTHDAYS 9 Alice Hughes 3250 State Rd Apt 466 Sellersville, PA 18960-1624 6 15 Gloria Boesch 204 Wiltshire Dr Chalfont, PA 18914 18 Tom Sykes 1208 Brittany Pt Lansdale, PA 19446-6519 19 John Strobel 1401 Sandys Ln North Wales, PA 19454-2209
Homebound Birthdays Please consider making their special day a bit brighter by sending them a birthday card.
Deadline March 31, 2022 We are proud to share that Trinity received $9,564 Choice Dollars® grant funding through the Thrivent Choice® program in 2021 and
already $5,354 in 2022! Support Trinity and log on today and designate
Trinity for your Choice Dollars®.
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Revenue $238,513 $265,581 ($27,068)
Expenses $218,983 $239,636 ($20,653)
Treasurer’s Report - February 2022
ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE LOOKING FOR MEMBERS Each year the church’s Endowment Committee oversees the distribution of over $60,000 in grants to support activities for both local and global outreach, as well as scholarships and capital improvements for our church. We are currently looking to recruit a few more members to our committee to help us decide on these grants. Meetings are typically conducted over Zoom once a month and go no longer than one hour. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity or volunteer, please contact Dave Crosson, [email protected]
Lead Pastor: Fritz Fowler
Director for Faith Formation: Deacon Karen Matthias-Long
Director for Fellowship & Christian Care: Victoria Seal
Director for Administration & Director for Early Learning: Lisa Corr
Director for Communication & Editor for Lansdale Lutheran: Victoria McKelvie
Church Accountant: Cathy Pezzuti
Digital Worship Coordinator: Linda Graeff
Manager for Buildings & Grounds: Dennis Smith
Maintenance Staff: Saci Bartos, Susan Underkoffler, Karen Wenhold
Admin. Assistant/Receptionist: Maria Brown
Office Assistant: Karen Brown
Global Outreach: On Eagle’s Wings, Northern Canada, Young Adult in Global Mission, ELCA
To reach a staff member, call 215-368-1710 or find their
email address on the staff page of the website.
Radio Broadcast of Sunday Service Sundays, 11:00 am, WORD FM, 97.1 FM
To submit articles for the next issue, please fill out the communications form on our FORMS page
at by May 27, 2022.
215.368.1710 l email: [email protected]
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 1000 W. Main Street, Lansdale, PA 19440 l 215.368.1710
Boy Scout Sunday
Trinity PreSchool - Register Today!
Trinity PreSchool has had a busy winter! They learned about bears, hibernation, snow, presidents, dinosaurs, and so many other exciting things! The preschoolers did some fun science experiments and learned to predict what would happen next. They made playdough for dinosaur fossils and creating the letters in their names. All the classes celebrated LOVE for Valentine’s Day by making Valentine boxes and bags and exchanging valentines with friends. The children loved seeing Miss Tracy every week for music and dance too and are looking forward to the warmer weather and doing more things outside! Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is happening now. If you have a child turning 3 or 4 by September 1, 2022 and are interested in PreSchool, please contact Lisa Corr at [email protected]
Noon l 7:30 pm Noon - Lenten stations Livestream 7:30 pm
April 9/10 In-person
Sat. 5:30 pm Sun. 8:30 l 10:45 am Livestream 8:30 am
Holy Week
11:45 am Outdoors