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Adorable Marriage Proposal Ideas

Every girl dreams of getting married to a prince charming.

The best part of this dream is wedding proposal by her prince.

So why not fulfill this dream of your girl.

Plan a surprise proposal idea to impress your girl and steal her heart away with that proposal.

From shock to tears to full-scale hysterics, here are some of the most emotional proposal ideas.

These heartwarming marriage proposal ideas that will make people want to get engaged all over again!

Disney Land

Go on her favorite ride and pop her the question with ring. She wouldnt have expected your proposal on a ride that to in Disney land. This will turn to be utmost unexpected proposal for any girl.

On a Mountain

Take her on the top of a mountain. The trees, the hill top view, filled with snow, greenery and the feeling near to sky, delights anybodys heart. And a cute proposal on top of it is like icing on the cake.


Take her on a date, order food, inform waiter to get engagement ring and flowers covered. Your girl will definitely think its the main course and will be surprised to see ring and flowers when the waiter uncovers the plate.

Or you can drop the ring in a glass of wine and let her realize what it is Well this is a common idea but shocking and amusing idea which does not fail to surprise every time


Go for a walk with your girl on a beach during sunset.

Arrange a photographer to hide and click the pictures of your moments.

Propose her with a nice poem or song.

Finally when she accepts, surprise her with the pictures taken.

She will be pleased to see the glimpse of the best moment of her life.

Boat Ride

Take her on a boat ride in lake.

Amidst the water, just scream in to her ears,


will you marry me?

Romantic Boat Ride

On a Bridge

Suddenly in the middle of the bridge, go down on your knees to tell the desire of your heart. She will surely go down on her knees to say yes and hug you.

Helicopter Ride

Are you searching for a creative way to take your relationship to next level? Surprise your future spouse with an epic helicopter marriage proposal that will make them feel like theyre on top of the world! If you are ready to afford, take her on a helicopter, and pop the question. It may sound like a movie scene. But you can actually make it happen

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