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25 Adorable Beauty ProductsPowered by www.FaceTransformation.comReasons: You couldn't resist MAC's limited-edition Give Me Liberty of London collection, which transformed iconic black packaging into a burst of gothic bird and floral designs. Though the design got an update, the gloss inside remained untouched. MAC knows how to make lip gloss. And the Tinted Lipgloss is the ultimate favorite the smell is divine!No. 18: MAC Lipglasswww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: The bottle is as adorable as a newborn in knickers. With its baby yellow powder and milk bottle-shaped glass, this bath milk couldn't be cuter. This bath product is a great way to pamper yourself and it leaves your skin feeling soft. The formula is gentle on your skin to make it feel silky and refreshed. The smell is nice and your and your baby's skin will feel wonderful.

No. 17: Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath Pintwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: A free ring with fun nail polish colors? What could be better? This nail polish has won over, and it wasn't just the cute ring that sealed the deal. They also have very unique colors that you can't find anywhere, and they stay on for a long time.

No. 16: Hard Candy Nail Polishwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: The original Lancome Juicy Tubes have been a cult favorite since their launch date and we're digging their recent makeover. This is the best lip gloss ever -- great texture and flavor. Very, very shiny, not too sticky and lasts even when you eat! It is truly fabulous. You can't wait to pull this little thing out of your purse in front of friends. They'll be so jealous.No. 15: Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Originwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: Many admit that they bought this SPF because of its adorable bottle, but we found its the perfect accessory for a beach bag. But, it's more than just a cute bottle. Its very similar to regular sunscreen, just in a squirt bottle. It works well and you dont burn after sitting out in the sun in Vegas in 110 F. A great mineral-based sunscreen that's easy to apply.No. 14: Kiss My Face Sunspray Lotionwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: These sugar cube-shaped bath tablets in a frosted bottle look like they floated down from beauty heaven. These crystallized cubes of bliss are packed with natural, good-for-you-stuff with bicarbonate soda and citric acid, so they slough off your dead skin cells. They are also made of brown sugar and are enhanced with skin softening Shea Butter, Aloe and Vitamins A & E. No. 13: Fresh Sugarbath Cubeswww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: Many love getting caught in the act of reapplying their lipstick when they pull this beauty out of their purse. Many people are totally in love with this Dior Lipstick. It feels so good on lips. It smells good and it's moisturizing. This moisturizes like a balm, has the great pigment and color, and has a sheen like a gloss! No. 12: Dior Addict High Shine Lipstickwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: This limited-edition bottle of the Daisy scent had us at hello. You can actually smell the green juicy stem-y parts of the flower, like it's an actual fresh cut bouquet and not a fragrance at all. It's youthful, but not saccharine sweet. The bottle's adorable design perfectly captures the Daisy aesthetic as well clean, fresh, airy, sweet, yet still meant for a grown woman. No. 11: Marc Jacobs Daisy In the Air Eau de Toilettewww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: This potion has a true cult following, but we're not sure if it's due to the clever bottle shape or because it's truly magical stuff. There's no denying that the genie-bottle-like packaging of this product is adorable, but does it really work. No need to dream of genie anymore, because it does work like wonders.No. 10: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potionwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: Who doesn't love the golden coast? Summertime is everything. Which is exactly why the five favorite Harajuku girls got a summer time makeover. You know it's officially bikini season when perfume bottles start changing their outfits and lightening up their fragrances. They smell so wonderful. It smells light and a little fruity and it is a beautiful fragrance. It is perfect to wear all the time. No. 9: Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cutieswww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: How can we turn down anything that gives us a supermodel shimmery body? With just the right amount of sheen delivered via a flirty pink feather poof, this will help get your body one step closer to model-status. Many adore its shimmer and this blends into your skin leaving the perfect wash of sparkle for any special occasion. It smells so yummy and it is a cute little shimmy puff.No. 8: Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Give Me The Shimmers Shimmering Body Powderwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: Let us count the ways: 1. You heat up in a minute 2. Leave hair perfectly straight and so shiny, 3. You can even curl my hair with this thing - and now there's the undeniable number 4. Not only is this the best straightening iron -- thanks to its ceramic plates and its ability to reduce frizz and add shine, but it now comes in neon colors! So take your pick: blue, green, orange, pink or yellow. No. 7: CHI Flat Ironwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: Many adore this brush and bought it without hesitation or even before checking the price. The packaging is super cute and feminine which is why many love it. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for application, compacts well, so as to not take up too much room in your purse and is so soft. This Kabuki Brush is amazing! Better yet, it's retractable. And best of all, it's pink.No. 6: Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brushwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: A gold lash curler. Need we say more? Well, many think that there is plenty more to say considering Shu Uemura is the uncontested queen of eyelash curlers. This curler is absolutely perfect and your eyelashes stay curled all day long. Shu's curler is truly legendary, and not without good reason. This eyelash curler is capable of delivering the perfect curl, no matter how short or straight your lashes may be. No. 5: Shu Uemura Gold Eyelash Curlerwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: This is the Louis Vuitton of makeup palettes complete with leather and zippers -- and it's refillable. The case it comes in is beautiful, as are all the colors inside. Many like to use the shadows with a wet brush -- they have vibrant, last-all-day color that looks fresh even at the end of a busy day. They go on beautifully and are so soft and silky. No. 4: Tarte Femme Naturale Eye Palettewww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: When we look at this product, fluffy multi-hued swirls of cotton candy come to mind. This is a favorite product of ours for skin. When you use it, it looks amazing and flawless! It also does wonders for your fair skin. You can use it over your foundation and it helps even out your complexion. The packaging is very portable, and you can go out with it without a worry in the world. No. 3: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Powderwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: This hand scrubber comes in a pink bottle with a cute white spoon to scoop out the scrub and place it onto your hands. It's perfect to indulge in while lying in a hot bath. This is a nice hand or foot scrub. It is like the 1-minute miracle hand scrub, but better. The scent is better and offers more product for the money.

No. 2: Cake Beauty Milk Made Smoothing Hand & Cuticle Bufferwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: You knew you'd see a Benefit product on this list, right? They manage to crank out one adorable product after another. But these fragrances take the cake. Each of the personified bottles represents a distinct smell of a fabulous woman living on "Crescent Row." And each of the scents is as feminine. This really is a wonderful perfume. It's easy to wear, smells great and lasts for the entire day.

No. 1: Benefit Crescent Rowwww.FaceTransformation.com

Reasons: These goods are so hot off the press that they don't have any reviews yet, so check them out and then be the first to tell us about them.

Six New Products to Lust Over:www.FaceTransformation.com

No. 1: TOKIDOKI for SephoraWe all loved tokidoki when it first teamed up with LeSportsac. And now they've launched a makeup line at Sephora. Each animated tokidoki character has its own color and name like Donutello. So cute and so clever.No. 2: Sephora Collection Makeup BrushesSephora always had fantastically affordable and well made makeup brushes, but these new heavy duty, double-ended, neon-colored brushes are sweet. They look more suited for a rave than your bathroom, which we find fantastic.www.FaceTransformation.comNo. 3: Mor Cosmetics Body ButterNeed a hostess gift? Look no further. These body butters come in round jars that are packaged in sweet little boxes tied off with a silk bow.No. 4: Prada Beauty Infusion de Tubereuse Eau de ParfumWho cares what the fragrance smells like when it's bottled up in a package like this one -- with a medal Prada logo plastered to the front of it? But really, the floral scent contains notes of tuberose and blood orange.www.FaceTransformation.comNo. 5: Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home Hair Removal KitI know what you're thinking. How can anything related to waxing, shaving or in the hair removal family be cute or remotely attractive? Well, where there's Bliss, there's a way.No. 6: Carol's Daughter Hair MilkMilk does the body and the hair good. This hair lotion is packaged in a bottle that looks so good you could mistake it for chocolate milk. Please don't though.www.FaceTransformation.comGet Your Free Beauty Secrets For Looking And Feeling Sexier At www.FaceTransformation.com