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  • Admission Brochure forInternational Students

    Academic Year 2017-2018

    Delhi Technological University

    Wings of Knowledge and Power of Innovations

    76 years of Excellence in Engineering Education

  • Contents

    Office of International Affairs

    From the Desk of The Vice Chancellor

    Organization Chart


    About Delhi Technological University (DTU)



    Education System


    Programmemes Offered by University




    Current Areas of Research 6

    Admission Process


    Mode of Admission

    Seat Matrix

    Admission Procedure

    Application Filing Process

    Check List


    Miscellaneous Information

    Payment of Fee

    Medical Insurance

    Proof of Residency

    Visa Requirement


    Campus Life 15

    Important Contacts 16


    Disclaimer: This brochure contains information about admission process, tuition fees, programmes, campus life of the Delhi

    Technological University applicable at the time of printing. Amendments of the information in this brochure may be updated from

    time to time without prior notification. The truthfulness of the information contained in this brochure is therefore not guaranteed by

    the University at any given time and is always subject to verification. The user is kindly requested to verify the correctness of the

    published information with the University at all times. Failure to do so will not give rise to any claim or action of any nature against

    the University by any party whatsoever.

  • Organization Chart

    Prof. Yogesh Singh, Vice chancellor

    Prof. Anu Singh Lather, Pro Vice Chancellor-II

    Prof. Vishal Verma, Dean International Affairs

    Dr. Dinesh Vishwakarma

    Assistant Director

    Dr. Ruchika Malhotra

    Assistant DirectorDr. Roli Purwar

    Assistant Director

    Dr. Yashna Sharma


    Dr. Vivek Tripathi

    Assistant Registrar


    Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana Road, Delhi-110042, India.

    Phone:+91-11-2787108, Fax:+91-11-27871023, Website:

    From the desk of the Vice Chancellor..........

    Office of International Affairs

    Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) has an illustrious history spanning over 76 years.

    This prestigious institution is well known throughout the world for its world class education and student centric research &

    innovations. In this university the culture of research and innovations is inculcated right from the UG level. We have brilliant

    faculty and highly distinguished alumni who have made a mark worldwide. It is a testament to the ability of the university

    in educating future leaders.

    In this university we have been actively promoting internationalization and are strongly committed towards further

    internationalization. We belief that the one of the important criteria for internationalization is not only to admit certain

    number of students and promote partnerships between institutions, but to have good quality programs, faculty, students and

    research & innovation environment that meets the international and global standards.

    On behalf of DTU, I am pleased that you are considering DTU and hope that this institution will best meet your

    academic needs. The members of the Office of International Affairs are available to answer all your queries and assist you.

    The Office of International Affairs will make every effort to support you and make your educational experience wonderful.

    The university is committed to internationalization and globalization. Your decision for selecting DTU will mean

    more than just earning a degree. We at administration are firmly committed to give you the best environment for your holistic

    development. You will be an integral part of the institution and your participation will broaden the universitys understanding

    about various cultures in the world that will make DTU a stronger university and better place. I therefore welcome all the

    international students who are desirous of joining DTU for their higher education.

    Prof. Yogesh Singh

  • About Delhi Technological University (DTU)


    DTU a leading World Class Technology University

    playing its vital role in National and Global Knowledge

    Network thus empowering India with the Wings of

    Knowledge and Power of Innovations. With 76 years

    of tradition of excellence in Engineering &

    Technology Education and Research & Innovations"

    Delhi Technological University, initially established

    with the name Delhi Polytechnic in the year 1941 to

    cater the needs of Indian industries for trained

    technical manpower with practical experience and

    sound theoretical knowledge. In 1952 established as

    Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) was affiliated with

    University of Delhi and started formal Degree level

    programmes. Since July 2009, the DCE has become

    Delhi Technological University vide Delhi act 6 of



    Delhi Technological University offers a

    flourishing educational environment, set in the

    north of a lively metropolitan city. It is situated at

    Rohini in North West Delhi. The campus is

    about 32 Kms from Indira Gandhi International

    Airport. For the first time visitor, a prepaid taxi/

    three wheeler run by Delhi Police at airport is the

    best way of transport to reach Delhi

    Technological University.

    Education System

    Continuous and comprehensive evaluation with

    Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is applied in

    University. Continuous and comprehensive

    evaluation is in the form of periodic homework

    assignments and examinations, intended to ensure

    that the student is aware of his/her level of

    proficiency. Academic year at DTU consists of two

    semesters, commencing in August and January

    respectively. Medium of instruction at DTU is


    Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana Road, Delhi-110042, India.

    Phone:+91-11-2787108, Fax:+91-11-27871023, Website:


  • Programmes Offered by the University

    The University offers following 14 Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programmes

    1. Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

    2. Computer Engineering (COE)

    3. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

    4. Electrical Engineering (EE)

    5. Production & Industrial Engineering (PIE)

    6. Civil Engineering (CE)

    7. Environmental Engineering (ENE)

    8. Polymer Science & Chemical Technology (PCT)

    9. Information Technology (IT)

    10. BioTechnology (BT)

    11. Software Engineering (SE)

    12. Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Automotive Engineering (MAM)

    13. Engineering Physics (EP)

    14.Mathematics and Computing (MC)


    Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana Road, Delhi-110042, India.

    Phone:+91-11-2787108, Fax:+91-11-27871023, Website:


    The University offers following 22 Master of Technology (M. Tech) programmemes in various

    disciplines of Engineering and Technology and Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    1. Polymer Technology (PTE)

    2. Nano Science & Technology (NST)

    3. Nuclear Science & Engineering (NSE)

    4. Bioinformatics (BIO)

    5. Bio Medical Engineering (BME)

    6. Industrial Bio Technology (IBT)

    7. Geotechnical Engineering (GTE)

    8. Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering (HRE)

    9. Structural Engineering (STE)

    10. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

    11. Software Engineering (SWE)

    12. Information System (ISY)

    13. Microwave & Optical Communication (MOCE)

    14. Signal Processing & Digital Design (SPD)

    15. VLSI Design and Embedded System (VLS)

    16. Control & Instrumentation (C&I)

    17. Power System (PSY)

    18. Environmental Engineering (ENE).

    19. Computational Design (CDN)

    20. Production Engineering (PIE)

    21. Renewable Energy Technology (RET)

    22. Thermal Engineering (THE)

    23. Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  • i

    Current Areas of Research 6

    Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana Road, Delhi-110042, India.

    Phone:+91-11-2787108, Fax:+91-11-27871023, Website:

    S. no. Department Areas of Research

    1. Applied Chemistry Chemistry Including Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Bio Inorganic Chemistry, Bio

    Organic Chemistry, Cheminformatics; Medicinal Chemistry; Including Gene Delivery

    Applications, Bio Materials, Drug Delivery Systems; Polymer Science Including Fiber

    Technology, Conducting Polymers/Composites / Hydrogels: Chemical Engineering

    Including Reaction Engineering, Mulitphase Reactor Systems And Design, Pollution

    Abatement Technology And Gene; Advance Materials Development

    2. Applied


    Information Theory, Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Analysis,

    General Relativity and Cosmology, Optimization Technique, Complex Analysis,

    Mathematical Modelling, Approximation Theory, St