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TG Physiotherapy Care “Our business and professional reputation is built upon our clientstrust, and what they believe to be true about our clinical skills, experience, competencies and values. We are proud to have achieved 100% client retention with consistent onward word-of-mouth referral to friends and family.

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TG Physiotherapy Care

“Our business and professional reputation is builtupon our clients’ trust, and what they believe tobe true about our clinical skills, experience,competencies and values. We are proud to haveachieved 100% client retention with consistentonward word-of-mouth referral to friends andfamily.”

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Who we are

We are a community focused Physiotherapy Practice that hasa well-informed, empowered and committed client base at it’score.

Our current clinic venues in Nottingham are based at:The YMCA Health and Fitness GymTherapy Room 14 Shakespeare StreetNottinghamNG1 4FG

The Carrington Pharmacy343-345 Mansfield RoadNottinghamNG5 2DA

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Our Purpose

‘Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth’

Mohammed Ali

We believe that everyone has the right to accessaffordable healthcare services, deliveredseamlessly to the highest standard of care.

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Our Vision

To raise the profile of, and to promote thebenefits of all aspects of Physiotherapy byimproving the nation’s health, one client at atime.

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Company Goals

• To improve the physical health and well-being of adults of working age and in retirement

• To educate and encourage an avid interest in healthcare so that our clients can make well-informed decisions suited to their work demands and chosen lifestyle

• To empower our clients to become independent in making good healthcare choices now and in the future

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Our Philosophy

‘Technology is wonderful, but human interface isirreplaceable’

We have the personal touch. Our eye contact with a clientis the first, intuitive assessment that we make. Theassessment that follows enables us to discern the level ofdiscomfort or worry experienced and conveyed to us byour clients, in strictest confidence to discuss:

their medical historycurrent health status

future health aims

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What Drives Us

The longer we have been in clinical practice, themore complex patients with multiple complaintswe see. This is why we always keep up to date,turn to current research for guidance, attendmore conferences and read more books so thatwe can focus on patient centred care thuscreating a memorable experience for all ourpatients so that they feel appreciated,recognised and valued.

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Turning Clients’ Aspirations into Reality

Our client base is varied and diverse. We aretherefore strategic in intelligently tailoring andexecuting each client’s treatment andrehabilitation in a way that is sustainable for thelong term.

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Our Areas of Expertise

We specialise in assessing, treating and managing adultneuromusculoskeletal conditions. Our experience allowus to treat a multiple of complaints, including sport andwork-related injuries, with confidence.

We use an integrated approach to treatment,incorporating electrotherapy, hands-on physiotherapytechniques, Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA) and in-house Exercise and Rehabilitation.

We never treat unnecessarily.

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Just some of what we do

• Rehabilitating clients with back pain so that surgery was no longer necessary

• Rehabilitating clients after major physical trauma, regaining their physical strength, balance, confidence and independence

• Facilitating clients’ full return to work and sporting activities following (necessary) surgery

• Enabling clients to achieve their personal best during their sporting ambitions

• Enabling clients to continue with their lifestyle demands and daily activities pain-free for as long as possible

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Our Commitment to You

• We aim to ensure that all our clients receive a consistently high standard of service at all times.

• Our staff will be helpful and courteous

• All appointments will be handled in a professional and timely manner

• All information given to us will be treated in the strictest confidence

• All our clients will be treated equally and receive the same high level of care

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Our Core Values

• Accountability

• Commitment

• Service

• Experience

• Collaboration

• Care

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Our Personal Success Habits: The Real Hardware

Vision Commitment Purpose

Self-belief Knowledge Professional self-regulation

Determination Passion Creativity

Resilience Responsibility Responsiveness

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TG Physiotherapy Community

“Our current and past clients are our inspiration. They make us so proud with all that they have overcome and achieved. By sharing their stories we can show the world that healthy living and a good quality of life is achievable and is something very special indeed”. Tripti Gyan

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And finally, in the words of Dr LJ Lee, I resonate my sentiments

"Thank you to all our patients and mentors whoshare our journeys and challenge us to keeplearning, thinking, feeling and questioning sothat we can help our patients live the highestquality of life possible".

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We are registered members of:

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

The Health and Care Professions Council

The Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapistsin Private Practice

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists inSports and Exercise Medicine

The Federation of Small Businesses