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    H. N. Srivastava Tripti Gupta

    Banaras Beads Ltd.


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    H. N. Srivastava Tripti Gupta

    Banaras Beads Ltd.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    I hereby declare that the information presented in this dissertation

    report is correct to the best of my knowledge. This report has not been

    published anywhere else. This report is a part of my course curriculum

    and the main objective of this is know the Project Report on HRTs

    JOB Analysis

    Tripti Gupta

    P.T.U. (Varanasi)


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    It is my pleasure to thank all who helped me directly or indirectly in

    preparation of this project. It is a great privilege to record my deepest

    sense of gratitude to all the people who stood by me throughout the

    making of this project.

    The first person I want to thank to the director of MICROTEK


    for providing us with an excellent environment for developing this


    I also reserve my special thanks to H. N. SRIVASTAVA for his

    benevolent guidance, heartfelt encouragement and constructive criticism

    for that helped me immensely in the development of this project.

    Finally my gratitude goes to all the BRIJ MOHAN SRIVASTAVA for

    their perseverance and cooperation with all their blessings.

    Without their support my project would not have taken its present shape.

    Hope you will appreciate my effort.


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    Chapter I

    Project Report on HRTs & JOB Analysis

    A Human Resource management system (HRTS) or Human

    Resource Information System (HRIS)

    Refer to the system and processes at the intersection between

    human Resource management (HRM) and information technology. It

    merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic are HR

    activities and process with the information technology field. Whereas

    the programming of the data processing system evolved into

    standardized routine and package of enterprise resource planning

    ((ERP) software. On the whole these ERP systems have their origin an

    software that integrates information from different application into

    one universal database. The linkages of its finical and Human resource


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    modules through one database is the most important distinction to the

    individually and proprietary developed predecessors, which makes

    this software application both rigid and flexible.

    Administrative and Strategic implementations of HRIS

    In examining the benefit of HRIS there are two extremes the pure

    administrative use of

    HRIS and its strategic use-

    Ultimately the goal of both is to increase organizational value.

    HRIS efficiency and administration effectiveness can be described by

    studies of administrative HRIS, but the overall efficiency and

    effectiveness of an organization can only be reached through strategic

    development of the information provided by an HRIS

    Administrative HRIS- is used in day to day operations and its usually in

    the from of records that hold employee information. Administration HR

    is much more efficient when it is used with IT become HR professionals

    are better able to handle large amount of information efficiently for

    instance, was tan Wyatts survey report (2002) concluded that it does not

    take a high progressing of e- HR to reach high HRIS performance on the

    administration side. The results showed that a properly integrated e-HR

    system is the system is the key to the evolution of the system.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    The survey covered all organization sizes and the measure used

    includes productivity improvement within the HR organization, cost

    reductions, return an investment and enhanced employee

    Communication. They concluded that by properly implementing one HR

    system an organization should be able to reduce the amount of work for

    which the HR department is responsible which would them leave HR

    professionals fees to concentrate an performing more strategic role of the


    In contrast administrative HRTS, strategic HRIS is much more

    difficult to explain and measure became there is no way to be sure that

    the benefit are a direct result of strategic development of an HRIS system.

    Strategic HRIS- Consists of tools that assist in decision making. For

    example strategic decision may include those associated with recruitment

    and retaining employees. Much if not all, at the administration

    information held by HRIS can be used to analyze an organization and

    formulate strategic to increase the value of an HRIS. Some experts also

    believe that easy access to vital information will become an integrated

    part of many strategic decision making process (couch, Hughes, fag an,

    maggots 2002) But, the possible of strategic development skill remain

    useless without a way of getting there.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Method A survey was Developed and send to the Human Resource

    Director of public university in a state university system in the south as

    unities state. We wished to assess the tragic. Impact of HRIS. So the

    surveys were targeted at HR directors rather than lower level users of the

    system. All of the institution in the university system employee the same

    software package for their HRIS, which removed the potential of

    variation in response due to different software venders. The angering of

    higher level personal and the standardization of the software reduced the

    potential population for the sample.

    Approximately 30 surveys were returned. Linker type items an a

    five point scale and open ended questions were employed on the survey

    to measure the perceptions of the HR directors in regard to the impact of

    the HRIS on HR processes, the time spend an various HR activities, the

    expense of HR activities level and use of information within the

    organization the role of HR department and strategic decision making

    little empirical investigation has been conducted on these topics. While in

    previous reached has assessed satisfaction with in the amount of usage of

    HRIS system (Haines and petit, 1997) and the types of application for

    which HRIS is used (Elliott and Tevavichulada, 1999) Ball 2001) few

    any empirical studies have addressed the issue of concern the current

    study. The item an the survey were generated based upon suggestion


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    developed from review of the generate previous literature in general, and

    Watson, wyatt (2001) and feigenbaum (1983) in particular in regard to



    1-Items used in the survey Response key-

    (i)Strongly disagree

    (ii) Disagree

    (iii) Natural

    (iv) Agree

    (v) Strongly agree


    1- I am actively involved with the human resource

    informant an system (HRIs)

    2- Over all I am satisfied with our HRIS

    3- The employees of the Human Resource (HR)

    department appear to be satisfied with our HRIS

    4- Our HRIS has decreased the time spend on


    5- Our HRIs has diereses the time spend an training.

    6- Our HRIs has decreased the time spend am making

    staff decision.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    7- Our HR employees understand how to use the

    Human Resource information system.

    8- Our HRIs has made our HR decision making more


    9- Our HRIs has made the HR department more

    important to the institution.

    10- We are satisfied with the employment of our HRIs.

    19- Our HRIs has decreased the time spend processing paper


    20- Correcting errors.

    21- Our HRIs decreased cost per hire

    22- Our HRIs decreased training expenses.

    23- Our HRIs decreased recruiting expenses.

    24- Our HRIs decreased data input expenses

    25- Our HRIs has decreased the overall HIR staff salary


    26- We are satisfied with the way in which system upgrades

    have been installed.

    a. Strongly disagrees

    b. Natural

    c. Agree


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    d. Strongly agree

    e. Not applicable

    27- System upgrades have improved the HRIS system.

    Strongly disagree



    Strongly agree

    Not applicable


    The function of Human Resource department is generally

    administrative and common to all organization may have

    formalized selection, evolution any payroll processes. Efficient and

    effective management of Human capital progressed to an

    increasingly imperative and complex process.

    The HR function consists of tracking existing employee data which

    traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities

    accomplishment and salary.

    To reduce the manual workload of the administrative activities,

    organization began to electronically automate many of these


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    processes by introducing specialized human resource management


    HR executive rely an internal or external IT professional to

    develop and maintain and integrated HRMS. Before the client

    serve architecture evolved in the late 1980s many HR Automation

    processes were relegated to mainframe computers that could

    handle large mounts of data transactions

    In consequence of the high capital investment necessary to buy or

    programme proprietary software these internally developed HRMS

    were limited to organization that possessed a large amount of

    capital. The advent of client server. Application service provider,

    and software as a services seas or Human Resource Management

    system enabled increasingly higher administrative control of such


    Currently Human Resource Management system encompass-

    1. Payroll

    2. Work time

    3. Appraisal performance

    4. Benefit administration

    5. HR management Information system

    6. Training, learning management system.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    7. Recruitment

    8. Performance Record

    9. Employee self service

    The Pay roll module automates. The pay process by gathering data

    on employee time and attendance calculating various deductions and

    taxes, and generating periodic pay cheques and employee tax reports.

    Data is generally automatic from the Human Resource and time keeping

    modules to calculate automatic deposited and manual cheque writing

    capabilities. This modules com encompass all employee related

    transactions as well as integrate with existing financial management


    The work time modules

    Standardized time and work related efforts. The most advanced

    modules provided board flexibility in data collection methods, labor

    distribution capabilities and data analysis feature cost analysis and

    efficiency retrace are the primary function.

    The benefits administration module

    Provide a system for organizations to administer and track

    employee participation in benefit programmed. These typically

    encompass insurance compensation profit sharing and retirement.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    The HR Management Module

    Is a component covering many other HR aspacts from application.

    The system record basic demographic and address data, selection,

    training and development, capabilities and skill management,

    composition planning records and other related activities. Leading edge

    system provide the ability to read application and enter relevant data to

    applicable database fluid nothing employee and provided position control

    management function involves the recruitment placement, evaluation

    compensation and development of the employee of an organization

    Initially business used completive based information system to-

    Produce pay cheeks and payroll reports

    Maintain personal records.

    Pursuer talent management

    Online recruiting has become one of the primary methods

    employed by HR department to genre potential candidate for

    available position within an organization Talent management

    system typically encompass.

    Analyzing personal usage with in an organization.

    Identifying potential applicants


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Recruiting through Company facing listing

    Recruiting through online recruiting cutes of publications

    that market to both recruiters & applicants

    The significant cost incurred in maintaining an organized

    recruitment cross posting within & across general or industry specified

    job boards & maintain a competitive exposure of availabilities has given

    rise to the development of a dedicated applicant tracking systems or ATS.


    The Training Module-

    Provides a system for organization administer & track employee

    training & development effort. The system, normally called a learning

    management system if a standalone product allow HR to track education

    qualifications skill of the employees or well as cutting what training

    course books, CDS, Web based learning or materials are available to

    develop which skills course can than be offered in data specific sessions

    with delegates & training resources being mapped & managed within the

    same system sophisticated IMS allow managers to approve training,

    budgets & calendars alongside performance management appraisal



  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    The Employee self service module-

    Allows employees to quarry HR related data & perform same HR

    transactions over the system. Employees may querry their attendance

    record from the system without asking the information from HR

    personnel. The module also lets supervisors approve O.T. requests from

    their subordinate through the system without overloading the task on HR


    Many organization have gone beyond the traditional functions &

    developed human resource management information system which

    support recruitment, selection, hiring job placement, performance

    appraisals employees benefit analysis, health safety & security, while

    other integrates an out soured applicant tracking system that encom

    passes a subset of the above.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Job Analysis is the process of describing & recording aspects of

    job & specifying the skills & other recruitment necessary to perform the


    Job analysis is a systematic approach to defining the job role,

    description recruitments, responsibilities, evaluated etc. It helps in

    finding out required level of education, skills, knowledge training

    etc for the job position. It also depicts the job worth i.e.

    measurable effectiveness of the jobs contribution of job to the


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    organization. Thus if effectively contributors to setting up the

    compensations package for the job position.

    Job analysis is a primary tools in personnel management. In this

    method a personnel manager tries to gather. Synthesize &

    implement the information available regarding the work force in

    the concern a personnel manger has to under take job malysis so

    as to put right man an right job.

    Importance of Job Analysis-

    Job analysis helps in allying the resources & establishing the

    strategies to accomplish the business goals strategic objectives. It forms

    the bases for demand supply malysis recruitment, compensation

    management & training need assessment & performance appraisal.

    Components of Job Analysis

    Job analysis is a systematic procedures. To analyze the requirement

    for the job role & job profile. Job analysis can be categorized into

    following subcomponents.

    Job position-

    Job refers to the designation of the job & employee in the

    organization. Job position forms an important part of the compensation

    strategy as it determine the level of the job in the organization.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    For example- Management level employees receive greater pay

    scale them non managerial employee. The non monetary benefits affareol

    to two different levels in the organization also vary.

    Job Description-

    Job description refers recruitments an organization looks for a

    particular job position. It states the key skills requirement, the level of

    experience needed level of education required etc. It also describes the

    roles & responsibility attacked with the job position. The role &

    responsibilities are key determinant factor estimating the leap of

    experience, education, skill etc required for the job. It also help in

    benchmarking the performance standards.

    Job Analysis


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Job Worth-

    Job worth refer to the estimating the job worthiness. i.e. how much

    the job contributes to the organization. It is also known as job evaluation.

    Job description is used to analyze the job worthiness. It is also known as

    job evaluation. Role & responsibilities help in determining the outcome

    from the job profile once it is determined that how much the job is worth,

    it becomes easy to define the compensation strategy for the position.

    Therefore job analysis forms an integral part in the formulation of

    compensation strategy of an organization. Organization should conduct

    the job analysis in a systematic at regular intervals. Job analysis can be

    used for setting up the compensation packages, for revering employees

    performance, determining the training needs for employees who are

    looking certain skills

    There are two outcomes of job analysis-

    1- Job description

    2- Job specification

    The information collected under job analysis is

    1. Nature of jobs required in a concern.


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    2. Nature / size of organization structure.

    3. Type of people required to fit that structure.

    4. The relationship of the job with other jobs in the concern.

    5. Kind of qualification I academic back ground required for jobs.

    6. Provision of physical condition to supports the activities of the


    For example- Separate cabins for managers special cabins for the

    supervisors, healthy condition for workers, adequate stare room for store


    Advantage of Job Analysis

    1- Job analysis helps the personnel manager at the time of

    recruitment & selection of right man or right job.

    2- It helps him to understand extent & scope of training required in

    that field.

    3- It helps in evaluation the job in which the worth of the job has

    to be evaluated.

    4- In those instances where smooth work force is required in


    5- When he has to avoid overlapping of authority responsibilities

    relationship so that distraction in chain of command doesnt



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    6- It also helps to check out the compensation plans for the


    7- It also helps the personnel manager to undertake performance

    appraisal effectively in a concern.

    A personnel manager carries analysis in too ways.

    1. Job description

    2. Job Specification

    1. Job description

    Job description is an organized of actual statement job contents in

    the form of duties & responsibilities of a specific job. The preparation of

    job description is very important before a vacancy is advertised it tell s in

    brief the nature styles of job. This type of documents is descriptive in

    nature it constitutes all these facts which are related to a job such as.

    2. Job Specification-

    Job specification is a statement which tells us minimum acceptable

    human quality which helps to perform a job. Job specification translate

    the job description in human qualification so that a job can be performed

    in a better manner. Job specification helps in hiring an appropriate person

    too an appropriate position. The contents are.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    One of the main purpose of conducting job analysis is to prepare

    job description & jab specification which in turn helps to hire the right

    quality of workforce into the organization. The general purpose of job

    analysis is to document the requirements of a job & the work performed

    job & task analysis is performed as a basic for later improvements,

    including definition job domain describing a job developing performance,

    appraisals, selection system promotion, training needs assessment &

    compensation plans. In the fluid of Human Resource (HR) & industrial

    psychology, job analysis in often used to gather information for use in

    personal selection, training classification 100% compensation the field of

    vocational rehabilitation use job analysis to determine the physical

    requirements of a job determine whether on individuals who has suffered

    same demised capacity in capable of performing the job with or with,

    same accommodation.

    Professionals, developing certification exams use job analysis

    (often called something slightly different, such as task analysis) to

    determine the elements of the domain which must be sampled in order to

    create a content valid exam. When a job analysis is conducted for the


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    purpose of valuing the job (i.e, determining the appropriate compensation

    for incumbents) this is called Job evaluation.

    Chapter 2

    Company Profile

    Bead history-

    Bead first found

    have been dated back to

    the time of emergence of

    the homo-sapiens roughly

    35000BC. The early

    beads were found to be

    made from animal bones and teeth bead used as culture objects came into

    existence b/w 33000 to 12000 years ago. By 1500 BC with the advent of

    metal tools, beads made out of semi precious stone like agate came to

    silver were discovered at the royal tombs of ur.which date back to 2600

    BC to 2100 BC.

    During this time period may places, around the warld like western,

    Asia, Egypt the Indus vally, Iron developed and used beads made out of

    bones stones metal, beads further evolved during the roman empire

    between the period of 100BC to 400AD. Glass beads seemed to have


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    came into existence during this period, at factories in Syria. Egypt. Italy,

    Switzerland Buring the first century BC, with the advent of the blow

    pipe, the techniques in glass bead making

    were revolutionized, giving great forms

    and decorative styles.

    Historical Background

    As Mr. Kanhiya Lal Gupta, the founder of

    this firm was very much interested in the

    development of the society industry, was always in search of the

    technologist. Fortunately he visited Mr. and Mrs. Two renowned

    technologist of Czechoslovakia. Banana beads manufacturing company

    established in 1940. Later it was incorporated as a private limited

    company on 10th April 1980 .Subsequently it become a deemed public Ltd

    company by virtue of section 43(A) (I) of the companies act, 1956 act and

    obtained a certificate with a changed name Banaras Beads Lmited on

    26 Oct. 1994 the company was converted into public company.

    Company initially its operation with manufacturing of glass beads

    and imitation jewelry and than diversified into wooden products. Skills

    products, hard knotted, woolen carpets and drug, get, handicraft and

    leather I arments & accessories.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    The Company expert turnover during 1989-1980 was approx 92-5

    million but during fiscal year it has reached to make of about 150 million.

    The company heads office is located at Varanasi. The Company is

    professionally managed company. There are four directors in the

    company. There are four directors in the Company namely Sheri Ashok

    Kumar Gupta Chairman & the managing director Shri Ashok kumar

    kapoor, Shri Praveen sing shri tammay dava are non executive directors.

    Shri Ashok kumarGupta manage overall control of the company. The

    company is manufacturing glass beads necklace, earring, fashion

    accessories, wooden carpet, and artificial silk. The company has over 30

    associated manufacturing of handicrafts, silk fabrics etc. working under

    its technical expert and quality control.

    Existing Stytem-

    BBL has implements S/w which should help them in managing

    everything in fingertips of its entire employee. Basically their work start

    from making section where they are having many group who are having

    their allotted country foreign to work an although they comate order from

    other country too but preferably they have to concentrate an their allotted

    countries. Marketing group usually have a marketing head their assistant

    and their operators and complete group usually allotted a target in terms

    of order value and new customer group. The value of target can be


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    allotted order operator of marketing personal takes order operator of

    marketing group prepare sales contract and supervisor check the same

    and authorities the order to be forwarded to customer. Then they send

    contract to customer by mail and after that customer sign on contract &

    return is by fax or mail. All these information they use to store with


    In case of items is going to be manufacturing they prepare the job

    card production card; in case of items is going to be purchase a purchase

    order is to be issued to individual party and in case of item is coming

    from stock then on indent is going to be raised. In all case items might be

    not the same as required in order like suppose in order a red color 10 mim

    is there then they will issue the items from stock but same compulsory

    instruction issued from processing for that item will match exactly as per

    requested in order. After every processing we usally check quality of the

    item and differentiate in OK.

    And final product received from procurement department its

    packing starts & sometimes quacking as per an our standard packaging

    but mostly packaging is as per customer requirement. After this they

    generate packing slip case no. with net weight and gross weight after

    which they generate invoice and other document the usually required in

    case of export as well as local sale. Finally for all these stock movement


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    that finally for all these stock movement that finally generate revenue for

    them, them is main motive of my profit making organization they usually

    take advantage that govt provide either by lower price purchase only

    import against export against same declaration of by default.

    Marketing Module-

    BBL marketing team divided into the no. of groups and each group

    has manager & asst manages every group assigned a few countries for


    Sales Marketing Report-

    Sales contract Report

    Manufacturing order Report

    Working sheet Report

    Production card report

    Countries Report

    And many more report as per

    Attached document.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Production Module-

    After recovery Report sheet from marketing department and

    production department as active and starts its process. At first thy divide

    their work in three parts-

    2. Stock check

    3. Job work

    4. Sales and purchase method.

    Production Report-

    - Production card Report

    - Purchase order report

    - Challan report

    - Glass issue report

    - Bead receipt report

    - Issue slip

    - Glass bead ledger report

    Washing Department-

    They do number of process according to customers requirement

    washing policing etc. here we use chemical.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Guthai Department

    It is called stringing department. In that department issue through

    challan and receipt is there as we follow for vender as we do in job work

    for bead mfg.

    Packing department-

    It receives items from vender, all items move to packing dept. for

    leader, bar code tagging etc. After that we make packing slip and send to

    met dept.

    Export / Documentation department

    After receive packing lest and check list documentation, that

    department prepare in voice challenge and other relevant document for


    -check list report

    - packing list report

    -Documents details report

    -Invoice report

    -challan report

    -Drawback report

    -export value declaration report


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Purchase department-

    It is a in two different department.

    They usally product related material

    purchase through guthai department head

    and 2nd which is not relented to production

    item purchase order make through mkt dept.


    Finance department-

    User wanted to work ERP same like Tally only one report is

    providing by finance department. As discussion with finance department

    user they want addition modification (deletion provision in vouchers)

    Store Department-

    It is divided into different location & they can managing to store

    finish goods as well as raw materials start too. Over here stare must be

    received against some indent at same. Please we how to generate.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Payroll Report-

    - Bio data Report

    - Balance level Report

    - Salary register report

    - Statement of P.F. Report

    - Salary statement Report

    - Bonus statement Report

    - Form 6A formate Report


    Banaras beads care competency with concentrate and centre of

    attractive only for the customer. It main focus I am customer and in

    flexible enough to work according to the customer needs. It believes in

    long term relationship business than one time business with their


    Corporate Policy-

    Quality means fitness for the intended purpose in all aspect of the

    Company activities. It is the company policy to many factoring & export

    goods which company with the customers needs. The company will strive

    to meet the needs of its customer through the continous process of quality



  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    CHAPTER -3

    Product Profile

    Glass beads-

    Glass beads industry in India is in exist for

    400 years with manufacturing concentration in

    Varanasi. Although 0 the total production of

    glass. Beads in India nearly 40% is expected &

    crest 60% is consumed locally. BBL is the one of

    the major Indian depart of glass beads Industry 1995-97 the volume of

    export by the company constitute over 80% of the total expert from the



    BBL is also dealing with the

    stuffed leather animals bells, art

    wares, chromic, stands wooden toys,

    decorative items cooper & wares

    Jewelry box etc. They keep the updated style.


    BBL is leading manufacture & exporter of the state of the art hand

    knotted woolen carpet, special ring performer multi types of person


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    design of other in asserted color & design right from 3/30 to 1680 quality,

    bidjar kasha designs.

    Silver Jewelry-

    The division is headed by Mrs. Pushpa

    Gupta & company is exported some silver

    jewelry, earning branches etc.

    Silk Textile-

    BBL has expanded his business from glass beads to silk currently.

    BBL is dealing with Indus natural silk goods had printed duptta, sraves

    and cushion etc.

    Types of Beads

    -Bone and Harm Beads

    -Chevron beads

    -Four natural beads

    -Fire polished beads

    -Frunance glass beads

    -Fusible beads

    -Lucite beads

    -Lead crystal beads

    -Lamp wark beads

    -Trade beads


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    -Tagus beads

    -Pressed glass beads.


    It is the unique specially retail formate where customer do not just

    buy product for satisfy a need, they are actually typing to fulfill an

    emotional pampering need of creativity a life style with the prevent trend

    in market.

    De-Lemon Franchise Plan-

    - Company owed franchise

    - Operated

    -Franchise owned franchise operated

    - Franchise owned company operated

    Company Aim-


    - Customer delight

    - Customer services

    Company Vision-

    Develop and provide handicrafts & related products accordingly to

    standards, at competitive price integrating with innovative & technologies

    contribute towards arts.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Company Objectives-

    To promote manufacture, production process, Develop, design buy,

    sales exchange, alter, improve, assemble, export, import, deal in all

    kind of handicraft inclusive of bead made from glass, wood, brass,

    plastic, black glass, glass rod, glass tubing & such other kind as

    may be deemed necessary or expedient for the company too

    undertake & develop.

    To manufacture decision develop, engineer, process process cell,

    exchange alter improve, manipulate prepare import or otherwise

    deal in any all kind of silicate sodium and other chemical product

    or their component

    To establish carry an extender develop the business of manufacture

    buying, ceiling, distributing importing, or otherwise deal in nature.

    Required by airport industry, leather goods plastic work, fruits dry

    fruits silk and carry on forward and ready business from immediate

    of further order.

    To come for performer excellence in the diversification business.

    To embed quality in all sequence and process.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    Production according to stock established for handicraft items.

    Searching new market through handicraft fair organized by

    different country by participating.

    Lowering the cost of production so that the manufacturing ost can

    be cut short.

    Acquiring recent technology and hiring person who are use to with

    their technologies.

    Company believes in long time relationship business.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta














    n ManagerIndustrial












    Organization structure

    Boards of Director


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Human Resource and Industrial relation-

    The industrial relation were very cordial throughout the year

    measure for safety of the employee, training welfare & development

    performance continue to received top priorities by-

    To enhance commitment of employee by recognizing & rewarding

    high performance.

    To build & sustain learning organizing of competent ward class


    Out Look-

    In this circumstances to increase turnover of the company, the

    management of the company decided to carry retails business under the

    trade name and style-de-lemon through retails counters shop stores

    purchase & any other made in India and around retail stores like

    management, max hyper market pantaloon retail India etc.

    Growth in Human Resource-

    Years Growth HR

    2005-06 155 Employees

    2006-07 158 Employees

    2007-08 151 Employees

    2008-09 150 Employees

    2009-10 325 Employees

    2010-11 325 Employees

    2011-2012 320 Employees

    Problem being faced by the organization-


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    - Some employee is lazy which affected the work of the


    - Wastage of the raw materials

    - Some employee have lack of confidence

    - Unexpected demand of the employee.

    - High export duty.

    Satisfaction of the BBL employee-

    - There are many area are affect satisfaction & dissatisfaction


    ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation

    It is a unique multidimensional self financing social security

    scheme in which every contributions is a benefactor a beneficiary.

    1- Benefit of Employ-

    - Medical benefit

    - Sickness benefit

    - Maternity benefit

    - Employee injury benefit


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    - Dependence benefit

    - Funeral expenses.

    - Old Age Medicare

    - Vocational rehabilitation

    - Rehabilitation allowances.

    ESIThe Employees state insurance scheme is a unique

    multidimensional sell financing social security in which every

    contributor is a benefactor. & a beneficiary. This integrated scheme

    of health insurance provides comprehensive medical cover & cash

    benefits in the contingencies of sickness, maternity, disablement &

    death due to employment injury to the insured persons & their

    dependants. The EST Act, 1948 Provided the conceptual break

    through in the development of a social-Security Scheme.

    Finances: - The Scheme is funded by contributions emanating from

    employees & employers of covered factories & establishments &

    employers are as under :-

    1. Employees Contribution :- 1.75 percent of the wages.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    2. Employers Contribution :- 4.75 percent of the wages the

    state governments care of EST beneficiaries.

    Benefits of Employees :- The Social Security No. 102 of the

    International labour conference on 28.05.1952, defined nine

    branches of social security benefits.

    The Employees state insurance corporation has already

    adopted & extended Five Major Benefits to the insured workers.

    The scheme is based in the principle of single Contribution,

    Single administration for comprehensive package of social security

    benefits that include.

    1. Medical Benefit

    2. Sickness Benefit

    3. Maternity Benefit

    4. Employment Injury Benefit

    a) Temporary Disablement Benefit

    b) Permanent Disablement Benefit

    5. Dependants Benefit


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    In addition the Scheme also provides some, after need bored benefits

    to insured worker. These include.

    i) Funeral expenses

    ii) Rehalrilitation allowance

    iii)Old age medicare


    Benefits under the scheme:-

    Medical Benefits :- The Scheme provides full range of medical

    care, namely.

    i) Out-patient services, ii) Specialists Services. & iii)

    Hospital Services, through a network of dispensaries, diagnostic

    centers & EST Hospitals, etc.

    All Insured persons & members of their milieus are entitled to

    full & comprehensive medical care package consisting of-

    i) Out-patient treatment

    ii) Domilciaist Treatment (treatment by visits at their residences)

    iii)Specialist Consultation


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    iv)In-patient treatment

    v) Free supply of drugs, dressings, artificial limbs, aids &


    vi)X-ray & laboratory investigations

    vii) Vaccination & preventive inoculations,

    viii) Ante-natal care, conficement & port-natal care. Ambulance

    Service or conveyance charges for going to hospitals,

    diagnostic central etc. wherever admissible.

    ix)Family welfare services & other notional health programme


    x) Medical Certification.

    xi)Special provisions including super specialist facilities.

    Infrastructure (MEDICAL)

    The medical care under the employees state insurance scheme

    is provided both through the service (direct pattern) as well as the

    indirect method using the panel system, under the services system,

    about 1442 dispensaries have been set up all over the country. In the


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    panel system, 3076 private Clinics of medical practitioners provide

    treatment to the beneficiaries.

    Medical infrastructure under the EST scheme as an 31.3 2003

    S.No. Particulars As on 31.03.2003

    1. No. of hospitals 142

    2. No. of annexes 43

    3. No. of beds in

    a) EST Hasp/annexes 23,500

    b) Govt. & other hospitals 3,800

    4. a) No. of dispensaries 1,447

    b) No. of Clinics of IMPS 2,987



    1. Sickness Benefits: - Sickness Benefit represents periodical

    payments mode to an insured person during the period of

    certified sickness. To qualify for this benefit contribution

    should have been paid for atleast half the number of days in

    the relevant contribution period. The maximum duration of

    availing sickness Benefit is 91 days in two consecutive benefit


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    periods. The Sickness benefit rate is roughly equivalent to

    50% of the overage daily wage of an ensured person.

    After exhausting the sickness Benefit payable upto 91 day, an

    insured person if suffering from tuber culosis leprosy, mental

    & malignant diseases or any other specified long-term disease

    is entitled to extended sickness Benefit at a higher rate of

    about 70% of average daily wage for a further period of 124

    days two years provided he has been in contiguous service for

    a period of 2 years or mare in a factory or establishment to

    which the provisions of the Act apply & fulfils the

    contributory conditions as per the corporations resolution.

    The lest of these long-term discuses is constantly reviewed by

    the corporation on the recommendations of the Hedical Benefit

    Council & includes 29 discuses presently.

    2. Maternity Benefit: - Maternity Benefit implies periodical

    payment to on insured woman in case of confinement or mis-

    casoiage or sickness arising out of pregnancy, confinement,

    pre-mature birth of child or mis-carriage certified by a duly


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    appointed medical officer or mid-mile. For entitlement to

    maternity benefit, the insured women should, have contributed

    for not less thon eighty days in the immediately preceding two

    consecutive contribution periods Corresponding to the

    benefit period in which the confinement occurs or

    it is expected to occur. The daily rate of benefit is

    double the standard sickness benefit rate.

    Maternity Benefit is payable for a maximum

    period of 12 weeks in case of confinement, b

    weeks in case of mix-carriage & additional one

    month in case of sickness.

    3. Disablement Benefit :- in case of temporary

    disability arising out of an employment injury,

    Disablement Benefit is omissible to an insured so

    certified by the insurance medical officer

    insurance Medical practitioner for which the

    insured person does not work for wages. The

    benefit is not subject to any contributory

    condition & is payable at a rate equivalent to


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    about 70% of the doily average wages. The

    benefit is however, not payable if the in capacity

    does not exceed 3doys excluding the date of


    The rates of Disablement Benefit are

    determined in accordance with the provisions of

    Rule 57 of EST (Central) Rules, 1991.

    4. Dependents Benefit :- Periodical pension is

    paid do dependant of an insured person who dies

    as a result of an employment injury. The widow

    receives monthly pension for life or until

    remarriage, at a fixed rate equivalent to 3/5th of

    the disablement benefit rate & coeh child is paid

    on amount equivalent to 215th

    there of until Lel

    she attains 18 years of age, provided that till the

    infirmly lasts. The Benefit is not payable to

    married daughters. In case the insured persons

    dose not have behind any widow or child the


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Benefit is payable to other dependants. The

    amount of pension paid to the dependents of

    deceased insured person is linked with the cost of

    living index & periodical increases are sanctioned

    from time to time.

    5. Funeral Expenses :- Funeral expenses are in

    the upto a maximum of Rs. 1500/- made to defray

    the expenditure on the funeral of a decreased

    inserted person. The amount is paid either to the

    eldest surviving member of the family or, in his

    absence, to the person who actually incurs the

    expenditure on the funeral.

    6. Rehabilitation Allowance :- the corporation

    vide its resolution dated 22.12.1979 has decided

    to grout Rehabilitation Allowance to the insured

    persons for each day on which they, remain

    admitted in an artificial limb centre on the rates,

    which generally conform to double the standard


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Benefit rate. The above benefit was introduced

    with effect from 1.1.1980.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    EPF (Employee Pension Funds)

    The object of EPF (1952) act is the institute of the compulsory

    contributory provident fund pension insurance for employee presently

    these scheme are in operator funds organization.

    - Employee provident fund Scheme (1952)

    - Employee Pension Scheme (1995)

    - Employee deposit link insurance (1976)

    3- GSlI (Group Saving Link insurance

    In this policy they return to employee the saving part which is

    65% of salary. The ensured the per each 1000 equivalent a premium


    4- Group Gratuity Scheme-

    A employee is entitled to gratuity when he is complete his services

    of the 5 years

    5- Reward/Recognition-

    There are two types of reward that are financial and non-financial.

    - Financial increasing salary orientation non financial promotion.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Quick View

    Company Name Banaras Beads LimitedAddress A-1 industrial estate, Varanasi 221

    106(UP) India

    Phone No. 0542-2370161-164

    Email- [email protected]

    Website- www.Banarasheads.comBusiness established by Company In the year 1940

    Founder of company Mr. Kanahiya Lal gupta

    Main Director Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta

    Company States ISO certified Company

    Unit G.T. Road Tandia

    Village, Kamadandi) Varanasi

    Branch Office C-144, East of Kailesh, New Delhi

    Companys Product Glass, beads, handicrafts, silver

    Jewelry, necklace, born bead

    wooden beads

    Product Brand Name De-Leman

    Plan machinery Installed indigenous imported


    No. of employee Direct enrolled 133 & Indirect

    More than thousand

    Turnover & profit during this year Rs. 30Crore

  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    Research Methodology of the project

    Research methodology of project-

    R.M. refer to method research has uses in performing research

    operation in this I have studied the various steps that are generally

    adopted by a researcher in studying their search problem along with the

    logic behind them, when I talk of research method I also consider to logic

    behind the method.

    Problem Formulation-

    - Demand of the employee increasing day by day.

    - Employee are now consider the job specification & job description

    before the job.

    - Right person for right job.

    - Facilities essential for normal working condition lacking some how


    - Working shift are lengthy.

    - Skilled employees are required.

    - Employee are considering security in addition of their work


    - Maintenance of the report & analysis of employee information.

    - Applicant tracking & resume management.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    - Satisfaction is necessary for its employee to do work with free


    Objective of Project-

    - To adopt web based Human resource management system solution.

    - To ensure fair terms to the employee.

    - To know the communication process in the organization.

    - To know the problem solving attitude of the management.

    - To study the working condition of the employee in standard


    - To make an HR assessment of HR practices.

    - To prevent the dispute between employer & employee so that

    production might not be hindered.

    Scope of project:

    The present study on Human resource information system & Job

    analysis has been conducted in Varanasi Banaras Beads Limited The

    work is limited to the study of The scheme of Analysis of job &

    employee & its effectiveness in achieving its desired objectives in the

    project. Relevant data have been collected & analyzed & then broad

    generalization was mode.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    This topic is covering he facilities of service condition, analysis of

    employee selection of Human resource information technology, employee

    data management & human resource administration etc.

    1. The scope of study is limited to B.B. Ltd.

    2. The people consulted belong to B.B.Ltd.

    Research Design

    Every research project conducted scientifically has a specific

    framework for controlling data collection. The frame work is called the

    research design. Research design is the arrangement of condition for

    collection & analysis of data in a manner that aim to combine relevance

    to the research purpose with economy in the procedure. This research was

    more exploratory & less descriptive in nature. Exploratory because it

    helps in discovering new ideas & insights & also to obtain the

    relationship between variables & new ideas relating to the research

    problem. It is also up to some extent descriptive because it includes

    survey & fact finding enquiries of different kinds also it helps in

    descriptive research. There is no control over variable one can only report

    what has happened or what is happening.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Data Collection

    Data was collected from primary Source are on secondary data was

    available. Structured direct interview were conducted with each

    respondent on a personal contact basis. A questionnaire has been

    formulated & questions asked in the prearranged order. The interview

    was semi formal in nature & answer were recorded in uniform manner.

    The questionnaire was formulated in such a way that it was that it was

    clear, concise & easy for the employee to understand.

    Period of Study : 5 Years

    Method of Study :

    Research Design : Survey Method

    Research Method : Questionnaire Method

    Survey Techniques : Personal Interview

    Sampling Unit : Employees

    Source of Information:

    - Primary Data

    - Secondary Data

    Primary Data:

    For this I refer to personal interviews general discussion with the

    employee. I prepared a format of questionnaire related to various issues a

    copy of the questionnaire is added in the appendix.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Sampling Plane:


    Target population of the study included the all population of


    Sample Size:

    Universe (all the worker population was under consideration)

    Data Analysis Technique:

    Quantitative technique is used for data analyses.

    Data Analysis Tools:

    Pie chart & bar charts are used.

    Secondary Data:

    For this I refereed to company manuals, book & journals, company

    profile & employment forms.

    Annual reports


    Website of the company


    Statistical Tools &technique

    Graphical presentation

    Tabulation of Data


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Limitation of Study:

    - Data of B.B.L. Varanasi (Varanasi is the main branch of

    B.B.L. but its data is not published separately)

    - Some offers were hesitating of providing information.

    - Finding are conditional

    - Limitation of the statistical tools.

    - The secondary data required for the study is also limited.

    - Workers are not talking as much interested for filling


    - Authenticity of response was not utmost good faith.

    Significance of Study:


    - Company will achieve its target easily & on time

    - Company improves team work as employee get to know each other


    - Higher quality product & services due to providing social security

    by the organization.

    - Goodwill of company will increase.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    - Good will of company will increase thus industry would be more

    competitive regarding social security for workers.

    - Industry finds it more comfortable regarding scaling &

    implementation of HRIS & Job analysis for employee.

    - Optimum utilization of skilled employee

    - Industry will adopt the concept of LPG (Liberalization,

    privatization, Globalization).


    More energetic employee

    Worker would more productive

    Benefit which the company provide to workers


    It is easier for government to check different parameter applied in

    different organization industry related job analysis of the employee

    Government will make low for safeguard & interest of employee.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    Analysis of Project Data

    Analysis of Data

    (Preparation of table & interpretation)

    A ) Organization mymt & Leadership-

    1. Employee has confidence in the leadership of the organization.

    Yes 80

    No 0

    Cant Say 20


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    2. Manager Creates a Sense of teamwork spirit

    Yes 85

    No 0

    Cant Say 15


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    3. Organization follow the team work & leadership culture.

    B) Benefit-

    1. The benefit the employee receive are reasonable.

    Yes 40

    No 0

    Cant Say 60


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    2.The benefit offered provide security & satisfaction form & my


    Yes 35

    No 0

    Cant Say 65


    There is a good dialog relation in the between superior &

    subordinate but worker are not satisfied with benefit provided.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    C) Communication-

    1. Employee can speak freely to their superiors on a variety of


    Yes 83

    No 0

    Cant Say 17


    1. One part of family responsibility workers are not satisfied but

    can freely speak to their superiors.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    2. Co-worker & subordinate are willing to listen to their ideas.

    Yes 84

    No 0

    Cant Say 16


    The majority of employee said that their co-worker & subordinate

    listen to them carefully. It shows the good relationship between the three

    superiors, co-workers & subordinate.

    3. Superiors have excellent interpersonal skills.

    Yes 85


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    No 0

    Cant Say 15


    Superiors having interpersonal skill & also listen to new ideas.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    D) Problem Solving-

    1. Organization focuses on solving the problem instead of finding


    Yes 60

    No 0

    Cant Say 40


    Communication is good b/w the co-worker & superiors but

    problem solving depends upon situational factor.

    2. Employee work to anticipate problem & develop appropriate



  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Yes 65

    No 0

    Cant Say 35


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    3. Employee work together to short out the problem-

    Yes 85

    No 0

    Cant Say 15


    Over all we can find out that co-ordination is good.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    E) pay/Wages-

    1. Company maintains the competition pay & benefit packages.

    Yes 40

    No 0

    Cant Say 60


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    2. Employee are satisfied with the level of pay, they received-

    Yes 46

    No 0

    Cant Say 34


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    3. Company paid timely & fairly according to employees work.

    Yes 55No 0

    Cant Say 45


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    F) Performance:

    1. Performance incentives are clearly linked to standard & goals:

    Yes 85

    No 0

    Cant Say 15


    It represents only the half of the employees think that the

    performance incentives are based on standards & goals.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    G)Job Satisfaction-

    1. The job is given to employee is according to his skill &


    Yes 45

    No 0

    Cant Say 55


    Employees are not satisfied with performance assessment & job

    satisfaction is also very low.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    2. Employee received personal satisfaction from doing a good job.

    Yes 59

    No 0

    Cant Say 41


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    H) Reward/Recognition:

    1. Employee are recognize for good work performance by


    Yes 49

    No 0

    Cant Say 51


    Good work appraisal is only for situational purpose for getting

    more work from employees.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    I) Training & Development-

    1. Company invert in employee through training & development.

    Yes 49

    No 0

    Cant Say 51


    Now organization is recognizing the need of training & the

    problem & workers an also equally participated.




  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    The study is based on the information the by upper level employee

    as well as low level employee through personal interviews.

    In this firm every department is computerized, are many advanced

    computer system packages are available in this company, very

    good working facilities are provided

    The organization has held high position in beads & carpet export

    trades. This concern is exercising program day by day.

    It is concern which export & salary its product to foreign parties &

    in domestic market.

    As a matter of fact all working of the company depends on the

    efficiency & devotion of the employee & owner the company.

    The Company Banaras Beads Limited has a good reputation in foreign

    country. It produce high quality of product, when it comes to enjoy a

    good market share then we see that is not so good because producing the

    goods quality of product is not only their criteria to capture market BBL

    does not enjoy the domestic channel market so it is unable to ensure

    proper & timely delivery of their products to customer as a results

    customer do not have faith on it.

    CHAPTER -7



  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    - The first they I found that employee are very co-operative with

    each other

    - Waste raw materials is used in various ways.

    - Commerce is flitted in each & every departments.

    - The working condition which employee are working

    Air condition facilities

    Water cooler facilities

    Tea for refreshment

    Rest Room.

    - Limited number of female employee

    - Worker is not allowed to leave that place to go out until they

    have the gate press.

    - Painting done an the beads is done by the beads not by


    - There is no proper washroom facilities for separates department

    To know the benefit provided by the BBC


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    1. BBL provided wages, salaries employee state insurance maternity,

    EPF & sick, benefit to employee during their services period

    2. At the time of retirement benefit provide by BBL to its employee

    are EPF & LIC gratuity & EPF)

    3. After retirement BBL provide EPF & insurance benefit


    Dissatisfied 0%

    Natural- 00%


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    CHAPTER -8


    Dress code should be there for all the workers & staff.

    A good first aid room with all facilities should be there.

    Drinking water should be available at all the places so that he staff

    wouldnt have to call the peon for water.

    The company should get the glass beads manufacture sample itself

    in its factory instead of getting than produce outside, they will save

    & in getting the work down.

    There should be good canteen.

    Time is major constraint in todays business, so BBL should ensure

    that the produce & deliver in time.

    Far new design of beads the expert should participate in the trade

    for organization in abroad where latest design are display.

    It is suggested that the top management should aim at reducing the

    unnecessary burden & go for more professional in management of the

    company by employing better qualified staff linking MBAA from

    different renewed institute to handle the job related to production,

    marketing, sales distribution & financial, management.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    Last but not the least I would like do mention the additional

    sources, which provide to be very helpful for me to get through my


    Human resource management & marketing department:

    1. Brochure of the BBL

    2. Booklet of BBL

    3. Employees database

    4. Sales contract

    5. Manufacturing order Report

    6. Green Card Report

    7. Stores Manual



    [email protected]


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta



    HRM VSP Rao

    HRM (text & causes) K. Aswathappo

    RM C.R. Kothari

    MM Kotler


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Sample Job Analysis checklist


    Activity Frequency

    O D W M

    Types labels, letter, envelopes & invoices

    Determine layout & format, & type in

    Finished format

    Set up on type financial & statistical reports

    Take dictation & transcribe

    Prepare meeting & conference room

    Maintain process, distribute, & update

    Records, files & documents.

    Maintain confidential records & files

    & handle confidential correspondence

    & records.

    Prepare, process, & verify invoices, bills,

    Checks & receipts

    Maintain & report expense account activity

    Receive &welcome visitors, & refer

    To appropriate parties:


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Maintain & update mailing list

    Enter data electronically & verify

    Process payroll records

    Perform calculations post & verify figures,

    Trace & adjust errors

    Orient & train new employee

    Schedule work per coworkers as


    Handle cash & negotiable instruments

    Maintain cash box

    Sign legal documents

    Maintain procedures & information


    Develop operating budget for


    Research, tabulate & summarize information

    Of routine, periodic or special reports

    Present finding in oral or written form.

    Records & verify entries or account

    Journals, logs & general ledgers

    Balance accounts & reconcile statements


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    Indicate the equipment that is operated as a regular part of the

    responsibilities of the job:

    Calculator Camera Cash register/Petty cash

    Computer Dictation equipment Facsimile machine

    Microfilm equipment Photocopier Portage machine

    Security equipment Sorter Switchboard

    Word processor

    Other equipment: --------------

    Checklist of Routine managerial / supervisory duties

    1. Analyze, on a periodic basis, workload & personnel needs of an

    organizational unit.

    2. Recommend changes in the staff level of the work unit.

    3. Review documentation for new positions & positions that hav been


    4. Obtain approval to modify positions

    5. Interview candidates for employment & make hiring decision or


    6. Orient new subordinates concerning policy & procedures, work

    rules & performance expectation level. Review position



  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    7. Plan delegate, communicate & control work assignments & special

    projects concerning subordinates.

    8. Establish & maintain specific work goals & objectives or

    quantitative & qualitative work standard to be achieved by


    9. Train, develop & motivate subordinates to improve current

    performance & to prepare for higher-level jobs.

    10. Determine significant changes in responsibilities & major duties of

    subordinates by reviewing their job responsibilities on an rgular


    11.Evaluate the performance of subordinates. Document & discuss

    present & post performance with each direct report keep supervisor

    informed of results.

    12.Review sabries of subordinates & recommend changes according

    to policy & procedures.

    13. Recommend personnel action such as promotions, performance

    onwards, demotions etc. according to budget guidance & policy.

    14.Advise superiors & subordinates of developments that impact job

    duties. Ensure proper communication

    15.Maintain discipline, recommend & administer corrective action

    according to policy & procedures.


  • 7/29/2019 Tripti Gupta


    16.Communicate & administer personnel programs in accordance with

    design & objectives

    17.Maintain proper documentation on all subordinates.