A world without bottled water

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A rather biased, yet scientifically accurate look at the wonderful world of An opinion by oe er and brought to life by

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Bottled water is one of the biggest industries on the planet. It's also one of the biggest threats to it. Most just don't know the truth of the situation. Here they are! In just a few, short slides.

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  • A rather biased, yet scientically accurate look at the wonderful world of An opinion by bo led water and brought to life by
  • There are two reasons to drink bottled water instead of tap water:
  • Its super convenient! Its another accessory to match your popped collar and wayfarers 1. 2.
  • But, here are 10 reasons why you shouldnt (And should drink tap water, instead)
  • Buying bottled water is the same as buying bo led air 1. WATCH THE VIDEO!
  • The bottled water industry is lying to you 2.
  • Bottled water is the most environmentally responsible consumer product in the world. (They had to remove this advert) Nestl said: most water bottles... are recycled. MORE INFO!
  • What a pile of
  • In America, the UK and even in South Africa the quality controls on tap water are far more stringent than those on bottled water, which are almost non-existent. Tap water is just as safe as bottled water 3.
  • Is tested for ecoli VS Required to provide source Required to provide quality reports Can still be distributed when standards not met LINK HERE!
  • Nearly one in ve tested waters contained more bacteria than allowed under microbiological-purity "guidelines Four waters violated the federal bottled water standards for excessive uoride and coliform bacteria In eight cases arsenic was found at a level of potential health concern A recent NRDC study on bo led water found that LINK HERE!
  • 4. filtered tap water Almost half the bottled water produced is actually just
  • A picture of a mountain doesnt mean it comes from a mountain In fact, it rarely does
  • These guys (among others) had to change their labelling to avoid further legal action LINK HERE!
  • Tap water actually tastes be er (believe it or not) 5.
  • In a blind taste test, tap water consistently comes out as the best tasCng. Weird, huh? FULL TEST HERE!
  • costs a LOT more than tap water Bottled water 6.
  • $0.30 $290 About 1, 500% more $330 $10 + $190 $570 set up cost Per 1 000 Litre Spring water Mineral water Demineralised water Tap water
  • Thats kinda like paying $70 for a Kit-Kat
  • Plastic is choking the planet (A lot of which comes from the bottled water industry) 7.
  • In America alone, 5 million plastic bottles are used, and discarded, every hour (This image is a portion of that amount) MORE CHRIS JORDAN ART!
  • Filthy Plastic Packaging Only 1 out of 6 bottles get recycled, which means 5 out of 6 end up in landlls Probably in India For the next 1000 years or so
  • We could be (literally) breathing a lot easier 8.
  • Nasty, smelly air Creating plastic for the water industry results in 2.5 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions annually. Thats almost 1/10th of all the CO2 produced every year
  • Creating that plastic uses a LOT of oil 9.
  • Dirty, dirty oil The amount of oil needed to produce one bo-le of water? Fill a quarter of that bottle with oil thats how much. The amount of water required? Three times the amount youll drink from it. Oil needed to make one wee water bottle
  • In fact, the oil used to produce those cheap, one-time-use plastic bottles for your water For a year. Vroom could fuel a million cars.
  • San Francisco is making the change San Franciscos Board of Supervisors are ready to enact one of the strictest bans on water in the naCon. Recently, the proposal became law, and plasCc water bo-les smaller than 21 ounces will no longer be allowed on city property starCng Oct. 1, 2014. LINK HERE!
  • Water is a nite resource, and there are those who are (literally) 10. dying for a drink
  • There are almost a billion people across the globe without access to clean water; thats 1 in 8
  • Reading at a normal speed, 5 children have died from a water related issue, since you started this
  • To the bottled water industrys privatisation-for-prot of the most basic human necessity (Ok, not all of it, but a fairly big chunk. And that chunk could be put to better use) Where do you suppose all that water is going?
  • So, what can we do about it?
  • 1. Stop buying bo led water. (Its that easy)
  • Save money! Save the planet! Save the lives of small African children! (kidding sort of) Simply get your fresh and clean water from a tap
  • 2. Find out more. Get motivated! These links are awesome: The Story of Stuff: Bottled Water Breaking the Set takes on Nestl (including their response) Bottled Life documentary trailer Charitywater.org on the water crisis
  • 3. See what these guys have to say
  • We drink our water from a tap, so someone else has a tap for their water @taptapwater Facebook.com/taptapwater www.taptapwater.org Brought to life by