A Pasquickآ® success story: High productivity meets long ... A Pasquickآ® success story: High...

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  • A Pasquick® success story: High productivity meets long-term corrosion protection

    How Covestro Pasquick® coating technology enables a fast return to service.

  • MOL Group, an integrated international oil and gas company in Hungary, needed the corrosion protection coating of a tank farm rehabilitated at their site in Pécs. MOL was looking for a way to minimize the effect of rehabilitation work since the tank farm is operating full time.

    Fast return to service MOL recognized that speeding up the rehabilitation process is the best way to avoid a longer shut-down of the tank farm. It therefore set the coating manufacturer Dresdner Lack fabrik GmbH & Co. KG the following challenge: deliver a coat- ing solution that allows a fast return to service.

    The solution: Pasquick® Dresdner Lackfabrik had the right solution: A two-coat system based on a primer and a fast-drying topcoat with Pasquick® technology. This allowed a faster rehabilita- tion process with the same long-term corrosion protection known from conventional three-coat systems.

    MOL confirmed the unique benefits of this solution: “The Pasquick technology enabled a faster painting operation, which allowed a faster return to service,” said Mr. Báyer, Pécs terminal leader, MOL Group.

    Object: Tank farm in Pécs / Hungary

    Surface area: 200 m²

    Coating supplier: Dresdner Lackfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

    Coating system: Primer ZG97-7702H0DN, 240 µm Topcoat ZD57-9010C1DN, 80 µm

    Applicator: Dunakor

    Owner: MOL Group

    In cooperation with

    Covestro Deutschland AG Business Unit Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties 51365 Leverkusen Germany

    coatings.covestro.com cas-info@covestro.com

    Rehabilitation of a tank in Hungary

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