Book Trailer - The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity

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Transcript of Book Trailer - The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity

  • Can Islam help you become Productive?!

    P.S Answer:YES! - click to learn more!

  • When you think of being Muslim, what comes to mind?!

  • Praying?!

  • Giving charity?!

  • Going Umrah/Hajj?!

  • Now, when you think of being productive, what

    comes to mind?!

  • Being busy..?!

  • Always being on the run..?!

  • Getting things done..?!

  • What if there was a way to combine these two?!

  • A way for you to be a Productive Muslim?!

  • What if your Spirituality helped you become more


  • At work.. at school?!

  • What if you could learn a new approach to productivity

    that was holistic..!

  • Balanced!

  • rooted in your faith.. in the Quran and Sunnah..!

  • As well as modern psychology and

    productivity science!

  • What if you could learn the link between barakah and

    productivity, Ihsan and productivity, Salah and Productivity?!

  • stay focused, beat procrastination, manage your time,

    and develop powerful routines..!

  • manage your time, and develop powerful routines..!

  • All in one place!

  • In one book!

  • Introducing:!The ProductiveMuslim Book!

    Where Faith Meets Productivity!

  • Salam!!My name is Mohammed Faris, and

    Im the author of the new book..!The ProM book!

  • Since 2007, Ive been obsessed with finding answers to the questions I just asked you..!

  • I launched to find answers to these questions

    and more..!

  • Along the way.. I learnt a lot and experienced a


  • Everywhere I went, I met people like you..!

  • People hungry to learn how to lead a Productive lifestyle that was

    inspired by their faith as well as latest research and science!

  • So I decided to write a book.. sharing the best of what I

    learnt over the past 7 years..!

  • With practical tips & summary doodles!

  • Covering the following topics:!

    [INSERT ToC]!

  • The Book is Available NOW![INSERT COVER IMAGE]!

    Get it at!

  • Hope youd love it and share it with your family

    and friends!

  • Let us all work together towards a