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  • 1.Your company slogan 1. Introduction 2. What is 3D Internet ? 3. Why 3D Internet ? 4. How it Works? 5. Architecture of 3D Internet 6. Application of 3D Internet 7. Advantages & Limitation 8. Conclusion

2. Your company slogan 3D Internet is also known as virtual worlds. Virtual world provide a mirror life. Almost all in the real world can be reproduced in the 3d internet. It is a powerful new way for you to reach consumers, business customers, co- workers, partners, and students as it use 3d graphics. 3. Your company slogan Combination of two powerful forces the internet 3D graphics The result: interactive, real time 3D graphics delivered over the web. Images instead of Words New way to reach customers, Partners, Students. 4. Your company slogan Less Interactive (less images) More wastage of time (Handling mouse) Lack of Proper Representation (Ex: Online Shopping) No Privacy / Security (Ex: online payment) 5. Your company slogan Interesting 3D shopping.. Easy Social Interactions To represent Interior Designs effectively Gaming made more interesting Distance Learning is a joyful experience 6. Your company slogan Using available virtual platforms i.e. Second Life. By using artificial intelligence. Using 3d eyewear like Google Glass. Implementing Sixth-Sense technology. Using sensors. 7. Your company slogan 8. Your company slogan It provide user side as well as server side. It also provide static and dynamic content making up the 3d environment including avatar data media and more to client program. It has the important task of coordinating the co-existence of connected users and initiating communication between them. This server maintain the virtual identity management System. It maintain the virtual location management system. 9. Your company slogan Web 3.0 Java Applet Network that uses 3G technology with maximum Bandwidth of upto 14.4 Mbps HTTP ( allows HTML files, scripts, etc.. To be added and transmitted) 10. Your company slogan Time saving Easy to handle Increase Design performance Sensitive controller cap 11. Your company slogan 12. Your company slogan 1 Authorizing participants. -by publisher The Related Data Base 13. Your company slogan 1 Authorization by respective organization.. Your Identity 14. Your company slogan 1 Hey this is how I look!!!! 15. Your company slogan 1 One-One Chat Public chat 16. Your company slogan 1 A Public Discussion . Where do you want to go??? 17. Your company slogan 1 Please..Fill this Admission Application form. 18. Your company slogan 1 LIVE discussion in Academic Hall 19. Your company slogan More Interactive (Comfort level is more) Reduced mouse movements Simple yet Effective representation (3D Images) Increased Speed of working 20. Your company slogan It requires high bandwidth speed, not possible for most countries Hardware required for 3D internet is partially available. Requires a transformation from 2D to 3D completely. Lack of virtual experience. 21. Your company slogan 3D internet is a step ahead to future which could serve for not only as metaverse but will change the way we perceive internet of today. 22. Your company slogan 23. Thank You