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We are a team of creative persons. Everybody is a specialist in his own area. We are united by wish for and skills at creation. Together we shall cope with any problem put by. The main line of studio activity is brand development and promotion, development of communication strategies and creative concepts. By means of scrutinous audit, thorough analytics and careful investigation of current situation we develop well thought-out communications which vivify brands and help them to captivate people’s hearts and minds.

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“Even large companies need small logos.’’Tanner Christensen

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The Best We Can Do

Brand development


Packaging design

Design of books and multi-page editions

Marketing brand research

We are sure that design is a search for the best solution of a problem put by.

Formally, we are a design studio with multiple lines of activity. Informally, we are a creative team of experts. We can listen. We can solve complex problems. Our passion is a creation of easy, simple and effective solutions. We surely know that a well thought-out design can not only save the world but also move your business to the next level.

About Us


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A professionally designed brand has no unnecessary or incomprehensible components.A real brand is a united, easily recognizable system, well organized mechanism, all the components of which are well balanced between each other, interdependent and logical.

A distinguishing feature of Salvador Dali's image is his moustache. If we remove it, it will be not easy to recognize the famous artist.

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Is Innovative.

Makes a Product Useful.

Is Aesthetically Beautiful.

Helps a Product to Be Comprehensible.

Is Unobtrusive.

Is Honest.

Is Reliable.

Is Well Thought-Out to The Smallest Details.

Cares about environment.

Is as less design as possible


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Work of a design studio is a black box for many. One loads words into it, spells wishes, waits and wuala - visualization is ready!It is mysterious and incomprehensible.We are not a black box. Our team is always transparent.We discuss all the details, explain and recommend.Due dates, prices, solutions are always reasonable, clear and acceptable.We are responsible for our work.Your successful projects are our reputation.


“Design is a silent representative of your brand”

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Objective Development of logo and corporate identity of Young Businessmen Club.

SolutionConcepts of graphical incarnation are originated from classical business colors and font composition. Classical black combined with a red spot creates an impulse, promotes activity, confidence, friendliness.

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Image bills and a poster of events to be held

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Ребрейдинг национальной газеты. разработка логотипа, фирменный стиль,верстка, рекламная компания

Vocea Poporului (Голос Народа)

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Objective Logo design for company developing and producing specialized equipment for bitcoin currency operation.

SolutionThe basis is a bitcoin. Its round shape and an inscribed letter В create a visual chain correlated with a company's activity line. Correctly selected font and color make the logo universal, austere and clean.

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Objective : Development of logo and corporate identity of Chili marketing company.

Solution: The basis is a Chili pepper. It has become a company's symbol. Its simple shape is clear, easily recognizable and allows distinguishing of company and its activity among competitors.

A brand's associative chain is spicy, burning, brave, aimed to true connoisseurs, marketing with zest. Its emotional image reflects the essence of work of young and ambitious team.

An interesting solution is a real pepper stuck to an internal side of a brochure cover. The brochure itself is packed into a special bag with a warning sign: Caution! There is a spicy marketing inside!

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Objective Development of logo and label for Bella Frutta fruit wine line. It is a new brand of a light and fresh, slightly aerated, harmonious and flavoured dessert wine intended for girls and women.SolutionA few versions of concept have been offered. Association capacity of name Bella Frutta (beautiful fruit) opens a broad opportunities for further brand development, while packaging design emphasizes succulence and lightness, incarnates fruit's vital power and it's the best decoration of any table at the same time.

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Objective Development of logo and label for Orasul Vechi (Old City).SolutionDesign involves a graphical image of a boulevard of year 1835, antique font with angular pointed shape. More vivid color range coupled with gold creates contrast, attracts attention to the product and emphasizes product's uniqueness and long-term history.

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ObjectiveDevelopment of wine catalogue.SolutionA catalogue is split by wine producing states. Each state has its own culture, history and traditions, unique style and distinguishing features. It's not an ordinary catalogue. It's a guide to a world of wine and wine-making culture with historical facts and geographical details.

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Wise Button –is a universal remote control for various gadgets. It can be connected to a smart phone, a tablet PC, a laptop, etc. Besides, it is a retriever – a connected device can be found with help of this gadget. Search is a duplex one, i.e. a Wise Button can be attached to, for instance, a trinket with keys, so that later on they can be found in case of loss (search is done by means of a smart phone).

3D prototype design Graphical project presentationAdvertising materials preparation for Internet presentation

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The Other GlobeWhat if?For a long time up to nowadays there are discussions sometimes about really crazy concept that the Earth is … hollow! We have carried out a research, collected all the data about a hypothesized hollow Earth and practically visualized this theory.

3D prototype design (a globe of the hollow Earth has been developed)Graphical project presentation (a map of the hollow Earth has been developed)Advertising materials preparation for Internet presentation (The project has been successfully realized on specialized platforms, found lots of followers and aroused a big deal of an enthusiastic feedback)

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Fitness CenterConceptLight geometry and bright color enable creation of a fresh and airy space which has a positive impact on a modern man/woman who a tired of stress and psychological overload. It helps to get a mental equilibrium.

LayoutImage of the center defines its functionality and layout. In order to position such areas as reception, pool, spa, 2 fitness rooms, coach room, dressing rooms, showers, relaxation lounge-room and entrance, cafe, authors split the space into two logical separated block-stories. The second storey is a spectacular, presentation one and the first storey is a functional, fitness one. The last includes two rooms turning into each other (for group and individual training) and relaxation room.

DecorThe main principles of space decoration are the following: natural materials and light surfaces. Walls are covered with paint, ornamental plaster and mirrors, while floors are covered with parquet oak battens (4 mm thick) coated with oil which reflects wooden structure and ceramic granite imitating basalt. The special up-to-date motive of this clear space is emphasized by furniture made of heat-resistant plastic produced by Kartell and Zanotta. The whole fitness center is designed with minimalistic style. Components of actual design are especially spectacular such as a hall with fountain, reception stand and pool room. Light plays a role of a powerful decorative component. Squares on a ceiling in a fitness room due to integrated perimeter illumination create an impression as if the ceiling lives in the clouds. Also a completely glassed ceiling in the pool room makes an impression of an open air pool.

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Photos and illustrationsHigh-quality and well-done photos can be a basis and decoration of any project. Photos make design more vivid and spectacular. They help to create a pleasant impression of a product touching emotional side of a client.

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