21st century learning

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A presentation given at a symposium on teaching adaptation at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, on futures for teaching adaptation. The presentation was designed to hook in with the launch of ADAPT, a repository, blog and site for discussion in adaptation studies - understood in the widest possible sense (www.adapt.edu.au).

Transcript of 21st century learning

  • 1. JEAN PIAGET:: Learning =The power to learn whatto do through adaptationwhen you dont knowwhat to do

2. Technologycanpromotethat cultureof learnacyby bringinglearners andeducatorstogether 3. OPENNESSRESILIENCECONTINUITYTRANSDISCIPLINARITY 4. Openness values adaptability, leaning communities, abilitybased assessment 5. Summerhill School, founded 1921, dedicated to progressiveeducation 6. The Open University, MiltonKeynes, UK, dedicated to theuse of technology in openeducation 7. OER ANDADAPTATIONSTUDIES 8. Blogging Promotes 9. Palgrave, 2009BLOGGINGPRODUCTSJane Austens Fight Clubhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InNnf4dI9AE 10. adaptation through social learning 11. BUILDING LEARNING POWER(2003) GUY CLAXTON 12. DIY LEARNINGOpen SourcedSelf-DirectedADAPTIVE 13. 24/7 endlessly adaptive blurring distinction betweenacademic and nonacademic all-encompassing 14. Social Media, Adaptationand Transdisciplinarity 15. Exploring PushingPulling Reading 16. User GroupsList of Favorites 17. www.radiodramarevival.com 18. 21stCentury Learning isDesigned to: Communicate Across Space and TimePromote Collaboration and SharingAcross CulturesEncourage LifeLong Learning ThroughAdaptation as a Way of Life NOT justTextualTransformation 19. REFERENCE:Laurence Raw and Tony Gurr, ADAPTATIONSTUDIES AND LEARNING: NEW FRONTIERS(Scarecrow Press)ISBN- 0810887932ISBN- 978-0810887930Publication date: 16 April 2013http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adaptation-Studies-Learning-New-Frontiers/dp/0810887932