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  1. 1. Monday - Lunch at 11:28am PM ELT 7-9 Flex Tuesday - Lunch at 11:28am PM ELT 7-9 COI Wednesday - Lunch 12:06pm AM ELT 7-9 TAG Thursday - Lunch 12:06pm AM ELT 7-9 COI - Grad Handshake Photos - Jr. High Winter Formal Dance 6:30-9:30 Friday - Classes start 9:30AM - Lunch at 12:06 We are on a WEEK A
  2. 2. Save the date December 7 Grad Handshake Photos December 7 Jr. High Winter Formal Dance 6:30- 9:30pm December 12 Winter Band Concert December 13 Sr. High Winter Formal Dance - 7-10pm December 21 Last Day of Classes before Christmas Break January 8 First School Day after Christmas Break January 11 English 30 Diploma Exam Part A January 12 Social Studies 30 Diploma Exam Part A We are on a WEEK A
  3. 3. Monday, Dec 4 Sweet & Sour Meatballs with Veggies and Rice Tuesday, Dec 5 Chicken Burger & Fries Wednesday, Dec 6 All Day Breakfast Thursday, Dec 7 Pizza Friday, Dec 8 Beef Stroganoff & Caesar Salad We are on a WEEK A
  4. 4. CHRISTMAS CHEER IS COMING!! For the month of December, Leadership has many exciting events coming!!!! We are on a WEEK A
  5. 5. FOOD AND TOY DRIVE Begins Monday December 4 (today!) and goes until Thursday December 7 Turn non-perishable food items and unused toys into your BLOCK A teacher Boxes will be collected on Friday December 8 We are on a WEEK A
  6. 6. LEADERSHIP PROMOTES GIVING! For the weeks of December 4 - 8th we will be gathering food for the FCSS Food Bank bring food to your Block A class. Non-perishable items like: Pasta (canned or dry) and pasta sauces. Canned meats and fish. Canned goods (beans, soups, and stews) Dairy (canned, and powdered milk) Canned vegetables and fruit. Whole grain cereals. Infant foods and baby formula. Meat alternatives (peanut butter, soy, assorted nuts) The class with the most food wins bragging rights! Food Drive Dec. 4 - 8th We are on a WEEK A
  7. 7. 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Begins on WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 6 until break Each day, we will announce a specific Day of Christmas from either the original song, the Ukrainian version, or the Redneck version. We are on a WEEK A
  8. 8. 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS You must come up with something that represents that Day of Christmas and bring it to a specific teacher. First person to come up with an accurate representation and who finds the specific teacher will win a PRIZE! We are on a WEEK A
  9. 9. JR. HIGH WINTER FORMAL Thursday December 7 6:30 pm 9:30 pm $5.00/ticket Tickets sold: Monday Room 32 Tuesday Cafeteria Wednesday Cafeteria Thursday Cafeteria Conditions Apply We are on a WEEK A
  10. 10. SR. HIGH WINTER FORMAL Thursday December 14 7:00 pm 10:00 pm $5.00/ticket Tickets sold: Dec 11 Cafeteria Dec 12 Cafeteria Dec 13 Cafeteria Dec 14 - Cafeteria Conditions Apply We are on a WEEK A
  11. 11. LEADERSHIP MEETING TODAY AT BEGINNING OF LUNCH IN ROOM 32 Be very prompt as we have a lot of information to cover and some work to divide up We are on a WEEK A
  12. 12. International Food We are on a WEEK A Another Box will be opened Wednesday at lunch in Mrs. Sabistons room (Rm 34)
  13. 13. Boys Club Volleyball 15U If you are born Sept 1, 2002- Dec 31, 2003 or LATER you are eligible to play 15U If you are interested in playing please come and see Mrs. Sabiston for more information, RM 34. Need to know by Tues,Dec 5 This does not interfere with other school sports We are on a WEEK A
  14. 14. Jr. High Announcements
  15. 15. Junior High Students who are interested in the running team. Tryouts are at the Agrena, at noon, on Wednesday. Go to the Agrena right at the beginning of lunch. Don't be late. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Wierenga (at the Elementary School) or Mr. Erickson We are on a WEEK A
  16. 16. Sr. High Announcements
  17. 17. Recycled Pallet Sign High School COI 2-3 ELT Sessions With Mr. Warehime and Mrs.McGinn Starts Thursday, Dec. 7 LIMITED SPACE! Sign up with Mrs. McGinn before Thursday 2 Sign Formats available: - BELIEVE THERE IS GOOD IN THE WORLD - ADVENTURE AWAITS We are on a WEEK A
  18. 18. Looking for high school students to be Cool Camp leaders Why? Its fun, looks great on resumes and you earn credits Must be a student in good standing Applications available in the office or student services Due 21 in the office or student services Any questions speak to Ms. Neudecker, Ms. Mazereeuw, Mrs. Assenheimer, Mrs. Gammel or Mrs. Ladan We are on a WEEK A
  19. 19. Grad handshake photos will be taken on Thursday, December 7th, during Block 1 in the Graphics Lab (Room 57). Plan accordingly! Thats right, you can get a pic with this guy! Grad Handshake Photos We are on a WEEK A
  20. 20. Green Certificate Students Mark your calendar for the next testing dates: March 1 Westlock March 7 Spruce Grove We are on a WEEK A
  21. 21. Off-campus notes November evaluations and timesheets are due now You cannot receive a mark in work experience or RAP without a record of time and evaluation. We are on a WEEK A
  22. 22. Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Have you been accepted into a business program at an Alberta post-secondary? Are you in grade 10 or 11 and know this is something you intend on doing when you graduate? Do you want to start your own business? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, what is on the next slide cannot be ignored We are on a WEEK A
  23. 23. Survey to assess workshop interest We are looking for students who are interested in learning more about setting up their own business or learning how business works. If you are going into a business program, taking this workshop would definitely give you an advantage at your chosen school. Please fill out the survey http://bit.ly/bcbusinessworkshop We are on a WEEK A
  24. 24. Portage College Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge This Challenge is designed to introduce and encourage high school students to explore the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. The competition offers over $5000 in cash and scholarship prizes. To compete, you will develop a two-minute video of your business idea. This can be a brand new idea, or an existing idea or business that you are developing. You can enter as an individual or as a team to create a proposal to solve a problem Applications open December 15 and close January 31 See Ms Wegner for more information We are on a WEEK A
  25. 25. and speaking about business If you are going into a business program in the fall, you should see Ms Wegner about registering in her accounting course next semester. She needs to know numbers so she can order the work book. You do not need to be in Business & Info Tech to take accounting, any open time block will work. We are on a WEEK A
  26. 26. LaSalle College Vancouver, previously known as The Art Institute of Vancouver, is pleased to offer its valuable career exploration presentation to our school. The presentation focuses on students in the Design, Media Arts, Culinary and Fashion areas. Recruiter is here the afternoon of December 18, for private interviews and presenting during ELT. We are on a WEEK A
  27. 27. Feature Program of the Month Human Ecology, offered by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, is the study of people in their near environments both the near material environment of textiles and clothing and the near social environment of families. Students who major in Clothing, Textiles, & Material Culture (CTMC) design and make award-winning clothing, study todays fashion industry, research historical clothing, test the fire safety of fabrics, and learn about how clothing and textiles are used to represent our personalities, communities, and cultures. A 200-hour practicum placement is provided. Upon graduation, students are eligible for a Professional Human Ecologist (P.HEc) designation. We are on a WEEK A