2016 AUTUMN - naminara .A familiar scene from Winter Sonata. On solar-powered golf carts the faces

download 2016 AUTUMN - naminara .A familiar scene from Winter Sonata. On solar-powered golf carts the faces

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Transcript of 2016 AUTUMN - naminara .A familiar scene from Winter Sonata. On solar-powered golf carts the faces

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    In Autumn Nami Island is Poetry


    Fall in Love on Nami Island


    Where Happiness is Made


    Naminara Republic Travel Journal


    Winter, too, has a certain mystique on Nami Island

    In Autumn

    Nami Island isPoetry

    F E E L N A M I A U T U M N

    P A R T . 1

    2016 Autumn

    Date of Publication 2016.09.01. Vol.014

    Publisher Nami Island, Naminara Republic

    Designer Kim Daeun design.daeun@gmail.com

    Inquiries +82-31-580-8114

    Web www.namisum.com Email namitour@naminara.com

    1 Namisum-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si,

    Gangwon-do 24464 KOREA

  • The crimson stained leaves of autumn 2008,

    On Nami Island light and wind have purity.

    Delicious rice and vegetables cooked in a stone pot,

    Shared with fellow artists in the spirit of fellowship,

    Raise high, the banner of peace!

    Mo YanWinner of 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature

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    Nami Island, where nature lives and breathes,

    Is a realm drenched in romance.

    Watching the countless young men enjoy,

    The gracious and lovely young ladies.

    Li JinzaoChairman of The China National Tourism Administration (CNTA)

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    Mt. Homyeong reflects on Cheongpyeong Lake,

    The east wind slowly touches the source of the Han River.

    The landscape of Nami Island is exceptional,

    I am drunk on the beauty of its scenery,

    And regret to leave.

    Fushan XuVice Chairman of Chinese National Academy of Arts

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    I pass through the sunlight and the fog

    Through the mountains which embrace the valleys

    Through you.

    Through myself, I pass

    Through whatever prevents human to see

    I reach to a place of green jewel,

    To you, which the river embraced it.

    I reach to you

    The republic of LOVE : NAMI

    Pooneh NedaiIran-based publisher, poet and Honorary Korean Ambassador to Iran

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  • Fairy Tale Land: Nami Island

    Lovers ride a bicycle down a tree-lined path in the woods,

    A familiar scene from Winter Sonata.

    On solar-powered golf carts the faces of passenger

    touring the island are full of life,

    Roughly hewn bookcases and benches are everywhere,

    Later, I must find the right moment to sit on one of them and read.

    Lee Young-aefrom Youngnam Womens Literature Society, Mosiol No. 33

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    To Nami IslandAutumn is beautiful.I have no way to express this beautifully seasoned scene.Maybe rather than autumn, it's looking for something "autumnish"Immersed in the sounds of autumn on certain days,I may again and again walk each day enveloped in the wind.

    On the piled leaves,Surrounded by brilliance soaked in scarlet,The more gorgeous green,In order to enjoy the rich fragrance of the season, autumn roots dig deeper, My yearning heart learns how to love the autumn of life,That is slowly approaching.

    All the marvelous aspects of autumn I want to walk in are on Nami IslandCrossing the bridge between memory and desire,To Nami Island in October.

    Jung Mina, poetfrom lime olive's blog.

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  • The river opens the way to the island I want to be,Anticipating scenes seen in Winter Sonata, I want to be Nami Island.

    In the deep of night, footprints fade,Along the path where bungalows stand covered in moonlight.

    Words that layer in one's heart,Spill out in the darkness.

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    Choi Inchan, poet

    Those that protect lost time,I want to be there island, where ferries cannot reach,

    Water wants to an island, too.

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    The mist off the river,

    The chorus of awakened water spirits,

    Morning, on a ferry a solemn ritual.

    The river stops its flow and we ride the celebration of our connection

    with the morning sunlight

    Wondering water spirits crawl along river's surface like desire.

    Jeon Sangguknovelist from Nami Island

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    Fall in Love on Nami Island

    F E E L N A M I A U T U M N

    P A R T . 2

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  • While the greenery in spring and fall is fabulous,weve come to Nami in late fall to take our own wedding photos

    for a distinctively different feeling.

    B E S T P H O T O Z O N E

    SPOT 1 Metasquoia Land

    2 Forest village

    3 Meta Wharf

    PHOTO JustFilm

    COUPLE Song Gil-jong, Kim Min-young

    2 2

    We came to take photos in autumn because this is our favorite season. Were wondering what the island is like in spring, summer and winter

    the next time we will have to come and experience dawn in winter.

    SPOT 1 Fir Tree Way

    2 Baekpungmilwon

    Maple Garden

    3 Meta Wharf

    PHOTO st Park Yun-sik

    COUPLE Leo, Queenie

    B E S T P H O T O Z O N E

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  • Because there are green lawns and benches scattered all over the island couples find it easy to stop and relax. Once one steps away from the main paths, there are lots of places where couples can share private moments.

    B E S T P H O T O Z O N E

    SPOT 1 Bungalow Row Riverside Path

    2 White Birch Grove

    3 Jeonggwan Baekryeonji Pond


    COUPLE Park Hee-geon, Lee Ah-ju

    2 4

    Since were not in a formal studio setting, we can develop a variety of different concepts for the photo shoot. On Nami Island during autumn there are great

    spots tucked away here and there that make for perfect outdoor shots.

    SPOT 1 Central Korean Pine Tree Lane

    2 Forest Village

    3 Chinese Platycarya Lane


    COUPLE Choi Woo-jun, Shin Dong-ja

    B E S T P H O T O Z O N E

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    B E S T P H O T O Z O N E

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    Every little nook and cranny of Nami Island is

    so lovely, that later on when the chance arises,

    we would like to spend the night and get up

    very early the next morning to take photos.

    The mist rising off the water would be

    a fantastic shot.



    SPOT1 Riverside Path 2 Hotel Jeonggwanru Reception Center 3 Hut Bridge | PHOTOMr.K KOREA WEDDING

    B E S T P H O T O Z O N E




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    M O R E T I P S

    If youre worried about the expense ofrenting a venue for photos, dont worry because on Nami Island we dont charge for using the island as a backdrop for your memories.

    No Charge

    If couples that request it in advance, we are happy to provide you with a special marriage certificate from Naminara Republic.

    Marriage Certificate of Imagination

    There are dressing rooms located around the island so that you may change into your wedding finery in comfort.

    Dressing Room

    Tourism Bureau, Song Museum, Unicef Hall, BAPLEX, Hotel Jeonggwanru Reception Center


    F E E L N A M I A U T U M N

    P A R T . 3

    More Infor +82-31-580-8153~4


    is Made

  • Nami Island Handicraft Studio is a creative

    workshop fueled by imagination and passion.

    From ceramics to glasswork, woodwork,

    dye and even paper craftseach realm of the

    craft world is led by master craftsmen and

    craftswomen who work right on the island.

    However, these artists dont simply pursue

    their crafts in studio. They can be found

    throughout the island, making everything from

    signs to one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Next time

    you visit our hotel, Jeonggwanru, take a look at

    the chandelier in the lobby, the ceramics from

    our kitchen and even our trash cansthey are

    all made by our own artists.


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    When a well-fired work is taken from the kiln, thats when I feel the greatest satisfaction.

    Master Seoks more than five decades

    as a ceramicist is testimony to his

    devotion to his craft. Starting at

    the age of 17, he is among the last

    practitioners of the traditional art of

    the foot-powered potters wheel.

    Before the advent of electricity, foot-

    powered wheels were the source of

    truly handmade natural ceramics, and

    Master Seok has been instrumental in

    preserving this rapidly disappearing art.

    Master of the foot-powered potters wheel Seok Seong-gye

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    Not only is Master Jhun one of Nami

    Island most renowned glassblowers, he

    is also known for his early leadership

    in the islands signature recycling

    efforts. The works of recycled glass

    seen on the island, art works like

    Christmas trees and vases made out

    of soju bottles and the many glass

    decorations seen in the lobby of our

    hotel, Jeonggwanru, are all examples

    of his ability to transform trash into art.

    Master Jhun is also always delighted to

    share his skills with visitors to Nami so

    that may gain a great appreciation of

    the art of glassblowing.

    Master glassblower, Jhun Young-kwan

    My desire, through thecreation of pure and

    transparent glassworksis to give visitors to

    Nami Island a sense of beautyand a feeling of happiness.

    3 2

    Inspired by youthful sentiment and passion,we would like to lead

    Nami Islands Handicraft Studio.

    Han Jae-sung, whose father was well known for maintaining the tradition of openwork ceramics, is a young artist who

    himself is dedicated to the development of the ceramic arts. By utilizing a combination of traditio