2016-2017 School Theme: “Upon This Rockâ€‌ Tiger Each time you buy a Scrip card for your...

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Transcript of 2016-2017 School Theme: “Upon This Rockâ€‌ Tiger Each time you buy a Scrip card for your...

  • “Trust in the Lord, forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” Isaiah 26:4

    Tiger Tales

    2 0 1 6 - 2 0 1 7 S c ho o l T h e m e : “Upon This Rock” I s a i a h 2 6 : 4 Volume 16 Issue 7 Friday, October 14, 2016

    Ti9er Quick Check Calendar & Schedule Updates We Still Need Silent Auction Items for the Fall Festuval!!!

    Friday, October 14th...End of First Quarter - Report Cards Distributed at Parent Conferences next Week!

    Monday - Friday, October 17th - 21st...Parent - Teacher Conferences

    From the Principal’s Desk… TLCS...UPON THIS ROCK… Jesus Our Rock Cares for You!

    “Casting all your anxieties on Him,

    because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

    “LET GO...LET GOD!” Someone shared this phrase with me a while back. You may have even been the recipient or maybe you have shared it with someone else. Whatever the case may be, it is a solid example of the scripture text above. However, I must confess that I am not very good at following this wise advice! Our lives today are filled with anxiety, worry, and doubt in all forms. God shares the message from Peter to encourage all of us to throw all our worries upon Jesus. Where it seems so encouraging to do, the fact remains that it just does not seem to work. For some, they try, but it doesn't seem to help or solve the immediate problem. And they begin to worry more about their worries. We often find ourselves worrying about things that cannot be changed, have not even happened yet, or most likely will not happen. We worry about our health, finances, what we don’t have and would love to possess. We become anxious about our children, their future, and the assurance that they will be successful. We seek that assurance and even want a little guarantee as security.

    We don’t want to worry, but we don’t know how not to! The answer today is not a easy one to grasp, but it does give us the solution to the problem. Don’t worry because God cares for you! There it is...that simple! It is proven in that Upon this Rock Jesus cares for YOU! God knows we will continue to worry about all sorts of things. It is our sinful, human nature, but He also tells us to come to Him. To LET GO and LET HIM take care of us. That is what we do each day here at Trinity. We share His forever love as we cast all our anxieties on Him. What a partnership we share as we are privileged and blessed to come to Him daily and not worry! Blessings on our journey together as we LET GO...&...LET GOD! Serving Our Master Teacher, Rick Ryan, Principal

    This Week’s Tiger Notes… FALL FESTIVAL UPDATE!

    When: Friday, October 28th!

    Where: TLCS School Classrooms, Hallway, Fellowship Hall, & Family Life Center (Gym)!

    What to Look Forward to: Delicious Meal (Multiple Options), Classroom Games, Cake Walk, Silent Auction, & Much More!

     

    Something new this year is a PUMPKIN DECORATING CONTEST! Decorate your own pumpkin and bring it up that evening to show off all your creativity!

    Prizes will be awarded!  

    How to Help: Volunteer Now...Everyone Needed! Sign-up Sheets are located on our TIGER TABLE or

    contact your child’s teacher and volunteer via e-mail!!! Great opportunities to get your

    Volunteer Hours for the 1st Semester! Don’t hesitate...VOLUNTEER TODAY!!!

    Thank You!

    To all the children who participated

    and shared their beautiful voices

    and God’s message in song this past

    Sunday! Everyone did great and we

    appreciate having all the children, their

    parents, and friends as part of our special

    worship and BBQ fellowship time! We

    look forward to the next opportunity for

    our students to sing and to share with

    even more of God’s precious children!!!

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    P.T.L. News … Scrip News Flash: Trinity’s Scrip Sales Day…Each Wednesday Morning!

    Do you have routine prescriptions you fill every month? Consider using Scrip cards for these expenses that come around each month. We have cards for CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart/ Sam's. Do you shop at Sam's once a month for basic household items? Take a $100 Walmart card with you for your purchases. Each time you buy a Scrip card for your normal purchases, you get the full value of money you would have spent anyway, and the school earns money as well! We will be ordering new library furniture soon with proceeds from the Scrip program, as well as a video information board for the front of the school! Our Trinity Tigers are the winners with Scrip! Thank you for your continued support of this program. Remember, our Scrip table is open every Wednesday morning before school starts or you can contact the school office or Contact Kara Starbuck at 352-5263 for more information of how you can place an order now!

     

    Box Tops for Education...ONE more week to go until our first contest concludes and our top THREE winners will be determined for our first Individual Student

    Contest! Contest ends NEXT Friday, October 14th! Remember to put your name on the bags of labels you turn in! Help us reach our goal of $725 in support of our AR and music programs.

     

    UNITED WAY CAMPAIGN…Help support the United Way campaign for 2016! Your place of employment may match your donation, and have the forms you need! AND, remember that Trinity can be a recipient! If you need more information to help you, please see Mr. Ryan!

    Trinity Lutheran Christian School…Home of the Tigers!


    August - October Honoring Our Firefighters & Police Our chapel offering opportunities

    take place every Wednesday! Each Tuesday, envelopes are sent home with the children as a reminder to bring an offer- ing for chapel. Our designations will be gong to the Texas Panhandle 100 Club that suppor ts the men and women behind the badge! Please keep this opportunity in your giv- ing and prayers! Chapel begins at 8:30a.m. Please join us!

    We Collected $91.40 this week. Chapel Offerings for Texas Panhandle 100 Club Totals: $567.85

    Check out our NEW WEBSITE and get all the latest news in Tiger Country by logging on at … www.trinitylutheranschool.org or on our Facebook Page!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIGERS God’s Richest Blessings to:

    Owen Blasingame - (5th Gr.) - 10/17

    Special Birthday wishes to Mrs. Koontz (Family Life Minister) who celebrated her special day this past Wednesday, October 12!

    We will keep all our Trinity Tigers in our prayers and wish everyone a great week with many more to come!

    Have a GREAT Day...Owen, and Mrs. Koontz!


     

    Our Gospel stories total so far is 127! Keep sharing that great GOSPEL NEWS about JESUS! Cards like this one are always available, and we will collect them every Wednesday as part of chapel offering. Let’s FILL our container!

     

    Our Cookie Dough & Cheesecake Sale The FINAL RESULTS are in!

    Thank you to everyone as we not only reached our goal of $4,250, but we exceeded it as we raised $4,638!!! Great job to everyone! You did it!!!

     


    Registration for KidsInc Boys

    Basketball, Fall Indoor Soccer, and

    Fall Volleyball Session II continues, but time is

    running out! Registration is easy by going to

    www.kidsinc.org or call (806) 376-5936. There are

    some informational flyers on our Tiger Table. Get

    your child registered now if you have not already

    done so. Maybe we will have our own Trinity Tiger

    teams signed up to play!!!

    PASTOR APPRECIATION MONTH…We want to share with everyone that October is set aside to share our

    appreciation for all pastors! Take the time this month to

    show your appreciation and love for your pastors which

    can actually be done everyday! Help us here at TLCS to

    share our joy in having Pastor Hesse as part of our Trinity

    family. Pastor Hesse, you are always in our prayers!

    Thank you, Pastor Hesse, for all you do!