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Sale hosted by Paulsen Cattle on Sunday, DECEMBER 14th, 2014 in Dixon, IL - live auction begins at 1pm CST *Selling 40+ Opens, 20+ Breds and 2 Outstanding Bull Prospects

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December 14, 2014 at 1:00 pm cSt Sale Schedule:dec. 10, Wednesday – Cattle available for viewing at sale site in Dixon, IL. Prior to this cattle will be available for viewing at Paulsen Cattle in Preston, IA.Dec. 13, Saturday – Judging WorkoutDec. 14, Sunday – Lunch served at 11:00 am and the auction begins at 1:00 pm CST. LoCATIon AnD DIreCTIonS: Humphrey Family Sale Facility1556 red Brick roadDixon, Illinois 61021From Interstate 88 go north on rte 26 to stop light. Take a right and go to the next stop sign. At stop sign take right onto rte 52. Go 2 miles to red Brick road and turn left – the sale facility is on your right. HoTeLS:Comfort Inn – Dixon, IL 815-284-0500Super 8 – Dixon, IL 815-284-1800 InDuSTry rePreSenTATIveS:Col. Jered Shipman, Auctioneer 806-983-7226Shane ryan, ring Man 309-371-7490Tom rooney, Midwest Marketer 515-491-6025Tommy Carper, ring Man 540-336-2737Buddy robertson, Consultant 580-747-7000Joe Beckett, Consultant 606-782-1180John Peterson, Consultant 402-873-2224Todd Alford, Consultant 706-207-9454Devon olson, Consultant 309-714-1509 Jason Hoffman, Consultant 530-604-5096Blake Bloomberg, Consultant 309-368-3648Jim Bloomberg, Consultant 309-368-5868 SALe HoST:Paulsen CattleJeff, Carmen and Kinnick Paulsen6098 425th Ave.Preston, IA 52069 563-212-9944 Jeff563-299-7679 Kale Spenglerwww.PaulsenCattle.com SALe ConSIGnorS:Dunk Cattle Co.402-369-2025 ryan DunklauUdell Show Cattle712-251-2527 Bret udellJones Show Cattle419-230-8675 Troy Jones419-230-3450 Tyler Humphrey309-368-3648 Dr. Blake BloombergSteck Cattle319-530-8790 Craig Steck SALe MAnAGer:Dwyer Cattle Services309-337-1404 Bob309-337-6404 nickwww.DwyerCattle.com

irst off, I would like to personally invite you to join us on December 14th at the Humphrey Family Sale Facility in Dixon, Illinois to view what we promise to be is an extraordinary set of cattle.

This year’s {elite} offering has us as excited as we’ve ever been – and after an amazing banner filled year – we have sky high expectations for this set! These cattle will run with the top prospects to be found anywhere in the nation AND have the pedigrees to back them. We have a variety of breeds to choose from out of time proven donors and the top sires in the nation.

As time rolls on and we learn from both our victories and more importantly our mistakes, we become better people. Better parents. Better friends. When we apply that same “learning mentality” to our cattle business, we also become better cattlemen. Realizing that our long term goals are as important, if not more important, than our short term goals forces us to look down the road to insure both success and stability within our cow herds and cattle business in the future. It’s an exciting time in the beef industry and as always, every strategic move made now matters not only today, but for the years to come.

I would like to thank the wonderful families and customers we have done business with in the past and present and hope you all realize that your continued support and friendship, as well as your countless hours of commitment and work, are the key to our success. As the old saying goes “it truly does take a village” to make a champion! And for the innumerable hours at the farm working and preparing for this sale, trucking and treating , and putting up with me on picture day, I need to thank Kale, Calli, Garrett, Mollie, Rick, Levi, Adam, my incredible wife Carmen, and all the people who are there when a helping hand is needed. You guys are what make things work. And last, but surely not least, thank you to Kinnick for waiting patiently all fall until dad’s done in the barn to spend a few hours with you. You are amazing!

We truly believe these cattle are the crème of the crop – the ones that will be heard from. My partners in this sale, Dunklau, Udell, Jones and Steck, are all “front pasture” kind of cattlemen that are known coast to coast for their top-shelf caliber seedstock. As I mentioned earlier, it takes a winning team to make a champion, and I fully believe in this team.

Videos on all the lots will be available December 1st. Please feel free to call and discuss any of the cattle with any of the consignors or sales staff at any time. Again, we look forward to seeing you December14th and hope to work together with you in the future!

Best Regards, Jeff Paulsen and The Divas and Donors’ Elite Group

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Breathtaking. Stunning. Flawless. The One. Just giving those who will have to describe this one from the mic a little help with accurate descriptive terms when evaluat-ing her this year. The phenotypi-cal excellence of this female will leave your mouth watering. She’s exactly how I want my show heifer prototype and future donor to look. A perfect blend of power and femininity with athleticism and supreme natural presence. She comes to us out of a new, soon to be leading, donor in our program who’s lineage is no new comer to our time proven program. Sired by the Triple Crown winner Broker and backed by her grand dam Obsession, the pages are ready for this one to write her own fairy tale in the show ring. We have been involved in the Simmental breed for more than 20 years, and take my word, Simmental cattle like this are hard to make. She is special. VERY special. No matter the ham-mer price, she’s an investment in

It’s amazing the stories you collect and the miles you’ll drive to find a damn good one, but when Greg and I skipped out on a perfectly good airplane ride home from Keystone to rent a car and drive all night to go see this one, I have to admit I was gonna be one mad sob if she sucked. However, we pulled in the drive, parked the rental and climbed out to see what is definitely one of my favorite purebreds, if not THE favorite purebred, I have seen this year. Hallelujah! Not that I don’t like traveling with my buddy “Grand Fancy”, but my butt would have much preferred the 3 hr plane ride to the 21 hrs in that Kia. Still, Fancy and I left there knowing we found a great one. Good looking with big feet and fills her track with every step. Perfectly square with the right base and pin width and a killer underline. Great haired & up-headed with a sleek shoulder. An Uno Mas out of a Meyer 734 with a 113 API to boot! This one is ready to go. Remember her name... you’ll be hearing it in the future.

DOB: 4/6/14 | 3/4 Simmental

Broker : SiRe mo magic x Obsession : Dam

Uno mas : SiRemeyer 734 : Dam

DOB: 2/27/14 | PB Simmental

the future of this breed and sure to have you seeing purple during her show career and green as a donor.

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It’s not very often you find dual reg-istered females these days, and even less often you find them that are this good! Kale and I have been ex-cited about her since the day she got off the truck. I scoured the country this year looking for true breeding females, and this one is the crème of the crop! Finding ones like this are rare – real rare. She hit the picture pen on picture day, and she hits you like a heart attack. You can’t take your eyes off her. Her structure is second to none. Her look from the side is striking and elegant, yet ma-ternal at the same time. She’s stout yet flat and smooth with depth of rib and great turn to her rib cage. It’s females like this that have cat-tlemen from all walks excited about SimAngus cattle. She is the top cut. You need to come see for yourself.

DOB: 3/3/14 | 1/2 Simmental, mainetaineR

Broker : SiReFinal answer x maine : Dam

Yardley High Regard W242 : SiRetJSC So Sweet 104X : Dam

DOB: 5/15/14 | PB Simmental

This brockle headed female is made to suit even the most discriminat-ing cattlemen and has a golden pedigree to back her up. Her dam sold in the High Standards Female Sale for $55,000 and went on to be named Reserve Grand SimAngus Female at the NAILE in 2010. Full sibs to this lot have sold for $13,500 - $10,500 - $7,000 and most notably the $75,000 full sib who was Supreme Female at the 2014 Ohio State Fair and 4th Overall at Simmental Jr. Nationals. This female here will show and be a lead donor in the future.

Full Sib to lot 04 – Supreme Champion Heifer, 2014 Ohio State Fair

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DOB: 3/22/14 | PB Simmental

Steel Force : SiRe 30X (next Big thing x lucky Break) : Dam

Ladies and gentlemen, the beginning of 30X’s legacy is upon us – Reserve Grand in Denver as a calf, multiple jackpot championships, and Supreme Female at the Illinois State Fair. She was stunning as a calf and now breathtaking as a donor. 3 different heifers by 3 different sires and 3 different ages.

DOB: 4/14/14 | PB Simmental

Shocking Dream : SiRe 30X (next Big thing x lucky Break) : Dam

And yep, they are ALL 3 burners!! We’ve had visitors through that have already lit the fire on the feud between which one is the best one, and honestly I’m not getting in the middle of it. Jamie and Jackie have produced 3 outstanding individuals here, and I couldn’t be more proud that they’re out of a past Divas and Donors purchase! All good looking and attractive patterned with great foot and bone and athletic moving. Great rib shape and spring of rib in all 3 young ladies, and they are stamped by their mother’s unreal haircoat.

DOB: 5/12/14 | PB Simmental

a Step Up : SiRe 30X (next Big thing x lucky Break) : Dam

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t ecstatic about this year’s group of Simmy prospects, both purebred and percentage, but this particular trio leaves me VERY proud! These cattle are just flat good. You can continue to search, or take it from the guy who’s been out scouring the country when I say, you can end your search here… Come take a look – you won’t be disappointed! Special thanks to Jamie and Jackie Campbell for their continued support and friendship.

30X – Dam of lots 05-07

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DOB: 4/19/14 | 1/2 Simmental

Broker : SiRe Harrietta : Dam

If you don’t recognize this pedigree,you’re either completely removed from the cattle business or have just returned from a 5 year tenure on the Russian space station. The $ that Harrietta & her clones have produced is mind boggling, but the dollars generated by the Broker mating alone is something for the history books; $190K, $86K, $54K, $40K, $27K and the list continues. And the banners those animals have captured is equally as impressive. Grand % Female Denver, Res. Grand % Female Jr. National, (continued below w/Lot 09)

DOB: 1/14/14 | 1/2 Simmental

Broker : SiRe Harrietta : Dam

Grand % Female IL State Fair, Res.Supreme % Female Keystone... get the picture? These two females here will be no different.

LOT 08 – 02B is the one that I may be rushing things on, or perhaps am a bit partial to, but I believe 02B as a bred come Jr. National and through the fall, will be the BEST yet. You can’t make one more stunning from the side standing still OR on the move! Giraffe necked with naturalpresence for days. Balances up oh so nice on the side and has enough flexibility to keep her on concrete. Her hip and tailhead are square and refined, and she has awesome hair! I would not wanna show against this one. Only two ways to do that – stay home or own her.

LOT 09 – 01B is the mammoth boned, stouter than life, long sided & good looking, big rugged kind of female. Adam White commented on her picture day saying, “Man that thing needs flushed!”

Full Sib to lots 08 and 09 Reserve Grand % Female

2013 Simmental Jr. national Shown by Whitney Walker

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A who’s who pedigree that is even better when you see her in person. Skinny necked with a flat shoulder, big rib cage, and awesome foot and bone. Long, flat, smooth muscle all nicely tied together with perfect balance from the side. Tough to put a hole in this one! I’ve been saying all fall that she reminds me of the heifer campaigned by the Griswold family this past year in Iowa that won numerous banners including Champion Simmental Female at the Iowa State Fair and World Beef Expo (where she was also in the top 5 both times), as well as bringing home numerous jackpot banners. To me, this heifer is the spitting image of her, only MORE of her all the way around at this stage. Buy her. Show her. Win. And then go home and raise some awesome purebred or percentage cattle that you can build a program around.

This is the second of two Miss America daughters that we have from the Korn and Style families, and where she’s a little short on one ear she’s way long on quality everywhere else! She’s one that all the cow hunters find when they stop. Her structure and movement is just so good from her feet on up through her joints and continues into a loose spine and hip. Big bodied and well balanced with a square hip and tailhead, and always gives you that up-headed cock look. She was a little slower hairing up early, but man it’s coming on now. This one as a breeding piece will be a huge asset to any progressive breeding program and can sting ‘em in the ring like a mad beehive!

DOB: 3/11/14 | 3/4 Simmental

Broker : SiRe Hara’s miss america : Dam

Pilgrim : SiReHara’s miss america : Dam

DOB: 3/4/14 | 3/4 Simmental

Page 9: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

Everyone loves a red head and even more so when she has a blaze face. We’re not really sure where to start with this female because she is good all the way around. Henrietta 8B is big bodied with a smooth, feminine look in an extremely sound pack-age. The dam of this female was 4th Overall at Simmental Jr. Nationals in 2009.

DOB: 4/8/14 | PB Simmental

SVF Steel Force S701 : SiReHPF ms Henrietta U807 : Dam

Broker : SiReBailey’s ms Dreamy 946W : Dam

DOB: 4/2/14 | PB SimmentalWe all know the popularity that the Simmental breed has gained over the last few years. And honestly, it’s because they are starting to raise cattle like this. It is not an easy thing to do to put a neck and hip on a female like hers, AND give her a rib cage and the structure thatshe possesses. It’s truly incredible. I know that I might sound overly high on this female, but when one excites me, it is very hard for me to shut up, just ask my friends.

Page 10: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

Lot 14 – Backed by a proven cow family that not only won purple,but also produced plenty of purple, and sired by the phenom Broker,this young lady is ready to showwith the best of them! And then produce more high sellers for years to come. She’s got brood cow written all over her – big feet and sound at the ground. Stout pinned and square built with muscle and plenty of dimension. Up-headed, good necked and well balanced. This one will play ball both in the show ring AND the donor pen.

DOB: 2/27/14 | PB Simmental

Broker : SiRe Obsession : Dam

Shocking Dream : SiReObsession : Dam

DOB: 4/28/14 | PB Simmental

30 minutes trying to convincemyself that I needed her, but just wasn’t sure. Well after Doug said he was just gonna leave her there and see if she grew on me, I reluctantly let her stay. And the rest, as they say, is history. She went on to be the $54K high seller of Divas and Donors that year, and to this day is still one of the most dominating if not THE most dominating Simmy show heifer in history – winning Jr. Nationals, the IL State Fair and Denver. That female, as well as my late friend Doug, truly were the beginning of something special in terms of our Simmental enthusiasm. That cow has since went on to be a full-fledged cash cow producing not only thousands of $’s in revenue but champions and elite bull prospects like the red hot new Bandwagon!

Lot 15 – Another own daughter of Obsession! This young heifer calf is so much like Diamond it’s scary. Diamond was a later maturing young lady as well. Dream Keeper is great in her lines and super sound with a cool hip and tailhead. She’s actually a bit further along than Diamond at this stage in terms of muscle shape and rib. She’s got a little kid disposition and a ton of future. A no brainer opportunity here folks!

I will never forget the day my buddy Spooner dropped the first Obsession heifer calf off. That female wasthe legendary “Diamond.” I looked at her for more than

* Special thanks to the Bloomberg Family for their years of friendship & commitment. (Diamond pictured above - shown by Jake Bloomberg)

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Breeding and raising purebreds that look like % cattle isn’t easy. And it doesn’t just happen. But around here, it’s our goal. We don’tbelieve you should have to sacrifice eye appeal, balance, and hair, just because you raise an animal’s %. This female is a prime example – so good everywhere. Functionally designed and cowy with muscle and dimension. Flat shouldered and great necked with straight jet black hair and a running gear like a greyhound. Big things will come out of this female. We don’t sell a lot of Purebreds, just the best. If they’re here, they made the cut.And you can rest assured, we’ll back them up.

DOB: 3/2/14 | PB Simmental

Broker : SiReUpgrade x meyer : Dam

Broker : SiReStar Power : Dam

DOB: 3/7/14 | 3/4 Simmental

Long sided, deep bodied, gorgeous baldy. Eye appealing and great at the ground. She’ll show with the best of ‘em! Not to mention, kid broke and easy going. She’s as square built as you can make one with the right kind of muscle for a show heifer and breeding female. She will show as a high % in a few select states, but can be mated for % AND purebred cattle. Take her home and send me the backdrop pics – then we’ll market her baldy heifer calf in the 2016 Divas n Donors Elite!

Page 12: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

Another high level competitor that we have tons of faith in. 105B is great on the move and has that eye grabbing profile we are all looking for. Full sisters recently sold for $30K and $23K in the High Standards Female Sale and were crowd favorites. A brother sired by Fat Butt sold for $20K and is an AI sire for Willie Morris. The dam of this female, So Sweet 9W, was a many time winner and current donor for Jones, Egbert and Lambright. There is power in the blood here with this female going back to our deceased She’s So Sweet 98R donor that produced tons of winners and loads of revenue for us.

DOB: 4/13/14 | PB Simmental

Yardley High Regard W242 : SiRe tJSC She’s So Sweet 9W : Dam

SVF Steel Force S701 : SiRetJSC So Sweet 318Y : Dam

DOB: 4/29/14 | 3/4 Simmental

We really don’t think you can go wrong with her! This female is out of a full sister to KS Miss She’s So Sweet 98R that we sold in the High Standards Female Sale a few years ago. Maternal sibs to Sweet Steel recently sold for $19K and $11K. Her dam consistently raises eye appealing females that are in demand, and we think this one is no different. Sound, functional and stylish describe her well.

Page 13: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

SELLING CHOICE of Lots 20x and 21x:

I have gone back and forth on these 2 females and honestly can’t decide what to do. I feel that they both have so much to offer the cattle industry, so I decided to let you choose which one you like more. While I am trying to build my reputation as a breeder, I think it is important to offer your best. So that is just what I am going to do. We all know how impressive their full sib was last fall. I can truly say it has never made me prouder to have been a part of an animal. I have tried to base my business off selling good cattle, but there is no greater feeling than to breed one.

DOB: 4/10/14 | 1/4 Simmental

mama’s Boy : SiReDunk lucy : Dam

mama’s Boy : SiReDunk lucy : Dam

DOB: 4/23/14 | 1/4 Simmental

These are truly a “power house” set of heifers. They possess so many of the qualities that one looks for when picking out an animal it is scary. And when the dust settles, I can promise you that if they produce half as well as their dam, you’ll send me a Christmas card every year. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to buy PROVEN genetics that win and make $$$$$$!!!!

Full Sib to lots 20x and 21x – Supreme Champion Heifer, 2013 american Royal

Page 14: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

When searching for the nation’s best purebred and % heifers, I had no idea I would be lucky enough to find one like this. While we have sold and been a part of some very popular & winning Angus females, I can’t begin to tell you just how incredible we believe this one is and will be. We all know how tough it is to find an Angus that will send the rest of the breeds running for the hills come grand drive time, but I have no doubt we’ve found her. Striking from the side, never giving you a bad look. Foot and bone like a Clydesdale and unbelievable balance & uniformity with a sexy neck and head. Strong spined and square built with TH carrier hair. The early visitors to the farm have stared and stared and still can’t believe she’s for real. That ideal “crossover” female that can play in both the big league Angus ring and every major jackpot in the country. Sired by one of the hottest up and coming bulls in the Angus breed and backed by a no

DOB: 1/25/14 | Reg. #17824589 | PB anGUS

BSF Opportunist Z5 : SiRe thoene Frontline 240 : Dam

CRR about time 743 : SiReBR moler x mSU Keepsake 14S : Dam

DOB: 5/16/14 | Reg. #43527193 | PB HORneD HeReFORD

miss powerhouse Frontline donor. No matter what flavor you are into, you’ll look twice. Collect the purple and then flush her for purebreds or % cattle.

MY kind of Hereford!!! Good lookin’, smooth made and awesome at the ground – all with a shot of power and a splash of wow! She’s a looker when she’s standing still OR strutting her stuff. She’s great haired too, and we’re still not to the good stuff! Sired by the king of the breed, About Time and out of the Moler x Keepsake donor who was crowned Reserve Grand in both Kansas City and Denver. She has predictability bred into her and is a phenotypical stunner. Quality to satisfy the pickiest of shoppers – this little lady will no doubt play on the highest of levels. If you’re still hunting a Hereford, get over to Dixon on the 14th! Or you can blame yourself later.

Page 15: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

Well we went and did it. We couldn’t be the only one in the country with-out a Purebred Char. And when we went huntin’ I think we bagged a trophy-getter! Her pedigree is the absolute hottest combination in the breed right now – with a dam who’s number ID is more house-hold than 911. 0641 will without a doubt go down as one of the most dominant dams in breed history. When Scott called and said he had a good one, he most definitely was being modest. She’s killer! Angular and smooth with awesome joints and feet. Soft bodied with great rib shape and a beautiful neck and head. She’s soft haired and little kid tame. Every time I feed and see her struttin’ her stuff, I tell myself, “Don’t sell that one!” And then I see Carmen’s belly, and think, “You’re selling her. Deal with it!” Lol... My loss will definitely be someone else’s gain. She can win the big ones, play ball with the black ones, and most importantly she will literally be your cash cow. She’s a no brainer.

DOB: 3/12/14 | PB CHaROlaiS

Firewater : SiRe0641 : Dam

turton : SiReYellow Jacket : Dam

DOB: 4/3/14 | COmPOSite CHaROlaiSAnother one who is on my list of “special ones” around here. True breeding cattle – clean of all genetic defects and screams purple and profitability! Her mother was a dominating show heifer for Nick Sullivan winning the Iowa Beef Expo and Iowa State Fair. Scott called me after he saw her and said he thought he had seen a heller, but wanted a second set of eyes. After seeing her just out on grass and nursing her mother, I’d say there’s nothing wrong with Scott’s eyes! This one never gives you a bad look, ever. Comes high up out of the point of her shoulder with a tight throat latch and sexy breeding cattle head. Big bellied & stout and as good of a hind leg as you can put on one. And she can flat get out & move! Minnesota better be ready for this one this summer at Jr. Nationals. She will be a favorite on sale day – for a pile of good reasons!

Page 16: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

This Female is the result of our first Simmental attempt on one of the hottest Maine females in the business. Lucky Lady 35B is sleek fronted and sound with loads of eye appeal. Her maternal sisters recently sold in the Bushy Park sale for $67,000 and $20,000 for half interest respectively. Another sib brought $33,000 last year as well. This blood line is tried, true, and valuable.

DOB: 5/7/14 | lOW % Simmental, mainetaineR

WS a Step Up : SiRe JSC lucky lady 2X : Dam

Shelby (Hard Drive x meyer) : SiReHeat Wave x meyer : Dam

DOB: 5/7/14 | mainetaineR

She’s just flat cool! Cool lookin’. Cool built. Cool bred. The one that everyone asks about when they stop by the farm. Always cocky and up-headed and showing off. Great footed and killer on the move when she’s struttin’ her stuff! Perfect power and body and super good haired with a cool strip face. Good “breeding cattle” – Maine-Tainers and Chis were just plain not out there this year, so when we saw this young lady, we gobbled her up! She may be young folks, but she’s not behind. She’s ready to go butt heads with the big girls! Pinup is a must-see in person. So come to Dixon, you won’t miss her!

Page 17: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

This is 23Y’s natural calf for the year. She could not have made me prouder. There’s nothing like lining up your own genetics when you are swinging for the fences, and I think she knocked it out of the park with this one! So much look & power in a heavy structured, yet feminine package. Not to mention, when you’re done hanging banners, the fun is going to just be starting.

DOB: 4/6/14 | mainetaineR, lOW % CHi

the Ringer : SiReHadley’s Whiskey Girl 23Y : Dam

monopoly : SiReHadley’s Whiskey Girl 23Y : Dam

DOB: 4/23/14 | lOW % CHi

When it was time to put 23Y into production, this was the 1st mating that came to mind. And it did a great job of combining all of the things that we’ve come to expect from this cross – bone, power, and femininity – just to name a few. A bit on the younger side, but don’t let that keep you from owning a female with a world of future.

Hadley’s Whiskey Girl 23Y Donor – Dam of lots 28 and 29

Page 18: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

– tH FRee, PHa FRee, DS FReeW/out question the hottest mating in Shorthorn Plus and MaineTainer genetics has to be the Charisma x Chelsie 269M cross. Both heifers and bulls have commanded top dollar and garnered some of the most sought after banners in the business. In 2 flushes to Charisma, Chelsie 269M has grossed over $300,000 in revenue and this female shows exactly why they are so popular, valuable and dominant. Chelsie C 448B is so fresh and modern in her build with the body, boldness, femininity, and look that commands the attention and desires of all. This female will not only make a dominant show heifer able to compete at the highest level, but more importantly when it’s all said & done, she will go home to generate the kind of cattle and $ needed to be relevant in this business. She is also TH, PHA and DS FREE – making the mating possibilities endless. 7/8 Shorthorn

DOB... 3/28/14 | 7/8 SHORtHORn PlUS, 1/4 mainetaineR

Charisma 906W : SiRe SCSP Chelsie 269m : Dam

monopoly : SiReStatesman : Dam

DOB: 3/26/14 | mainetaineR

Plus and 1/4 MaineTainer, so when mated to Purebred Shorthorn bulls the resulting progeny will be Purebred Shorthorns.

While we do not have a lot of females in this sale with club calf pedigrees, when I spotted this one in my travels, I couldn’t help but love her! Monopoly has done his fair share of siring national champions on both the steer and heifer sides of the ring, and this one is a prime example why. She’s big and flat and angular with a sexy, skinny neck. Voluminous in her center 1/3 and just the right amount of power. Oh and for all of you who can’t put your Smart Combs down, she’s got perfect, thick, jet black hair. We believe this girl can play ball at the highest level – especially with the 2015 MaineTainer Jr. National landing in Springfield. Jackpot or a major, you decide. This one is ready!

Page 19: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

SELLING 1/2 Interest and1/2 Possession on Lot 32:

Donor. Period. If you end up buying this female and taking her home, and you can’t make money on one like this, quit the business – because females like this are as “turnkey” as they come. She’s as no brainer as closing the border to Ebola... but apparently us country folk are a little sharper than our diplomats and policy makers. And speaking of Ebola and Africa, this heifer’s bone and foot very closely resemble that of an elephant! She is so stout & rugged; she’ll leave the steer boys drooling. You can make steers or females on one like this. Versatility will be something you won’t have to worry about. Get her in the show barn and show the wheels off her, and when she’s in the donor pen, call us to help you market her barn burners!

DOB: 1/6/14 | HiGH % maine

the irishman : SiReali : Dam

irish Whiskey : SiReHeat Seeker : Dam

DOB: 1/19/14 | tH and PHa FRee – mainetaineR

I don’t know how we lucked out to find a TH and PHA clean Whiskey female out of a double dirty pedi-gree, but apparently someone was praying for me that day. Here is another one that exemplifies the donor portion of our program. Very tough to find cattle like this no matter how hard you look. She’s a touch more extended with a notch more performance than your average Whiskey. Good rear leg and flexibility with nice soft hair. Flush her for steers? Maines? % Simmys? Your call. Either way, we are way IN on this one!

Page 20: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

DOB: 3/9/14 | mainetaineR

Frisky Whiskey : SiRe Friction x maine : Dam

This one screams big, big, BIG time donor! The build and bloodlines to make state fair champion steers time and time again. The power and look of a Whiskey with a touch more pizazz and size. Big barreled and stout hipped & backed with a cool look and pedigree to make a steer breeder drool. Go try and buy one this good on a reputation bred sale this fall, then tell me what you think this one is worth! With her entire show career left and you can breed her how you want. Smart cowboys will find this one. She’s going to be heard from.

DOB: 3/20/14 | mainetaineR

Swag : SiRe Polygraph 902 : Dam

This female is stout and rugged with enough look to go a long way in the cattle business. If you like your females with a little added punch, she is your girl. Not to mention will make one hell of a momma cow when it is all said and done.

DOB: 2/12/14 | mainetaineR

maternal Perfection : SiRe angus x Witch Doctor : Dam

This is what I picture a high, HIGH $ bred looks like at 8 months of age. Stout and rugged with that maternal look and great feet and legs. This one was awesome haired early and then got some ringworm and shucked, but is putting it back on fast now! She’s about 30 days at picture time from being ready for the show ring. I wish I could keep ones like this. So fault free and tough to find. She’s going to be tough for a judge to pick on piece by piece. Buy her, show her, breed her – then turn her purple ribbon quality into green cash!

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DOB: 4/16/14 | mainetaineR, HiGH % CHi

Goet i-80 : SiRe BmW miley 43W : Dam

Here is a maternal sib to the mostdominate show heifers of 2014 for the Nikkel’s Family, KS. The donor Miley 43W is quickly becoming one of the most influential Chi/Maine-Tainer donors in the game. And this mating is making a name for itself in a hurry as well, with 2 full sisters fetching a fair sum of money already this fall. And I would have to say this heifer most resembles her mother. I love the way she is built in her center body, for having as much power, bone & look as she does. Own her, show her, win, breed her, and cash the checks! God knows that’s what we did with her mother.

DOB: 3/13/14 | HiGH maine

GVC Suh 01W : SiRe Dunk ms Cowgirl 323U : Dam

I feel this is a very intriguing femalefor her breed. So big structured and nice bodied but still smooth and flat built. This one is sure to have a nice career. And I believe there are a lot of different mating opportunities as you move forward into her production years.

DOB: 3/27/14 | mainetaineR

i-80 : SiRe liquid asset x Dream On : Dam

Not your typical I-80 here folks!Bigger and more extended with that look and power we all crave. Ethan sent this one up here out of his young cow herd – I’d say he’s compiling an awesome set of young cows! She’s breeding cattle pedigreed and breeding cattle lookin’. Big stout feet and a good silhouette from the side. I think this one will stick out in the Maine ring just due to her extra body & power while maintaining that look. And when she’s done strutting around the shavings, she’s got the maternal substance behind her to make a great momma cow!

maternal Sib to lot 37 – Supreme Champion 2014 Purdue aGR

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DOB: 3/28/14 | HiGH % CHi

manchild : SiRe northern improvement x Hereford : Dam

While half of you think I’m crazy for purchasing a Manchild, and the other half still think it’s a typo, I’ll tell you that she’s here for one reason alone – she’s GOOD! I’ll admit I was reluctant at first, but then thought about finding something different in genetics that are so damn wound up! Old school may be good; a bit more size and performance. Sound, athletic, and square built with perfect balance & rib. A little white on the head never hurt either! Mated to a PB Simmy bull, like Bandwagon or Broker, she will make unreal half-bloods. Get your hand up high for the banners this girl will drag home!

DOB: 5/6/14 | lOW % CHi

KB max Out 819 : SiRe HW x Kadabra (Ringer’s mom) : Dam

“Freak on a Leash” – yep, I know that sounds kind of cheesy. But when you see this girl in person, you will know exactly

DOB: 5/2/14 | HiGH % CHi, SHORtHORn PlUS

A young female with a lot ofpotential is how I would describe this one. She is flawless in her design and structure, while still having enough punch for the long haul. Put her on feed and watch her get better. Her mother is a no miss cow at Dunk Cattle Co. I don’t see her being any different.

man On a mission : SiRe Dunk ms Blue 601R : Dam

lot 41 (both photos)

what I’m talking about. She’s one of themore intriguing females we have offered. You will have to take a look and decide for yourself. Bone and hair for miles, yet still good structured and well designed. This one will be a real head turner.

Page 23: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

DOB: 3/4/14 | maRKet HeiFeR

texas twister : SiRe Dr. Who : Dam

If you’re hunting for a market heiferto run and jackpot or have your sights set on some-thing bigger like a Midwest state fair, we have her right here! Monster legged & freaky cool with loads of power and that chubby, easy feeding look. Her long, thick, jet black hair would make an Italian woman jealous. We don’t deal with a lot of terminal cattle, but when we saw this one, we knew we had to have her. And if you think like me, all I see are some wicked steers coming out of this little lady. She is a big time market heifer prospect! So if you’re shopping – park the car. We’ve got her. See you in Dixon!

* Retaining DNA rights and 2 flushes at seller’s expense and buyer’s convenience on the following: Lots 01, 02, 03, 13, 20x, 21x, 22, 28, 29, 35, 37, 38, 41 and 42

Page 24: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

PUReBReD Simmental BUll

Optimus Prime : SiRe K-leR Hailey’s Diamond : Dam

4/4/14 : DOB

ivas and Donors and Dudes? That’s right everyone we’ve got a couple boys in the mix this year! What a stud here. In the wake of the overwhelming popularity of Bandwagon, one would assume that replicating an animal equal to him or surpassing him would be next to impossible. But we sincerely believe we have done it! Fast Lane is what we consider to be the next chapter in our AI bull success book. Sired by Optimus Prime and out of the young Make It Rain donor named Hailey’s Diamond that won her division in Louisville as a yearling. Fast Lane is stout and rugged, yet flashy and eye appealing. Huge bone and foot with a wide square hip and back, big barreled and cocky headed. Perfect strip face baldy with awesome hair and the structure we’re killing ourselves to build in this breed! He’s the kind that takes that jaw dropping picture for the magazine but doesn’t disappoint when you show up at the bull stud to see him in person. To throw a little icing on the cake, Fast Lane is already a tested champion. He was Grand Champion Simmental Bull at Keystone in Oct. as a calf being the youngest bull in the entire show! He’s sound, stout, maternal in his rib, and a cool looking baldy to boot. Tell me where the guesswork is here?? Climb aboard with us and strap yourself in for a joyride with Fast Lane!

* Selling possession and half semen interest. Fast Lane will be displayed at the 2015 National Western.

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tH CaRRieR, PHa FRee | lOW % CHi BUll

monopoly : SiRe Hadley’s Whiskey Girl 23Y : Dam

2/26/14 : DOB

remember the day this calf was born; it was the first 23Y progeny to hit the ground here in Wayne, NE. I told my wife if they are all born with bone under them like that, this is going to be fun. And I can honestly say – they all got the pipe!

I think this boy has a little to offer everyone. If you are trying to breed some look and bone into your calves, but don’t want to sacrifice structure and pounds at weaning, this guy might be a good fit for your program. I always say that there has to be a good cow on the back side to make a bull work, and boy I can promise you, she is GOOD.

* Selling full possession and retaining an in herd semen interest.

Page 26: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

Reg. #2585171 | 1/2 Simmental, 1/2 anGUS COW

SIRE: Goldmine DAM: 1/8 Sim 7/8 angus

ure to be a sale feature... 611 is one of the best looking brood cows I’ve ever laid eyes on. This 2006 model has what it takes to get it done year after year and she certainly has thus far. Great bone and footwork, incredible body capacity, and flawless structural integrity are what brought this female into our donor pen. Here is your chance to own a proven donor that’s certainly worked for our program. We’ve had several Monopoly calves that have topped our pasture sales and gone on to win numerous shows around the Midwest. We’ve only had one Broker out of this female, and we retained him to use as a herd bull. We’re more than excited to see his first calf crop next spring! In addition to those two bulls, we’ve also flushed her to BIM, and will have our first calves out of this mating next spring. There are just so many ways a guy can go with this outstanding donor and never go wrong. Don’t hesitate; she’ll make you money no matter what she costs on sale day!

* Lot 46 SELLS WITH your CHOICE of 3 EMBRYOS by Broker, BIM, or Monopoly.

DOB: march 2006

AI DATE: 4/21/2014AI SIRE: Combustible

Pe: Broker Son, Drive By Vet Call: likely ai

Page 27: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

SIRE: High VoltageDAM: Star PowerVet Call: likely ai

AI DATE: 4/21/2014AI SIRE: Pilgrim(F)Pe: Buckwild/Secret agent

taG: 172a DOB: march 2013SIRE: irish WhiskeyDAM: GCC maXVet Call: Pasture Bred

AI DATE: may 2014AI SIRE: BuckwildPe: Buckwild/Secret agent

taG: 122a DOB: march 2013

SIRE: High VoltageDAM: Star PowerVet Call: likely ai

AI DATE: 4/27/2014AI SIRE: Pilgrim(F)Pe: Buckwild/Secret agent

taG: 176a DOB: march 2013SIRE: angusDAM: angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/25/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 3107a DOB: march 2013

SIRE: Drive By (Driver son)DAM: angus XVet Call: likely ai

AI DATE: 4/27/2014AI SIRE: Pilgrim(F)Pe: Buckwild/Secret agent

taG: 141a DOB: march 2013SIRE: Hammerdown (lutton son)DAM: Commercial angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/25/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 325a DOB: april 2013

SIRE: i-80DAM: Star Power / Doctor WhoVet Call: too Close to Call

AI DATE: 4/27/2014AI SIRE: UnbelievablePe: Buckwild/Secret agent

taG: 109a DOB: march 2013SIRE: Hammerdown (lutton son)DAM: Commercial angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/25/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 347a DOB: march 2013

SIRE: Jesse JamesDAM: monopolyVet Call: likely ai

AI DATE: 4/28/2014AI SIRE: StrikerPe: Buckwild/Secret agent

taG: 81a DOB: march 2013SIRE: Hard WhiskeyDAM: WmW x meyer x maineVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/9/2014AI SIRE: Bush’s UnbelievablePe: northern improvement son

taG: 25/99 DOB: march 2013

SIRE: 31Y (Steel Force son)DAM: angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/26/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 150a DOB: march 2013SIRE: Heat Seeker x maineDAM: meyer 76Vet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/9/2014AI SIRE: Bush’s UnbelievablePe: northern improvement son

taG: 24 DOB: april 2013

SIRE: 31Y (Steel Force son)DAM: angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/29/2014AI SIRE: Grandmaster

taG: 166a DOB: march 2013SIRE: Doctor WhoDAM: Blended Whiskey x meyerVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/9/2014AI SIRE: Bush’s UnbelievablePe: northern improvement son

taG: 69 DOB: march 2013

SIRE: angusDAM: angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/29/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 144a DOB: march 2013SIRE: two toneDAM: Juneau x maineVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/9/2014AI SIRE: Bush’s UnbelievablePe: northern improvement son

taG: 90 DOB: march 2013

SIRE: 31Y (Steel Force son)DAM: angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/26/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 113a DOB: april 2013SIRE: irish Whiskey x Harwood 209DAM: meyer x maine x angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/9/2014AI SIRE: Bush’s UnbelievablePe: northern improvement son

taG: H-10-9 DOB: march 2013

SIRE: 31Y (Steel Force son)DAM: angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/26/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 156a DOB: march 2013SIRE: Fortune n GloryDAM: Blended Whiskey x meyerVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/9/2014AI SIRE: Bush’s UnbelievablePe: northern improvement son

taG: 42 DOB: march 2013

SIRE: Final answerDAM: angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 5/22/2014AI SIRE: Dream Catcher

taG: 313a DOB: april 2013SIRE: SaK SummitDAM: 1/2 Sim 1/2 angusVet Call: ai

AI DATE: 6/14/2014AI SIRE: Bismarck (angus)

taG: 66 DOB: april 2013

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lOt 47 | tag: 172a lOt 49 | tag: 141a

lOt 50 | tag: 109a lOt 52 | tag: 150a

Page 29: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

lOt 54 | tag: 144a lOt 56 | tag: 156a

lOt 57 | tag: 313a lOt 60 | tag: 325a

Page 30: 2014 Divas & Donors { the ELITE }

December 14, 2014 at 1:00 pm cSt ABSenTee BuyerS:If you cannot attend the sale, please take advantage of our Absentee Bidding. Phone Bidders – If you would like to bid over the phone please contact Sale management or Paulsen Cattle 24 hours prior to the sale in order to receive a bidder number. At that time we will make sure that we have someone on the phone with you when your lot enters the sale ring. online Bidders – The sale will be broadcast via www.Liveauctions.tv.

If you are having internet troubles during the sale, please contact Paulsen Cattle, Dwyer Cattle, or any sale consultant in order to bid. TerMS AnD ConDITIonS: Cattle sell per the terms and conditions of their breed associations. Announcements from the Auction Block on Sale day regarding the cattle selling in this sale will take precedence over the information printed in this catalog. no cattle will be loaded until paid for. Terms are cash, check with proper ID, or Master Card/visa will be accepted with a 4% fee. For example a $1,000 purchase with your credit card will reflect a charge of $1,040. If you can’t attend the sale, contact one of the owners, sale managers, or consultants for information regarding our sight unseen buyer guarantee. We will arrange for a member of the sale staff to discuss the cattle with you. Bidding can be done via phone or by confidential bid prior to the sale. Please call between December 12 – December 14 to obtain a bidder number. LIABILITy:Anyone attending the sale attends at their own risk. Dwyer Cattle Services, Paulsen Cattle, Humphrey Show Cattle, the guest consignors, and the sale personnel will not be held responsible for any personal injury, loss, or theft for those attending the sale. reGISTrATIonS:Please leave all transfer information with the sale clerks at the completion of the sale. HerD HeALTH:Health papers for interstate travel will be available. Bred females have been pregnancy checked safe by a licensed veterinarian. The buyer has within 21 days following the sale to re-pregnancy test their purchases. If any animals are found open within those 21 days you must notify sale management at once for an adjustment to be made. updated breeding information will be available on a supplement sheet sale day; this sheet will take precedence over statements in the catalog. SexeD SeMen DISCLAIMer:Due to the fact that sexed semen purchased only guarantees the chances of a heifer being conceived 90% of the time, we cannot guarantee that females bred with sexed semen will have heifer calves. We do however guarantee that sexed semen was used. InSurAnCe:Insurance will be available through James F. Bessler of Great American Insurance Group, phone 815-899-9121. Talk to nick Dwyer after the sale to insure your purchases. TruCKInG:We will assist you in finding the most reasonable trucking options possible.

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