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Published by: Ac. Vimalananda Avt. Sectorial Secretary - New York Sector Oath of Baba “All my energy, all my mind, all my thoughts and all my deeds, are to be goaded unto the path of collective elevation of the human society, without neglecting other living beings and inanimate objects, right from this moment, until the moment of my living on this earth” October 12 - 1990, Kolkata Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Edited by: Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt. Sectorial Public Relations Secretary Special Edition - Mahaprayan Divas - October (21) - 2012 Public Relations Department New York Sector In this issue: “Your Personal Relationship with God” “Reminiscences of Ba’Ba’” “Remain Positive at all times” “What is Ananda Marga?” “Dharma Maha Sammelan - Patna October 2012” “Ananda Marga Service” “When your heart speaks ...” “Recipe by Bhaeravii”

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Published by: Ac. Vimalananda Avt. Sectorial Secretary - New York Sector

Oath of Baba“All my energy, all my mind, all my thoughts and all my deeds, are to be

goaded unto the path of collective elevation of the human society, without neglecting other living

beings and inanimate objects, right from this moment, until the moment

of my living on this earth”

October 12 - 1990, Kolkata

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Edited by: Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt.Sectorial Public Relations Secretary

“I am not this body, this body is not me. If you want to know me you

will have to do my Mission. Because I have merged myself with my


Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Special Edition - Mahaprayan Divas - October (21) - 2012

Public Relations DepartmentNew York Sector

In this issue: “Your Personal Relationship with God” “Reminiscences of Ba’Ba’” “Remain Positive at all times” “What is Ananda Marga?” “Dharma Maha Sammelan - Patna October 2012” “Ananda Marga

Service” “When your heart speaks ...” “Recipe by Bhaeravii”

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Where you can find Ananda Marga in North and Central America and Carabbeans. Offices, Spiritual centers , Rural devel-opment projects , Schools. Ananda Marga serves the Community in many different ways. You can locate here the places of your interest.·

New York Sectorial OfficeAnanda Marga 97-38 42nd Ave Corona, NY 11368 Tel. 718-898-1603

Ananda Kanan Master Unit3157 County Road 1670 Willow Springs,MO 65793 Tel. 417-469-4713Ananda Kanak Master UnitSt. Andre’ Avellin - Quebec - CanadaTel. (819) 983-7389

Ananda Girisuta - Prama Institute 310 Panhandle Rd Marshall,NC 28753 Tel. (828) 649-9408Ananda Vrati - Quest Center RR1 Box 1366 Hop Bottom,PA 18824 Tel. (570) 289-4021Ananda Dham Organic Peach Farm 42310 Lake Hughes Rd. Lake Hughes, CA 93532 PH: (661) 724-1161, (323) 770-4337 Ananda Dhiira Master Unit 19393 Sanctuary Rd Penn Valley, California 95946-9700 Tel.(530) 432-3618

Ananda Lina Master Unit2308 N. Highcross Rd, Urbana, IL 61802 Tel. (217) 344-6299

AMURT Global Coordination2502 Lindley Terrace Rockville, MD 20850 Tel. (301) 738-7122

Ananda Marga in LA1245 S Norton Ave Los Angeles, CA 90019 Tel. 323-734-7211 253-226-8639 Ananda Marga Yoga Meditation - Los Altos Hills27160 Moody Rd Los Altos, CA 94022 Phone: (650) 948-2865Ananda Marga Yoga in Denver854 Pearl St Denver, CO 80203 Tel. (303) 839-8420

New Day Ananda Marga School1825 SE Clinton St Portland, OR 97202 Tel. (503) 231-7425

Ananda Marga of Alaska3211 Murphy Dome Rd Fairbanks, AK 99709 (907) 479-5618Ananda Marga MonterreyAbasolo Ote 884Monterrey, N.L. 64000Tel. +52 (81) 8375 3351

Doblado Norte 914 Zona Centro Monterrey, Nuevo León 64000

Ananda Maya Duhita Master UnitAllende, N.L. - Mexico

Ananda Marga Cuernavaca, MORJesús H. Preciado No. 309 Colonia San Antón Cuernavaca, Morelos 62190 Tel. +52 (777) 310 0604 Ananda Marga SchoolJardín de Niños Elena Emmanuel Carballo Calle Hueman 107 Santa Catarina, Nuevo León Tel. +52 (81) 8316 0409 Ananda Marga México, DFAmado Nervo No. 15 Int. 3 Colonia Agricultura México, Distrito Federal 11360 Tel. +52 (55) 5342 1637Ananda Marga GuatemalaLote 8 Manzana S Colinas de Minerva Zona Mixco - GuatemalaEscuela de Ananda Marga La Limonada. Ciudad de GuatemalaUnidad Maestra Ananda Maya DiipaSanto Domingo Xenacoj - Guatemala. CEAMNICA - Centro Educativo Ananda Marga Colonia Reconciliacion, Managua - Nicaragua

Ananda Marga Columbus 5799 Brinkwater Blvd, Hilliard, OH 43026Tel. (614)771-1018Ananda Marga of Dallas2355 Trellis Place Richardson, TX 75081-4770 Tel. (972) 699-3838

Ananda Marga School in HaitiRua Magua Prol. - Delmas 31 - Port Au Prince

Ananda Marga Costa Rica

Ananda Marga Dominican Republic

Ananda Marga Jamaica

Ananda Marga in New York Sector

Women Welfare Dep. Office94 - 38 212th St.Queens Village, NY 11428Tel. 631-704-8131

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In the morning I said that it is the utilization of energy which matters and not the possession of an unutilized capacity. Many people have inferiority complexes of different kinds. They think they are not learned. How will they achieve the goal of their life?

It is wrong to presume that by reading voluminous books or by delivering beautiful lectures, one can attain Parama Purusa. No scholarship nor even literacy is required to meet God. The future of those who are uneducated is also bright.

God’s relation with human beings is a family relation. When parents feed the children, they do not give four chapatis to the son who is a Master of Arts and only one to the next son who is only a matriculate. For parents, all their children are equal. Similarly, for God all persons are equal for the spiritual food He will give them. Really, the love of parents is dependent not upon the education of the children but upon the children’s at-tachment for the parents.

Scholars or intellectuals have one drawback. They read dif-ferent theories and philosophies, and these things create a clash in their minds. They are unable to decide whether this philosophy is correct, or that one is correct. The uneducated, on the other hand, are better off, as they walk on the spiri-tual path with steadiness, undisturbed by warring ideas. The intellect is incapable of comprehending Parama Purusa. Af-ter all, the intellect is only a creation of the [pratisaincara](1) process, in which Pure Consciousness reconverts itself into [the mind] out of the five fundamental factors into which it converted itself earlier. Being a created thing, intellect cannot comprehend its Creator, the Supreme Being. The puppets can perform any play the master wants them to perform, but they cannot control the master who plays them.

What is knowledge? It is the subjectivization of the object. God, being the ultimate subjectivity, cannot be caught by the thought process, which can only catch external objects and not a superior stage of subjectivity.

Nor is God attained merely by listening to a lot of [spiritu-al discourses]. Some persons are fond of attending spiritual congregations. But what they hear with one ear goes out the other at a 180º angle, and does not lead to salvation. With ki-irtana and the remembrance of God, however, it is otherwise. Whether you do these things with faith and devotion, or with enmity, the results are encouraging.

The word shraddha [translated “faith and devotion”] really has no equivalent in the English language. Whatever you con-sider as the summum bonum of life is sat. And when you di-rect all your faculties and sentiments towards the attainment of this goal, this is called shrat. And the feeling associated with this is called shraddha.

Even when you think of God as an enemy, you are involved in Him. Really, our mind is more activated [to think about somebody] by anger and hatred [than by positive propen-sities]. When we have a quarrel with somebody, we keep on thinking that the next time we meet that person, we will say this or that. Therefore, God will be attained whether you love Him or hate Him. Ravana was constantly thinking of Rama as his enemy and therefore he also attained salva-tion through His hands. But merely listening to scriptures or talks is not going to bring about the desired results.

Another fact must be remembered: that God is realized only by those whom He graces with compassion. You should not have the feeling in mind, “Now I have done so much; God should shower His grace on me.” Rather you should feel, “It is for You, O Lord, to grace me or not. This body of mine will work like a machine until You grace me with love.” If you are proud of your meritorious actions, this pride will remain in the end and not the grace of God. For Him, all are equal. For society, the differences matter, but not for God. His grace is raining on all, but if you are carrying an umbrella of ego on your head, how will you get drenched by His Grace? Everyone has a right to enter Brahmaloka [the subtlest layer of the Macrocosmic Mind]; this is the birthright of all. He is kind to all, every moment of one’s life. One has only to receive this kindness by re-moving the ego.

However great a sinner one may be, the moment one sur-renders to the Lord, one becomes a devotee – his or her salvation is guaranteed.

The Entity whom you are trying to attain – Parama Purusa – is your own innermost self. Your relation with Him is not external, to be defined by courts, laws, or society. It is a family relationship. The desire in your mind to meet God is only born when He is inclined towards you. It is the result of His desire to meet you. Your meeting with God is not a unilateral affair, it is a mutual thing. You walk one step towards Him and He will come twenty towards you.

When an infant starts walking, the parent first asks it and goads it to walk a little. It tries to walk, but falls. Then the parent advances and lifts it up onto his or her lap. God does the same. Make the slightest effort, and He will pick you up and place you on His lap.

Your relation with God is personal. No one can sever this relationship. It is part of your being, your birthright.

21 January 1971 evening, RanchiSHRII SHRII ANANDAMURTI

Your Personal Relationship with GOD by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rti

Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar was born on Vaisha’khi Pu’rnima in 1921 at Jama’lpur (Bihar). He had his Primary Education at Jamalpur itself. He has been attracting people by his deep love for humanity and guiding them along the path of self-realization. Adjusting the ancient science of Tantra Yoga with modern scientific temper to meet the needs of this age, he propounded a very scientific and rationale spiritual philosophy and a system of practical disciplines for Physical fitness, Psychic development and Spiritual progress. Recognizing Him as a spiritual Master, His followers called Him “Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rti” which means “He who attracts others as the embodiment of bliss”, or simply “Ba’ba’” (The Father).So far, philosophy has always remained in the domain of the logician. Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji has, for the first time, combined a universal philosophy with scientific practice. Over the centuries thousands of Rs’is have sought to find a link between the finite and the infinite, through the laboratory of their minds. He has given a balance of theory and practice. Human life is spiritual in all aspects including mundane life. In His words “We cannot afford to ignore the external world, and thus ours is a subjective approach through objective adjustment.” Those who fol-lowed His teachings found their lives transformed as they overcome the weakness and negative tendencies of the mind and experienced a deep peace and bliss within. Inspired by His selfless example, they turned their energies to serving the society and elevating the oppressed.

Prabha’t Sam’giita is a body of 5018 songs composed by Shrii Prabha’t Rainjan Sarkar in a period of only 8 years.

O Lord, You came without telling anybody,and without informing anybody, You departed.

I had so many more songs,in so many rhythms, to sing to You.

I could never have imagined that You would come to me like this,and that You would suddenly leave like this,leaving me amidst tears.

Hundreds of flowers bloom out of the dust of the earth.Into the innermost core of each of these flowers,You have poured sweet nectar.

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“Education is that which brings the emancipation of human beings”

Education is the most potent medium to bring about a progressive revolutionin society. Education in the view of Ananda Marga is not mere imparting of alphabetical knowledge or mundane knowledge; it is a powerful instru-ment to effect the trifarious development of the human personality - physical, mental and spiritual.

The Education, Relief and Welfare Section of Ananda Marga (ERAWS in brief) runs and organizes schools at the primary, post-primary, high-school and university levels. It is presently running thousands of schools in India, and other continents of the world. Similarly it has been running a large network of children’s homes, retiring homes, students’ homes, rural development centers, charitable dispensaries, medical clinics, hospitals, cheap kitchens, etc.

The images are taken from three different Ananda Marga projects in the area of varanasi - India where around 1.000 students are enrolled in four schools and two rural development projects are producing several seasonal crops for the self-sufficiency of the Training Center and the whole area.

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Some interesting incidents during Personal Contact with Ba’Ba’

One day a margi came from America . He had missed the flight from Delhi to Kolkata so he could not attend DMC (Dharma Maha Cakra) at Ananda nagar. He de-cided to join Baba’s reception at His Lake Garden resi-dence.He waited there from noon until 4 pm waiting to wel-come Baba, then he went to a nearby shop to buy some snacks. he returned after twenty minutes to find that Baba had already arrived, so again he missed the op-portunity to join Baba’s reception as well.The next day, he came to me and urged me to arrange his PC, as he was an Upa Bhukti Pramukha. I told him that he would have to waitfor a week because af-ter DMC Baba usually takes rest and olny does routine work. After four days I requested Baba about the PC, but he declined.However , on the fifth day Baba agreed. I came down-stairs to call the brother for PC. He had been coming to Madhu Malainca every day at nine in the morning but that day I could not find him there. He had not come on the fifth day because he was disappointed that he had come continuously for the last four days without any result.I felt embarassed. Baba was waiting to give him PC but the sa’dhaka was absent. I ran to Baba and told that he had not yet arrived, saying that he might be caught in a traffic jam.Baba said. “If he has not come, leave him and start other programmes.” A few minutes later the brother arrived. When he learned what had happened, he started weep-ing and said, “Dadaji, I missed DMC, I missed Baba’s reception and now I missed my chance for PC. It ap-pears that only ‘missing and missing’ fills my life.”he came for two more days, but could not get the chance for PC. On the third day he said, “Dadaji, my flight is leaving today, I will go now.”I told him to wait a few more days assuring him that he would surely get PC, but he left to catch his flight. The next day I saw him at 9 in the morning. I asked him, “What happened? Your flight was yesterday evening.” He replied, “Dadaji, I missed my flight as well!” Then

he said, broken heartedly, “It seems my Samskaras are bad.” He was very unhappy.Consoling him, I said, “Never mind, this is a positive sign and you might get PC. This might be the reason behing missing your evening flight. Please come to-morrow at 9 o’clock sharp.” The next day he was pres-ent at 9 a.m. as usual, in the Dhyana Mandira.I informed Baba that the sa’dhaka had again come and was waiting for his PC with love and devotion.Baba said, “All right, bring my shirt (kurta), I will give PC today.The brother got PC and was very happy. He realized that a ray of hope had entered his troubled life, and vowed to use his energy in establishing Ananda Marga institutions devoted to social service.Baba loves His devotees. It is His responsability to mit-igate devotees sufferings, and Baba does it dutifully.

The work will not suffer due to lack of money

In March 1978, I went with some Margis to see Baba in jail. I first had some organizational matters to speal to Baba and then I went to sit close to Him. The Mar-gis completely filled the small cell.Looking at the intelligence personnel sitting on a stool at the gate, Baba said, “Did you know that I gave Mar-gis everything except money? Well, if I did not give wealth, I at least saved them from unnecessary expen-diture.” The police personnel asked humbly, “Baba, I could not understand. Please clarify.”Baba began to explain, “Look I prohibited Margis from taking any intoxicants. Will there not ne some savings on this account? ot only this, I also ordained that before making any special expenditure, Margis will have to get clearance from their A’carya. They are also forbidden to take loans for celebrations.”With folded hands, the police personnel commended, “It is a great thing, Baba.”Then Baba turned to the Margis and said, “There is one more thing. No auspicious work will suffer for lack of money.”

(Published by A’c. Keshava’nanda Avt. - A’nanda Ma’rga Praca’raka Sam’gha - Available with A’nanda Ma’rga Publications)

Reminiscences of Ba’ba’ - A’c. Keshava’nanda Avt.

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Prajina’ Bharatii - Editorial by A’ca’rya Ra’kesha’ananda Avt.

Remain Positive at all times

To remain positive at all times is the single largest fac-tor in building up of our personality and character. We should make a regular attempt in our daly life to view everthing positive, even in the most miserable situation. As soon as a negative thought comes to our mind, sub-jectivise it through Gurumantra given by our beloved Baba into a positive one by readjusting our mental at-titude. There are emotions (e.g. like, dislike, love, hatred, fear, revenge, jealousy, etc.) coupled with our thought, which are playing avoc with our life. The root cause of our emotional involvement is that we take wordly prob-lems and difficulties very seriously. Remember that various trends and tests we are facing in life are coming to us according to a certain law. Nothing in this world happens by chance or by an accident. There is a reason for everything, which is happening to others or us. Also re-member that everthing which happens to us is for our good only, how-ever cruel it may appear nothing is designed in this universe to harm us. All these trials and tests are to teach certain les-sons to us which we have not yet learned. They are not permanent. They are all temporary and will pass away having served their purpose. In fact when we evolve spiritu-ally, we will realize that we ourselves are respon-sible for what is happening to us. We only had created certain causes in the past, which are now germinating in the form of effects. Hence use all trials and tests of life as opportunities to learn something instead of curs-ing and blaming others and never loose balance of our mind and thoughts in whatever miserable situations we are observing. All our problems are like a spectator

and we can solve them with a detached and unbiased mind. By practising meditation and Gurumantra cor-rectly the process of meditation gradually resolves all the conflicts of the unconscious mind and make the mind pure and the will power strong. A strong will power and pure mind has full control of its thoughts. When our unconscious and subconscious mind is rendered pure by melting of all its Samskaras by the fire of meditation, we can also perceive our real self or divine self very clearly, which is the source of all bliss and peace. Then only possibly we can solve the entire problems with a detached and unbiased mind. One day everything will leave us except our master Baba.

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Ananda Marga was founded in 1955 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in India. Today Ananda Marga has developed in a Mission with presence in almost all countries of the world. Yet it is rather subjective to be able to answer to the question “What is Ananda Marga” and many may ask in reply: “What do you mean for Ananda Marga?”. And this is exactly the reason why I am asking this question! It seems that there can be as many correct answers as many people you ask. But is it really so? Is there such a universal identity about Ananda Marga which reflects the ideol-ogy given by the Founder? Let’s begin with direct quotes from His discourses;“No matter what circumstances you are in, never lose sight of the Infinite One. Degradation is impossible for those who have accepted the Supreme Being as the Ideal of their lives. Indulging in mean thoughts only engenders crude vibrations in the Citta, as the result of which you will have to take rebirth in lower species in order to suffer the lowly Sam’skaras created by those crude vibrations. Thus you must arouse higher vibrations in your Citta. Even a man of King Bharata’s calibre had to take rebirth as a deer because at the time of his death he was deeply anxious about a fawn. Thus regardless of what you are at present or what you may possibly become in the future, do not digress from the ideal of the Great in any circumstances: do not stray even a step away from the path of realization of Absolute Bliss. Ananda Marga or the path to eternal bliss is the only path for you.” (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti - Vibration, Form and Colour Phalgunii Púrnima 1956 DMC )Ananda Marga is the most suitable path for every individual and it provides adequately appropriate philosophy of life for individual minds to move along blissfully while in addition keeping one physically fit, mentally focused and spirituality connected. It promotes in every individual an urge for selfless service to the needy, humans as well as non-humans, in community and beyond. Ideologically it practices the dictum of transform yourself to transform society.Ananda Marga is described as a practical philosophy for personal development, social service and the all-around transformation of society. Its system of spiritual practice has also been explained as a practical synthesis of Vedic and Tantric philosophies. Through its meditation centers and service projects around the world, Ananda Marga offers instruction in meditation, yoga and other self-development leadership practices on a non-commercial basis. (Wikipedia)“Due to our regular service activities over the past three years at the Elderly Care Center at Zao Ru, Taipei, Ananda Marga was invited to its 10th anniversary celebrations. Dada Kaladharananda Ji attended the ceremony and had the opportunity to meet Taiwan’s Vice President, Wu Den Yih, who appreciated Ananda Marga’s efforts.” (from the Ananda Marga World news published on are a few quotations from the discourses of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti where in different contests contexts Ananda Marga is further presented or explained in its literatures:“I have already said that Ananda Marga is the first movement aimed at liberating spirituality from the unwhole-some influences from dogma. Hence you must not in any way encourage dogma. Rather, you should carry on an endless fight against dogma. And while fighting against dogma, you will realize the actual truth, and when you will come in contact with truth, you will be established in real spirituality. Remember, you have got to be established in real spirituality, because in spirituality alone lies the highest fulfillment and achievement of human life. Other-wise, there is hardly any difference between human beings and animals. That human beings are not animals is the supreme veracity and the supreme actuality. So human beings have got to be established in human excellence and carry on a ceaseless struggle against dogma.” (Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar - Various Forms of Exploitation - 19 August 1980, Calcutta) “Living beings may be divided into two main groups based on intellect: those who want to share their wisdom, and those who do not. Those who favor the exchange of wisdom have a greater social awareness. But those who oppose it cannot develop a collective social mind due to a lack of mutual understanding. Human beings are basi-cally beings of social inclination. They must always remember that those possessing little strength and ability, and

What is Ananda Marga ?

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those not provided with the means to survive the struggle for life by Nature, must be led along in companionship. Those who take great pains to assist the helpless are more civilized and endowed with greater awareness. They are the socially-minded beings who readily embrace the underprivileged, the downtrodden and the rejected people of society.Ananda Marga keeps its gates open so that each and every man and woman may enter. Anybody may join, any-body may sing in chorus with the rest. The united march of the people is a march of victory. Ananda Marga states this in unequivocal language.” (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti - The Spirit of Society - 1956 DMC )“But Ananda Marga is for one and all: I wish to disseminate dharma among all. The dedicated monks and nuns of Ananda Marga have accepted their life of renunciation not out of any escapist mentality, but to further the cause of human welfare; and through their service, they seek to lead human beings along the path of righteousness to the abode of Supreme Bliss.”(Shrii Shrii Anandamurti - Verse, Mythology, History and Itihasa - 25 March 1979, Midnapur)From these quotations it becomes clear that Ananda Marga is the reflection of an universal ideology. It manifests in different forms according to time, place and persons. It mirrors society as we know it bringing a change within the mind and heart of the people which ultimately manifests in further external changes and transformations. It is more mental and spiritual than physical. One last quotation which clearly projects Ananda Marga from the philo-sophical and spiritual context into the practical and social context:“Today human beings are becoming increasingly engaged in psychic and spiritual occupations, and this trend will increase more rapidly in the future. Ananda Margiis should never compel people to follow Ananda Marga philosophy. Rather, they should always inspire people along the path of spirituality by encouraging selfless service, sacrifice, good conduct, spiritual practices, the development of all-round knowledge, etc.Ananda Marga is a com-prehensive mode of living based on spirituality, and in Ananda Marga Sadhana, Dhya’na and Japa are A’tmic or Dha’rmic Jiivika.” (Three Types of Occupation - 11 November 1988, Calcutta)

[the image portrays Dada Kaladharananda shaking hands with the Vice-President of Taiwan during a prize recog-nition for the service done by Ananda Marga in the island]

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Dharma Maha Sammelan - Patna October (13 - 14) 2012Patna is the capital of Bihar – India. For Ananda Marga it is a very important place which has seen the growth of the Mission around the year 1978 when Baba gave several Dharshans that are recorded in His books. At distance of 34 years the Margi of Patna have warmly welcomed Rev. Purodha Pramukha A’carya Vishvadeva’nanda Avadhu’ta. PP Dada as it is called by ab-breviation is shouldering the spiritual leadership of the Ananda Marga Mission worldwide. Two days of Dharma Maha Sammelan have required a very thorough preparation. An attendance of around 10.000 devotees had been expected. When PP Dada arrived on the first day of the DMS the pandal was already full. He delivered a complete discourse regarding the eight-fold path of Buddha that spanned in the evening session too. The discourse was given in Hindi interspersed with some English words that marked the universality of Ananda Marga ideology. At the end of the first day the Margi of Patna expressed that they felt the same vibration as at Baba’s time. The procession that happened in the afternoon of the first day was measured around two miles long. The second day went similarly with a

very entertaining and well prepared RAWA program in which the artists prepared by brother Mrinal of Ranchi performed Prabhat Samgiit and a colorful comedy on Prout. Last was a professional performance with table by an invited artist. In the last day of DMS the discourses of PP dada moved on a more devotional tone with a topic centered on “Who is Ba’ba’”. After the evening discourse a video of Ba’ba’ completed the program leaving a permanent mark in the heart of all devotees present in the event. Margi could not finish to thanks for the program that brought surely more than 10.000 altogether dancing in bliss and enjoying the spiritual waves.

Next DMS program will be in Ananda Nagar for the end of the year celebration. Already it has been announced a one month Akhanda Kiirtan to happen there ending on New Year’s Eve. There is the confidence that no force can stop Ananda Marga

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from propagating more and more. New books have been published with particular reference to two university text books by Prof. Mohanty of the Utkal University of Bhuvaneshvar – Orissa. One is on Yoga and the second is on Bhakti. In both of them reference to Ananda Marga ideology is complete and put in context with the known lines of Yoga and Bhakti. (by A’c. Vimalesha’nanda Avt. from Patna – India)

“The flowers of different gardens will unite into a bouquet which will be more, not less, beautiful than the individual flowers themselves.”

“When one’s love is to give pleasure to the Lord and not to en-joy the pleasure for oneself, one’s mind gets metamorphosed into the mind of the Lord.”

“You must create the Great Universe as soon as possible. There will be peace and happiness in the universe, and with one indi-visible ideology, humanity will march ahead.”

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Ananda Marga Service in HaitiOrganic gardening provides experiential learning opportunities for over 1000 community members in Port-au-Prince. The Urban Ecology Program is based at Sant Felisite Sineyas, the Integrated Healing and Education Center at the IDP camp on Delmas 33. This IHEC consists of 11 pavilions and 22 classrooms, 10 composting toilets, 8 rainwater catchment systems, a reservoir, a composting site, a tree nursery, a permaculture demonstration site and organic garden. Two agronomists and three technicians give round the clock classes and demonstration of various principles of urban permaculture.

The goal of the program is to train teachers, women, youth leaders and community mem-bers in all five basic permac-ulture modules, and to supply them with the necessary seeds, compost, soil and learning ma-terials for them to begin and maintain their own square foot gardens and permaculture ex-periments. The permaculture modules taught at Sineyas are experiential, process-oriented and hands-on, seeking to build trainers and to replicate these ecology principles in the com-munity.

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More Ananda Marga Exemplary Service in New York SectorThe homeless feeding program in LA, which currently feeds around 2,000 a month, was started in 1983 by Delia Parvati Javier, affectionately known as Mama D. Originally from the Philippines, Delia was a charismatic person who came to Los Angeles to work in the film and theatre industry.

Upon seeing the stark contrast of homeless people in downtown LA to the wealthy of Hollywood, she quickly gath-ered fellow actors to help her in creating this service project. Every Sunday morning, for the next 22 years, Mama D was on the street serving food and distributing clothes to her homeless friends.

Over 20 odd years ago AMURT signed the first contract with the Los Angeles food bank to receive and distribute food to low-income families, senior citizens and the homeless. This program has been running ever since.

The senior citizen program is on Fridays, serving 100 to 130 people weekly with canned foods, fresh produce, packaged goods, bread and diary products.On Thursdays, a large amount of fresh produce is distributed to 120-130 low-income families. The amount of food transported weekly is between 3000 to 4000 pounds and sometimes exceeds that amount.

In 2010 over $800,000 of food products was distributed between these two programs.On Sundays an average of 120-150 homeless people are fed breakfast consisting of yoghurt, pastries from Star-bucks, fruits, juices, sandwiches and cooked porridge.We currently have 9 regular volunteers and 20 others that help on occasion, with an additional 12 volunteers as-sisting with the Sunday breakfast event.

In Monterrey - Mexico brother Phanindra has taken up the cause of the disable and have created the possi-bility for them to receive material help and moral sup-port. Along the years his humanitarian operation has brought thousands to receive wheel chairs which have been regularly donated in pubic events.

In a recent event almost 100 wheel chairs had been do-nated to disable people with the special participation of Ananda Marga monks and nuns.

Consciousness has been rised in Monterrey City by painting signs for disable parking spaces and access paths has been created. More can be done like creating jobs for the disables. For example disable people can work in cooperatives for producing and selling spices in the market.

Ananda Marga ideology is in brief:“Self-Realization and Service to All”

It is an ideal that can be realized in the life of everyone on this planet. It is the solution for all problems of the world.

Page 14: Mahaprayan Divas 2012 Mahaprayan Divas October 2012 - Pag. 14

-- A course on Goodness --

I wish to teach a course for inspiring to be Good.

I would take example from the Baker that with the help of the wood fire prepares only good things.

I would take example from the Laundress that clean everything without making distinction from one dirt or another

I would take example from the Beggar that accept everything with a blessing

I would take example from the Dreamer that have never stop to believe in a world made of love.

-- The most important thing --

It is a painting that you have never finished

It is a memory that You have never forgot-ten

It is the action that you do today without thinking tomorrow

It is to thanks at every breath

It is your heart simple and pure

It is to make waiting sweet,

to make the silence sweet,

to make the lonliness sweet,

and even the pain sweet

It is to let it go in the wind at open eyes

It is to start walking towards the Goal

To know that your destiny is Divine

and there is nothing in the world

that can stop you. Because the Goal is close

still more close.

It is right in your heart.

Don’t forget it.

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-- A word painting --

I don’t know why I like more to write than to talk

Sometimes I listen but I don’t reply.

It is in writing that I free the will. After I am happy.

When I talk there is always an answer and I am frightened

by the dialog beacause I don’t know when it ends.

But when I write I don’t get lost. I own my thoughts

and I am not afraid to offer them.

It is in this way that I paint with ever new colors.

I don’t look for the meaning.

Only a mirror of my soul.

-- The biggest problem --

It is that people can’t appreciate freedom.

Freedom to think. Freedom to talk. Freedom to be happy and to sing

Freedom to see such a wonderful world.

Freedom to be happy even without anything.

Freedom to create and to destroy all the dreams that we want.

Freedom to write the joy and even the pain.

Freedom to love without knowing why.

Freedom to draw a reality that moves and does not let you catch it.

Freedom to make rules and prisons. Freedom to live in it and finally freedom to change them and make merry.

Renaissance Artists and Writers Association, (RAWA), was founded by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar in In-dia in 1958 in order to restore art to its true role as an instrument for social and spiritual awakening. He en-visioned a New Artistic Renaissance where artists and writers would unite and inspire society to move forward in a progressive direction.“When artists, absorbed in the essence of love, try to convey it to the people through their language, rheto-ric and subtle suggestions, the sweetness of their artistic genius reaches the apex of expression.” (‘The Practise of Art and Literature,’ by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar.)

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Recipe by BhaeraviiPuri Recipe - Fried, Puffed Whole

Wheat F lat BreadsIn 1979, Dada Y put out a circular asking for sisters in NYS to submit a week’s worth of menus to be

considered to cook for Baba when He came to Jamaica on his visit.Gayatreyii Ghista, who was living in the USA at the time, submitted her menus. She was chosen and flew to Kingston to meet Didi Karuna, Baba’s cook. “She was an excellent cook,” wrote Gayatreyii about Didi Karuna, “I was in the kitchen with her in Jamaica when Baba spent a week there.She cooked with lightning speed and everything so delicious. One time she made a tomato chutney in about 2 minutes.”

“When DMC was finished at midnight, we three cooks-she, Madhu, and myself-had to rush back early to the kitchen to cook. That night Baba was tremendously hungry and Didi was frying puri after puri and they were being raced into His room right out of the oil-so hungry was He that night-or maybe it was indirectly giving us attention. I don’t know as we had to cook everything so fast.Now she is old and doesn’t cook anymore. Didi wrote a little cookbook while visiting Mexico years later, very simple and unprofessional, but it contained all the recipes Baba had given her.”

Puri, or Indian puffed fried bread, is universally popular. Puri is most commonly served at breakfast. It is also served at special or ceremonial functions as part of rituals as prasadam. They can be made with atta (whole wheat flour) or maida (refined wheat flour) flour. While deep frying, it puffs up like a round ball because moisture in the dough changes into steam which expands in all directions. Puri are traditionally served with any of the following: vegetable korma, black eyed pea curry, Spinach Dal, potato masala curry, or anything with yogurt in it. The are also good with jam and shrikhand.

Mix together in a bowl:2 cups Indian whole wheat flour (atta)1/2 Tablespoon vegetable oil1 teaspoon salt, or to tasteSlowly add about 3/4 cup warm water (some cooks add 2 tablespoons milk with the wa-ter to tenderize the dough), just enough to form a firm dough, and knead till smooth. Unlike for rotis the dough for puris need not be very soft as it will absorb more oil that way.Cover, let rest at least 1/2 hour, and knead again briefly. If resting more than 1 hour, punch and knead dough again before rolling out. The dough will be smooth without cracks. Divide into 12 small balls about golf-ball size, and roll out into 6” rounds on an oiled board. Make sure that the dough is not rolled out too thin/ transparent since it will not puff up well in that case. Heat oil or ghee in a kadai, until a fume just starts to come. Then keep it on medium flame and drop the rolled puri in the oil carefully. Oil should be enough to immerse the puri. Gently press the puri with a slotted ladle when it tries to float on the top. This will make it puff well. Turn over and cook for another 30 seconds or until golden spots appear on the puri. Drain on a clean tea towel or double layer paper towels.Serve as soon as possible; these breads are not as good later af-ter they cool as they get hard.For spicy puris:When making the dough, add to the dry ingredients pinches of:turmerichot peppercumin/coriander powderhing