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  • 1. Welcome to 2nd Grade! BaranoffElementary 20132014 TeacherRachelDavis Rachel.Davis@austinisd.org https://davisdeckhands.shutterfly.com StudentTeacherCarolineSnively

2. About the teacher 13th Year at Baranoff in 2nd Grade! Trained in Gifted & Talented and taught GT clusters for many many years! Taught Inclusion one year General Education class but have worked with &/or helped identify Aspergers, Autism Spectrum, Gifted & Talented, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Learning Disabled, 504, ADHD, and much more! 3. Meet the Team Rachel Davis Susan Obermiller Jerri Guilette Kelly DeVetter Stephanie Dempsey Lisa Hernandez Iliana Cruz Cristi Kuykendall Plus 4 Student Teachers from University of Texas 4. Standards Texas National Standards throughout the curriculum are changing, in order to promote rigor across all subjects and college readiness. 5. Thefoundationsforcollege readinessareestablishedin Kinder,1st and2nd Grades! 6. It is very important for students to understand what is being read, so they can APPLY it. We are moving beyond learning to read and more into reading to LEARN. Students must read various genres: Narrative Historical fiction Fantasy Test taking Nonfiction Instructions Poems Recipes & Menus Magazines Biography Comics Mystery Help your child build stamina and endurance. 7. ReadingRevisions End of year reading levels in AISD are now identified in two categories: Satisfactory= 28 College Ready=38 Our goal this year for your child is to reach DRA 38. 8. AISD DRA READING EXPECTATIONS SATISFACTORY Beginning of Year DRA 18 Middle of Year DRA 24 END OF YEAR DRA 28 COLLEGE READY Beginning of Year DRA 24 Middle of Year DRA 30 END OF YEAR DRA 38 9. Howisthisadministered? DRA & TPRI are administered 3 times a year to identify your childs reading comprehension, reading fluency & spelling abilities. TPRI tests spelling, oral fluency & comprehension on both fiction and non fiction text, based on 2nd grade level. DRA tests oral fluency, comprehension and predictions based on individual reading levels. 10. Howwillweusethetestingdata? After testing, students are flexibly grouped to focus on specific reading areas. These are our daily guided reading groups. Students will work on independent centers based on the Daily 5 program. Centers will be rich in reading and writing! Read to Self, Word Work, Read to Buddy, Writing, and Technology. Stayinformed,askyourchildwhattheylearnedduringDaily5 centers!! 11. Fluency By the end of second grade a student in AISD is expected to be reading independently at 90 words per minute. This is commonly referred to as Fluency. Students will target fluency building in class during Daily 5 Read to Buddy Centers. Have your child read aloud as often as possible to enhance speed and accuracy. 12. Parentscanmakeadifference!! We will need volunteers to work with Stampeding Readers. This group works with struggling and emerging readers to build stamina, confidence and skills to succeed. Email Mrs. Davis if interested. Students must read every night! This includes the weekend. Three Written Summaries are expected Monday through Thursday in the HW Journal. Please see the sample included in the Homework Journal. 13. Promote reading as a family! Students are more prone to read if they see family members reading together, and less likely to read if some are watching television or playing video games while they are banished to a homework room. 14. The expectations for college readiness are central to the design of the new STAAR Assessments. 15. MathematicsRevisions More application, less memorization! State standards have changed to include a more rigorous path for math. The following are some changes: Students will understand numbers up to 1,200. Previous: Understanding numbers to 999. Students telling time to the nearest minute. Previous: Telling time to the nearest 5 minute. 16. Changes: Students will have an understanding personal finance. Previous: New to the standards. Students will recall basic facts within 20 with automaticity. Previous: Basic facts within 18. Students will solve multiple step word problem within 1,200. Previous: Multi-step word problems within 999. Students will use standard units of measurement. Previous: Use of non-standard tools. Moreapplication,lessmemorization 17. District Benchmarks District Benchmark Tests are administered at the end of the year to see your childs progress and identify growth areas in Reading and Math. 18. Fall Conferences October 14, 2013 Conferences will be scheduled through your teacher. There will be a sign up sheet posted tonight to sign up. If a time listed does not work for you, talk to the teacher! Pleasemakesureyourchildsteacher hasyouremailaddress!Weuseit frequently! 19. Spring Conferences February17,2014 Spring Conference will be Student Led. This is not a 3 day weekend. This is a day your child needs to present the Student Led Conference among his/her peers. Please make plans to attend with your student. It is very important your child have the chance to showcase him/her self for you! 20. Homework- Friday to Friday 21. Homework AND Class Work Expectations Late work will be completed during flex time and/or sent home. Consistent failure to complete or hand in assignments in a timely manner will result in a Parent/Teacher Conference. More than 3 late homework assignments prevents opportunity for Citizenship Award. Homework Grade will be affected on the report card depending on the amount of Late Homework. Completes Work in a Timely Manner will be affected on the report card for consistently late class work. 22. GRADED&CHECKEDWORK Please review graded work with your child. Work will be sent home on Thursdays. If there is a note to return to teacher, please do so after you and your child have reviewed together, otherwise, it is not necessary to do so. 23. Grade Level Project- Markyourcalendarsnow! Winter Market Day- January 30th and 31st Purpose extends across all subjects and curriculum. Students will focus on economics and being a producer/consumer, producing a certain good at home and selling to peers across the campus! PARENT INVOLVEMENT IS KEY TO SUCCESS!!! 24. Volunteering with 2nd grade If you would like to volunteer at any functions on or off campus including field trips, Market Day, Field Day, and class parties, you must complete a background check with the district. Please go to our PTAs website, www.baranoffpta.org, for more information. If you have a current background check completed within the past three years, you will need to resubmit your background check to be considered current. 25. LetsbePartners!! By working together, your child will succeed! 26. BeforeYou Leave Thank youfor coming tonight!