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2. POLITICS/GOVERNMENTI will put my Spirit on him and he will bring justice to the nations.Isaiah 42:1 Kim Jung Un, is the current appointed leader.The Korean Workers Party is the dominant political party. All information is controlled by government . One-third of the nations resources are spent on the military.Kim Jong Il created a crisis mentality in which the United States, Japan and South Korea are demonized as enemies. 3. Pray for the Leaders of North Korea 4. PEOPLEI have summoned you by name; you are mine. - Isaiah 43:1 Approximately 24 million people live in North Korea.Freedom of movement, assembly, and association are strictly controlled.Most people live a life of repression and fear. Starvation is used as a means of controlling groups of people. In most rural areas there is little medicine, running water, heating or food.In contrast, Party members and ruling elite live in lavish luxury. 5. Pray for the People of North Korea 6. FAMINEIn all their distress He too was distressed, and the angel of Hispresence saved them. Isaiah 63:9 North Korea has had a severe food shortage since the mid 1990s. One fourth of the population is in need of food aid.Many eat grass, roots, rats, insectsanything remotely edible to survive.Prisoners, given even less food, slowly starve to death while forced to perform hard labor. The government has cut daily rations from 700 grams of cereal to 200.(The governments minimum requirement is 573 grams.) 7. Pray for The Starvingin North Korea 8. CHILDREN They are the offspring whom the Lord has blessed! Isaiah 61:9 On average a South Korean 7-year-old boy is 41 tall and weighs 57 lbs in the North he is about 8 inches shorter and 22 lbs lighter.If arrested, children are sent with parents to prison camps where they are forced into hard labor.Called kotjebis, a derogatory North Korean word for wandering swallows,tens of thousands orphaned children wander the streets. 9. Pray for the Childrenof North Korea 10. PRISONERS/REFUGEESI will set a sign among them and will send survivors from them to the nations And they will declare My glory. - Isaiah 66:19 North Korea is one huge prison. A person can be imprisoned for any state-defined crime. There are 12 prisons or gulags and 30 labor camps (est.) in North Korea.500,000 The number of people believed to have perished in camps. Thousands have fled North Korea in search of a better life.If caught they are repatriated and either killed or sent to a camp. 11. Pray for Prisoners and Refugeesof North Korea 12. RELIGION /IDOL WORSHIP And they will declare My glory among the nations. Isaiah 66:19Religious freedom is constitutionally guaranteed in reality all religious activity is prohibited. Pyongyang has four show churches .The Bible is banned. Most have never heard the Word of God, or heard about Jesus Christ. Christians are regarded as crazy people.All citizens are indoctrinated in Juche ideology.Juche twists the Holy Trinity - Kim Il-Sung is god, his son Kim Jong-Il is theChrist figure and the ideology of Juche replaces the Holy Spirit. 13. Pray for the Peopleof North Korea to Know Christ 14. CHRISTIANS This is My covenant with them, says the Lord: My Spirit whichis upon youfrom now and forever. - Isaiah 59:21Police aggressively search for Christians to arrest.Betrayal by fellow citizens, or even their own children, is significant likelihood.Four types of Christians in North Korea:Party members and their children who attend state sponsored churches.Pre-WWII Christians who maintained their faith by practicing in secret.New convertsPrisoners . 15. Pray for Christiansin North Korea 16. CELEBRATE THE CHURCHIn spite of persecution and oppression theChurch in North Korea is growing!Heavenly Father, we giveYou all the praise and glory! May Your Church continue to grow.