2010 Season’s Greetings

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Season’s Greetings

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Transcript of 2010 Season’s Greetings

  • 1.Seasons Greetings

2. Snow Get -Away 3. 4. 5. Sweet spring lamb and Malina. 6. Quest is a cozy mama. 7. Malina was a starfish in The Little Mermaid ballet. 8. Sachi enjoys singing with friends at camp Indralaya. 9. Galaxy is a good nanny goat. 10. Family trip with cousin (in-law) Sophie from Germany. 11. Spotting wildlife in Yellowstone. 12. Malina helps care for the neighbors horses and gets to help with training.A girls dream come true! 13. Thank goodness for Home-Ec. I could never keep up with a teen boys energy consumption. 14. Malina was one of Claras Friends in The Nutcracker ballet this year. 15. We joyfully welcomeZion Ashur Zhang Arani into our lives! 16. How do you do? 17. Zions first bath. So tiny! 18. Happy new Grandma! 19. Mama and babe rest after big first day. 20. Peek-a-boo! 21. What a beautiful day! 22. Wow! Im an Aunt! 23. Great-Grandma and Grandpa meet Zion 24. Four Generations! 25. Santa Azoba (Grandpa) and Santa Zion make plans. 26. Baby Santa passed out after busy day. 27. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  • FromAtul, Dawn, Sachi, Malina, Natasha and Zion