Season’s greetings to you all

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Seasons Greetings To You All

Seasons Greetings To You All

Greetings; we hope you are all gearing up for a wonderful festive season. We thought it was time for our monthly update and last one of the year. This is coming of the back of a busy few months with lots of growth and challenges within our business.

As Im typing (Zoe) and his lordship (Fitz ha-ha) is driving and dictating as we are on our way to our end of year Success Day stopping of on the way with one of our team members to have a well-deserved meal and great company..

Seasons Greetings

We have had many highlights of the year, some tough, some very memorable, humour and in some cases lots of compassion. Here are some of our main highlights.Zoe has grown her tanning business amazingly with over 70 new clients since being here in Plymouth. Her reputation grows from strength to strength with repeat business as well as new clients on a weekly basis. This has been generated from successful events such as Wedding Fayres, Craft Fairs, Vintage Fairs supported with some good marketing via Facebook and online promotions.

Reflections of the year

Fitz has been busy building a new team with some good key objectives put in place ready for 2016. We would like to thank Phil and Rosytha Cony for introducing us to this amazing business.

We even managed to get away amongst the madness to the tranquillity and beauty of Italy to celebrate Zoes birthday and maybe look at a wedding venue. Two discoveries were made on our mini beak 1: Zoe is GI Jane and 2: Fitz is not such the outdoor adventurer as once was thought;

Reflections of the year

To follow is an extract from day 3 .. we parked the car on the roadside and noticed a sign "1.50km to Refugio Telegrafo" your terrace over Lake Garda.we thought an extra 40 min walk would be perfect. Well that 40 min walk turned into 2 hrs and went something like this.......

A little trip to Italy

"Oh this is a nice little stroll "......... phew getting steep now" ......... how much further" .......... oh it's teasing us I can see the top now just round the corner"........ oh blimey nope a bit more to walk" ........ Jesus how far"....... another ledge this is it"...... "oops no its not look up there that's the path" ...... "oh for god sake" ....... " slow down zo I'm feeling light headed " ....... "were nearly there it'll be worth it, we'll have a coffee at the Refugio and walk back via the road" ........ "just a few more steps....... oh wow what an amazing view" ....... "where the bleep -bleep is the road back down" ........This is what we are both aiming for, more adventures together, growing and living life to the full and trying new things.A Little Trip To Italy

Donovan has finally decided to settle down and got himself a girlfriend yay!! Connor is slowly making the transition to Plymouth life and settling down well with University although he still thinks he knows more than the lecturers.Finley continues to grow and now towers above all bar Donovan but is hot on his tails in height. He is thriving at school and Army cadets.

Family Highlights:

Dominic qualified as a professional barber and is now self-employed.Along with being an amazing father.

Danielle is thriving and enjoying being a mother to Esme our beautiful granddaughter who is coming up to her 1st birthday and is a cheeky but beautiful little madam.

Family Highlights:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our close friends and family for the many happy / successful memories, along with reading some great stories on social media as this has inspired us in the smallest of ways, it's the little things that matter, friendship, love and family.

This has now transitioned into the way we look after our team. Friendship is key; our success relies on their success so in a little way again we would like to thank you all for your contributions. Big Thank You 2015 You Were Great

For 2016 we have started building strong clear targets to achieve a work life balance and friendship. The aims for 2016 will be challenging and our key objectives have been set.

So 2016 one word Buzzing

A weekend break within the first 3 months of the new yearA familyholiday abroad back to Italy for AugustA new car for Zoe'sFiat 500Get our groove on with weeklySalsa dance classes

5. To continue to help our independent Forever Living business owners with their own success and team.

6.Not forgetting to take quality time out with our close friends love our meals togetherSoaring Manager -2017So 2016One word Driven

Zoe & 1 like to take thisopportunity of wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and prosperous and healthy New Year see you on the other side Make something count for 2016 xxx

Wishing You all Great Happiness for 2016

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