© Siemens AG 2014 PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet 2 S7 OPC Redundancy for Industrial Ethernet 2/631...

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Transcript of © Siemens AG 2014 PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet 2 S7 OPC Redundancy for Industrial Ethernet 2/631...

  • Siemens IK PI 2015

    22/4 Introduction2/8 Data communication2/9 Communication overview2/11 Topologies2/23 Network selection criteria

    2/24 PROFINET2/24 Introduction

    2/28 Cabling technology2/28 Overview of passive network components2/31 Overview of Twisted Pair2/32 Industrial Ethernet FastConnect2/34 IE FC RJ45 Plug 2 x 22/39 IE FC RJ45 Plug 4 x 22/42 IE Push Pull Plug PRO2/47 IE FC M12 Plug PRO2/53 IE FC TP Cable 2 x 22/65 IE FC TP Cable 4 x 22/72 Energy cables2/78 IE TP Cord2/83 Pre-assembled IE Connecting Cables2/87 IE FC Outlet RJ452/90 IE FC RJ45 Modular Outlet2/96 Overview of FC-FOCs2/98 FC glass fiber-optic cables2/103 FC FO termination kit2/104 Overview of FOCs2/105 Glass fiber-optic cables2/121 IE FO Cords2/126 POF and PCF fiber-optic cables2/134 POF/PCF FOC termination kit

    2/136 SCALANCE X-100 unmanaged / Media converters

    2/136 SCALANCE X-100 unmanaged media converters

    2/147 Industrial Ethernet switches2/147 Overview2/151 Compact switch modules2/151 LOGO! CSM unmanaged2/154 CSM 1277 unmanaged2/157 CSM 377 unmanaged2/161 SCALANCE X-000 unmanaged2/162 SCALANCE X005 unmanaged2/166 SCALANCE XB-000 unmanaged2/173 SCALANCE X-100 unmanaged2/174 SCALANCE X-100 unmanaged2/184 SCALANCE XC-100 unmanaged2/189 SCALANCE X-200 managed2/191 SCALANCE X-200 managed2/207 SCALANCE XF-200 managed2/214 SCALANCE X204RNA PRP2/220 SCALANCE X204RNA HSR2/227 SCALANCE X-200IRT managed2/228 SCALANCE X-200IRT managed2/244 SCALANCE XF-200IRT managed

    2/249 SCALANCE X-300 managed2/251 SCALANCE X-300 managed2/274 SCALANCE XR-300 managed2/288 SCALANCE X-300PoE managed2/296 SCALANCE XR-300PoE managed2/309 SCALANCE X-300EEC managed2/331 SCALANCE XR-300EEC managed2/344 Media modules for modular

    SCALANCE X-300 managed

    2/359 Industrial Ethernet Layer 3 Switches / Routers

    2/359 SCALANCE X-400 managed2/360 SCALANCE X-400 managed2/377 SCALANCE XM-400 managed2/395 SCALANCE X-500 managed2/396 SCALANCE XR-500 managed2/409 Media modules for modular

    SCALANCE XR-500 managed2/426 Power supplies for SCALANCE X-5002/429 Accessories for Layer 3

    switches / routers2/429 KEY-PLUG X-500, XM-400

    Sec.8 Industrial Security

    2/430 SINAMICS drive system2/430 Overview

    2/433 Measuring systems2/433 Overview

    2/434 Controllers / Modular controllers2/434 SIMATIC S7-12002/434 CPU 1211C2/438 CPU 1212C2/442 CPU 1214C2/446 CPU 1215C2/450 CPU 1217C2/453 SIMATIC S7-15002/453 Standard CPUs2/462 Fail-safe CPUs2/467 SIMATIC S7-3002/467 Standard CPUs2/473 CPU 314C-2 PN/DP2/476 Fail-safe CPUs2/482 SIMATIC S7-4002/482 Standard CPUs2/487 Fail-safe CPUs2/492 High-availability CPUs

    2/498 Controllers / PC-based controllers2/498 SIMATIC WinAC RTX2/504 SIMATIC WinAC RTX F2/511 SIMATIC WinAC ODK

    2/512 Controllers / SIMATIC S7-modular Embedded controllers

    2/512 EC312/519 Expansion modules

    PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet

    Siemens AG 2014

  • Siemens IK PI 2015

    2/520 Controllers / Embedded bundles2/520 SIMATIC IPC227D Bundles2/521 SIMATIC IPC427D bundles2/522 SIMATIC IPC277D bundles2/523 SIMATIC IPC477D bundles

    2/767 Industrial PC

    2/524 System interfaces for SIMATIC S72/524 Introduction2/527 Communication for SIMATIC S7-12002/154 CSM 1277 unmanaged2/527 CP 1243-12/531 Communication for SIMATIC S7-15002/531 CM 1542-12/535 CP 1543-12/541 Communication for SIMATIC S7-2002/541 CP 243-12/545 Communication for SIMATIC S7-3002/545 CP 343-1 Lean2/549 CP 343-12/554 CP 343-1 Advanced2/562 CP 343-1 ERPC2/567 Communication for SIMATIC S7-4002/567 CP 443-12/572 CP 443-1 Advanced2/579 CP 443-1 RNA2/584 Communication for SIMATIC S72/584 Software

    2/586 System interfaces for PG/PC/IPC2/586 Communication for PC-based systems2/586 Introduction2/588 Performance data2/589 Connection options to SIMATIC IPCs2/590 CP 16042/595 CP 16162/599 CP 1612 A22/602 CP 1613 A22/606 CP 16232/611 CP 16282/616 HARDNET-IE S7-REDCONNECT2/619 SOFTNET for Industrial Ethernet2/622 SOFTNET-IE RNA2/624 SOFTNET PN IO2/626 OPC server for Industrial Ethernet2/629 S7 OPC Redundancy

    for Industrial Ethernet2/631 SNMP OPC server2/633 SOFTNET-S7/Linux2/634 SOFTBUS for Linux2/636 Software

    2/638 System interfaces for SIMATIC HMI2/638 System interfaces with WinCC

    (TIA Portal)2/639 SIMATIC S72/641 SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) Runtime2/642 WinCC Runtime Communication2/647 System interfaces with WinCC flexible2/647 SIMATIC WinCC flexible RT2/653 System interfaces with WinCC2/653 SIMATIC WinCC

    2/664 Accessories2/664 C-PLUG2/429 KEY-PLUG X-500, XM-4002/666 Time synchronization2/672 SICLOCK Time synchronization2/672 Central plant clocks2/673 GPS receivers2/674 DCF77 receivers2/675 Pulse converters2/677 Accessories

    2/678 SIMATIC PCS 7 process control systems

    2/678 Automation systems2/680 AS 410 modular systems2/683 - Standard automation systems2/686 - Fault-tolerant automation systems2/690 - Safety-related automation systems2/695 Complementary S7-400 systems2/706 Process I/O2/706 SIMATIC ET 200M for SIMATIC PCS 72/707 ET 200M for SIMATIC PCS 7

    Interface Modules

    2/708 Distributed I/O2/708 SIMATIC ET 200SP

    Interface modules without CPU2/708 IM 155-62/713 SIMATIC ET 200S

    Interface modules with CPU2/713 IM 151-8 PN/DP CPU2/715 Master interface module

    for IM 151 CPU interface modules2/716 SIMATIC ET 200S

    Interface modules with fail-safe CPU2/716 IM 151-8 F PN/DP CPU2/719 SIMATIC ET 200S

    Interface modules without CPU2/719 IM 151-3 PN2/721 SIMATIC ET 200MP

    Interface modules2/721 IM 155-5 PN2/724 SIMATIC ET 200M

    Interface modules2/724 IM 153-4 PN2/727 SIMATIC ET 200pro

    Interface modules2/727 IM 154-4 PN2/730 IM 154-8 PN/DP CPU2/734 IM 154-8 F PN/DP CPU2/739 SIMATIC ET 200eco2/739 ET 200eco PN

    2/752 Motion Control System SIMOTION2/752 The SIMOTION system2/753 SIMOTION Hardware platforms2/755 Motion Control architectures


    PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet

    Siemens AG 2014

  • Siemens IK PI 2015

    22/759 SINUMERIK

    CNC automation systems2/759 SINUMERIK 828D BASIC T/

    BASIC M with SINAMICS S120 Combi2/760 SINUMERIK 840D sl

    2/761 Operating and Monitoring Devices2/761 Key Panels

    SIMATIC HMI KP8/KP8F/KP32F2/762 Basic Panels Standard2/763 Comfort Panels Standard2/764 Mobile Panels

    2/767 Industrial PC2/767 Rack PC2/771 SIMATIC IPC547E2/777 SIMATIC IPC547D2/782 SIMATIC IPC647D2/787 SIMATIC IPC847D2/792 Box PC2/795 SIMATIC IPC227D2/798 SIMATIC IPC427D2/801 SIMATIC IPC627D2/804 SIMATIC IPC827D2/807 Panel PC2/810 SIMATIC IPC277D2/814 SIMATIC IPC477D2/817 SIMATIC HMI IPC577C2/820 SIMATIC IPC677D

    2/824 Industry monitors and Thin Clients2/824 SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panel MT2/826 SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panel2/834 SIMATIC Flat Panels2/839 SCD monitors 19002/841 SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client

    Sec.3 Switching and Protection Devices for Power Distribution

    Sec.3 Power monitoringSec.3 SENTRON Measuring DevicesSec.3 Configuring, Visualizing and Controlling

    with SIMATIC Sec.3 Configuring, Visualizing and Controlling

    with SENTRON

    2/845 SIMATIC Identification systems2/845 RFID systems2/845 SIMATIC RF640R2/848 SIMATIC RF670R2/851 SIMATIC RF180C/RF182C2/858 Code reading systems2/858 SIMATIC MV4202/865 SIMATIC MV440

    2/875 Industrial Controls2/876 Soft Starters2/875 3RW44 soft starters

    for High-Feature applications2/876 Software2/876 - Soft Starter ES2/877 Motor starters for use in the field,

    high degree of protection2/877 M200D motor starters for PROFINET2/882 Communication module,

    motor starter modules2/883 Accessories2/885 Software2/885 - Motor Starter ES2/885 - SIRIUS motor starter block library

    for SIMATIC PCS 7Sec.3 Monitoring and Control DevicesSec.3 SIMOCODE 3UF Motor Management

    and Control Devices

    2/886 SITOP DC UPS 24 V DC uninterruptible power supplies

    2/886 SITOP UPS1600

    2/893 Software and tools2/893 SIMATIC iMap2/895 SINEMA server2/898 PN IO Bus AnalyzerSec.7 TeleService

    2/901 Engineering / Network management / Diagnostics

    2/901 STEP 7 (TIA Portal)2/905 STEP 7

    2/912 PROFINET Technology components2/912 Enhanced Real-Time

    Ethernet Controller ERTEC2/915 Development kits2/917 PROFINET Driver

    2/918 Network transitions2/918 IE/PB Link PN IOsEC.6 IE/WSN-PA LINKsEC.4 IE/AS-i LINK PN IO

    2/924 Industrial Network Services2/924 Network validation and monitoring

    2/926 Partner solutions2/926 deviceWISE Embedded Edition

    for SIMATIC S7

    Siemens AG 2014

  • 2/4 Siemens IK PI 2015

    PROFINET/Industrial EthernetIndustrial Ethernet



    Overview Area and cell network according to the international standards

    IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/h/n (wireless LAN) designed for the industrial environment right down to the field level

    Connection of automation components (controllers and field devices) to each other and to PCs and workstations as well as components for wireless communication

    PROFINET, the Industrial Ethernet standard for automation, is based on Standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) and supports the connection of devices from field level up to management level

    Comprehensive open network solutions can be implemented High transmission performance at up to 10 Gigabit/s Integration of conventional IT functionalities such as Web

    server and e-mail in the automation sector A security solution especially for industrial automation thanks

    to the industrial security concept with the security products of SIMATIC NET (SIMATIC NET CPs with Security Integrated, SCALANCE S and SCALANCE M)

    Industrial Ethernet in the communications landscape

    Control andmonitoring system

    Telecontrol and substation control

    Remote access, e.g. via teleservice